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Poll: Majority of Voters Want Sanders to Stay in the Race


Poll: Majority of Voters Want Sanders to Stay in the Race

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The majority of left-leaning voters want Bernie Sanders to stay in the presidential race, a new poll reveals.

Just as the Vermont senator is promising to take his candidacy all the way to the Democratic convention in Philadelphia in July—and contest the delegate allocation if necessary—voters around the country are expressing just how much they believe in him and what his candidacy represents.


Did Bernie ever lose a primary where party membership was NOT required?

I think he has a good chance in Indiana today, because, I believe, party membership is not required there.


Hillary is pivoting back to a profoundly anti-climate stance faster than Rachel Carson can spin in her grave. I want Bernie running in the race because he keeps Hillary more honest.


Yes, Clinton has won two-thirds of the open primaries. What Bernie needed was more caucuses. Whether primaries are open or closed they favor Clinton because more middle-of-the road voters show up. The people who attend Democratic caucuses are largely progressives.


Not sure I understand. Let's say Bernie "keeps her honest" then loses the nomination. Do you see any reason that Hillary will take any rhetoric she spouted about climate change on the campaign trail and turn it into policy in her administration?

Noam Chomsky once described the American political system as, "a series of 4-year dictatorships". Hillary will disappear so fast and so comprehensively into the imperial Presidential bubble if elected that she'll never so much as speak a single word to an ordinary American until 2020 when forced to pretend to care about us for awhile again.


She has a good record on climate change. She voted against the Cheney energy bill in 2005 which was literally written by industry with environmentalists totally left out of the process, she was in Copenhagen in 2009 and participated in helping Obama save the climate meeting from complete failure coming away with the Copenhagen accord which is really the forerunner of the Paris climate agreement, and she has support legislation to end subsidies to fossil fuel companies. And if she is elected and has any hope of winning in 2020 she better be strong on climate change or she would have no hope of being renominated. I wouldn't believe everything Chomsky says. He is prone to hyperbole as your example demonstates.


Ick I've got Hillary shill slime on me!

I'd take Chomsky's word over Hillary's on any subject, every time.


You 've boughten the Clinton talking point about Obama and Copenhagen and how Clinton helped him "save" what most climate activists consider a totally failed conference.


Sanders certainly does better when independents are counted. Most of the primaries Clinton won were early and in the South. Many of the states she won by thin margins were on the strength of early voting, before the campaign in that state even started, and she lost the election day voting. Many minority voters who voted early for Clinton have changed their minds. Clinton's early huge lead among minorities, especially African-Americans, has mostly disappeared.

In other words, before the campaign started and people hardly knew Sanders was in the race, they voted for Clinton. Ever since, her lead nationally has been shrinking. Statistically, it's a dead heat now with all the momentum favoring Sanders. The more they know Bernie the more they vote for him. The more they know Clinton the less they vote for her.


Unfortunately the Democratic Leadership Committee (DLC) has too much of a deathwish to change its ways.
They could embrace the excitement of the new generation which is gung-ho enthusiastically in support of Bernie Sanders.
Instead, they cling to Hillary Clinton even though it means that they will not only lose the general election in November, but as a side effect will lose the Congressional elections as well.

Most voters will end up voting for the "lesser of two evils", and in this case, you cannot get much more evil than laughing at being behind the assassination of another world leader. Trump or Cruz will unfortunately win the presidency. It was humorous when Mike Meyers feigned an evil laugh while playing Dr. Evil. It is tragic when a world leader emits that evil laugh when setting the nation's foreign policy.

("We came, we saw, he died, Ha Ha Ha" - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.)


This is a fantastic article that shows that Bernie really can win the nomination. I'll give the link again just because it is so heartening and handily refutes the MSM drumbeat of hopelessness:



And primaries generally have machines which definitely favor Clinton.


Haven't you seen Hillary's latest pivot on coal, described in another article on Common Dreams just today?


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Remember Howard Dean's laugh or whatever that was? Contrast how that was treated and compare that to how Hillary's ugly laugh has been dropped from the media.


In addition to your points, I'd add that the more people see that Bernie has a serious chance to win, the more people have become willing to vote for him who weren't ready to do that when he wasn't so well known.


Include me. 25% of Democrats can't compete with the majority of Independents for Bernie. Their choice will be to throw their support behind Bernie or support Hillary, lose to Trump and fragment the Democratic Party, which is too big to exist anyway.


Oh, for the love of God, stop it, please just stop.


Ah yes, the Howard Dean "Scream"
A totally manufactured issue by the media that originated from a misbehaving microphone volume setting.
The media wanted Howard Dean's "Scream" to be an issue.
The Media has already given Queen Hillary her Crown and will hide anything that exposes her true character.


My comment to NYT Editorial Board on their slur about "Bernie's Gift", not to the dead Democratic Party, but to us, the American people --- which, of course, was censored out --- as the Times wrote him our of any chance to be elected:

"Bernie will expose, 'call-out', and fire a loud, public, but peaceful
"Shout heard round the world" to ignite his expanded revolutionary
movement in a full 'action' sentence with an 'object' --- of a
"Political Revolution against EMPIRE" --- and he will Bern the
tail-feathers of this "Empress-in-waiting" and "War Hawk", Killary

After all, your NYT Magazine article by Mark Landler, "How Hillary
Became a Hawk" gave Bernie the ammunition to out her --- and the
Disguised Global Capitalist Empire she and Trump are both members of."

Here's the NYT Magazine's cover page article by Mark Landler (one of their few good political analysts: