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Poll Notes "Trump Effect" as American Desire to Leave US Permanently Surges


Poll Notes "Trump Effect" as American Desire to Leave US Permanently Surges

Jon Queally, staff writer

While most Americans still want to stay put, the number of U.S. citizens—particularly young women—who would leave the country if they could has increased dramatically under President Donald Trump, according to new Gallup polling results.


In 3, 2, 1…Trudeau says “I’m going to build a wall. It is going to be stamped with maple leafs. Oh, it will be beautiful. All without orange hair will be allowed through its gates.”


…and the United Stated will pay for it !!


As long as Trudeau’s maple leaf wall keeps single payer medical insurance from invading the US the GOP and many dyed in the wool Democrats probably WILL pay for it ! Ever since 2001 there has been bipartisan wasting of billions of taxpayers’ dollars bolstering border patrol infrastructure and forces on the northern border.

Note that stats continue to confirm that for the past decade more Latin Americans (both legal and illegal) have traveled south from the US into Mexico compared to a fewer number traveling north into the US, making any wall Trump might build more of a symbol (like a statue is) than anything functional.

Those stats indicate that Its not just Murkin women that want to leave the US.

We thought about leaving the US after Dubya’s coup in 2000 but realized that the same corporations that bought the US gubmit during the 20th century continue to buy up gubmits around the world with no end of that trend in sight.


In-depth interviews of those wanting to leave would likely reveal that it’s not just Pwesident Twump they fear and loathe, but—perhaps even more so—his emboldened, low-information, racist/misogynist/xenophobic supporters.


Yes indeed ! Trump’s base has always been around and always will be. Their visibility is the only thing that changes, determined by leaders who enable them or suppress them.

Although the exodus actually started before Trump, it accelerated during the past two years to the extent that I know two twentysomething Murkin women who are enrolled in graduate programs that were launched in 2017 at European universities where they pay less tuition than the $250 per semester I paid for grad school tuition in California 35 years ago.

Taking advantage of the brain drain inevitable with the Trump presidency, European gubmits designed these degree programs to attract US students and are even taught in English.


I’ve wanted out of this country for decades.


I’m torn about that. Sometimes it seems the only way to save what remains of my sanity; other times I feel an obligation to the rest of the world to stay and do what little I can to minimize the damage this country’s doing. It’s the pessimist/optimist two-step, and I’m tired from all the dancing…


Trump seems to be the X factor for many. Many of us were already disillusioned by the America we were advertised.
If you choose to believe our racist society is a place to raise children, if you embrace the financial turmoil being set on the 99%, the growing tendencies toward a police state, the theft of our courts, and the fact that the rich can buy anything in America like politicians, judges, unwarranted freedom to lie-cheat-and steal without fear of penalties, then why wouldn’t you want to get out. Go to a place that doesn’t judge your patriotism by how many flag pins you wear, or what your race happens to be. There are places I’m sure , that haven’t fucked all of these things up. And if you have a problem with growing gun violence, "All aboard to embark on a journey to freedom. You remember, that thing we had here.


…and the U.S. will pay for it!!!


I have wanted to leave the US for decades. It has nothing to do with Trump. For me, it’s about being a citizen of a War comes First government.


Trump’s supporters are over half the white population of the US. This means rational, educaated and decent people are afraid of the majority of white Americans.
Using clear language is important because there is a psychological tendency to not want to believe that the “majority” of the dominant ethnicity are in fact racist, ignorant, and immoral.
So, when you talk about Trump supporters, you are talking about the majority of White Americans. Since the majority of the dominant ethnicity (even if that is not the majority of the overall population) define what the country is about, those who are terrified of Trump are in fact terrified of the United States.


I wrote an opinion piece in our local paper and was bad rapping the U.S. for reasons apparent to CD folks. In a rebuttal someone questioned my loyalties to this country. I took offense at the time. I wouldn’t now because there is reason to question ones loyalties to a fascist country heading deeper toward more war.


Most talk the talk to get attention but when it’s time to walk the walk not that much… Last time i checked there’s no exit visa required to leave the US, yet.


Well, people don’t leave the US because they don’t like Americans, in the first place. So you argument for me falls apart right away. I’ve traveled for the last twelve years, mostly in Asia.

  1. Foreigners like the jobs that require foreign expertise. Its amazing how many in foreign countries lust to be more American. There are perhaps ten thousand foreigners teaching English in China alone. Others provide business acumen or technical expertise. I met an American in an elevator once who said China didn’t have enough skilled welders, so he came.
  1. They come to marry, usually after a failed Western romance. A totally new environment sometimes works.
  2. People move for political reasons. Me, its about war.
  3. They come to retire. It is cheaper living in tons of countries than in the US. Many retired are in Central America. And in this case they also may come for the weather.
  4. Wanderlust. People want new experiences. I can’t count how many people tell me they want to see the US. Every day, everywhere I go. Tell me the differences between the US and China, the can driver will always ask.

People are moving everywhere all over the world.


People thinking of moving may find these thoughts helpful.
Moving from one country to another isn’t easy, but once you do it, it can have great benefits. Besides any professional or financial achievements the move can facilitate, perhaps the greatest benefit is the enhanced cultural perspective that living in another country can give you. This perspective allows you to understand the host culture much more deeply than the natives ever could. The peculiarities of national identity, resorting to a rather coarse analogy, are like bad breath - you don’t notice it on yourself, but you definitely notice it in others.
People from oppressive cultures are the ones who can benefit most by moving abroad. Muslims can find it very liberating leaving their oppressive customs behind - a change so drastic that only a small minority of highly educated Muslims can benefit from the experience. The American culture isn’t as oppressive as the culture in most Islamic societies (although in some parts of the US it is even worse), but it is far more oppressive than most Americans realize. Most Americans don’t view their culture as oppressive precisely because the oppression, in the form of non-stop brainwashing since childhood, has in fact been successful at molding your character (you don’t notice your own bad breath or your own regional accent.)
A related cultural advantage about being a foreigner in a foreign nation is that you become rather impervious about the silly things your host society does (as long as it doesn’t affect your directly.) I find Trump emetic when I view him from a global perspective, then he reminds me of Hitler. When I view him as the “American” President, on the other hand, he strikes me more like a silly clown. In fact, his depravity, which is nothing but the depravity of most white Americans, isn’t a reason to leave, but rather a motivation to stay and enjoy the show.


It is always prudent to have the basic outlines of an escape plan from any country one resides in no matter what as history has shown time and again that the hitherto unbelievable can occur anywhere. For those of us residing in the USA, it is Idiot Amin (and his warm up act - Dubya, Cheney, & Co.). Thus if one’s personal circumstances allow, it is incumbent upon them to do so.
I am in the midst of finalizing my escape framework as I have the majority of the necessities:

  1. Enough means – leaving the country costs $.
  2. A second passport from an EU country.
  3. A BA from an accredited university. It will allow me to pursue the following item this upcoming year…
  4. A TEFL certification from a legitimate institution.
    It is not out of the realm of possibility that Americans can become despised refugees in the future just like Syrians, Afghans, etc., are now…and I do not intend to be put into that position by the likes of Dump & his thralls.


For months I have advising people to get out. The turning of the House is an improvement but how much remains to be seen. I’m stuck here so I’ll continue to fight on as best I can.


From that list, your second passport is the most important asset.
If I may, I would suggest you get a Masters degree from a good school before you leave. It will give you an advantage in that most European universities (England being an exception) don’t have a BA-MA split, and their basic degree is usually equivalent to a Masters.


I think they can take your passport, or not issue or reissue one.