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Poll: Only 2 Percent Have Seen Promised GOP Tax Benefits Trickle Down to Them

Poll: Only 2 Percent Have Seen Promised GOP Tax Benefits Trickle Down to Them

Julia Conley, staff writer

On the heels of reports that large companies are announcing layoffs and new customer fees just weeks after receiving multi-billion dollar tax breaks thanks to the Republican tax plan, a new poll finds that few Americans have seen any of the financial benefits that GOP leaders promised the overhaul would bring.

From the article:

“About one-third of those polled said the tax overhaul made them more likely to vote for Democratic candidates in 2018.”

It’s too bad the poll didn’t follow up by asking what those 33% expected to gain from a 2018 Brand D landslide, beyond retribution.

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More fuel for the republicans and conservatives to call out liberal over reaction? Isn’t it a little early for conclusions on affect of tax cuts? Yes but thank you for pointing out again the facts regarding Walmart, BofA and Kimberley.

Your lead does not help the cause, just leads to more chaos and what repugs could call mis information.

No waiting period needed to confirm how phony the Inequality Exacerbation Act (disguised as tax reform) trickle down claims are.

Anybody who has taken a business law class (high school or college) knows that corporations’ legal duty is to maximize profits to increase shareholder value.

Failure to do so risks the corporation being considered a hobby by the IRS, and risks shareholder lawsuits that the shareholders inevitably win.

“In a survey of more than 5,200 people taken by Reuters/Ipsos, just two percent of respondents said they’ve received an end-of-year bonus, pay raise, or other financial benefit from their company following the plan’s passage in December…The Reuters poll found that while a combined 50 percent of respondents believe they will pay either the same or more in taxes as a result of the Republican plan, only 24 percent think they will pay less.”

“About one-third of those polled said the tax overhaul made them more likely to vote for Democratic candidates in 2018. Only a quarter of respondents said they would vote for a Republican as a result of the plan.”

Linking these two things together; the plan is deeply unpopular, will likely result in most people paying more in taxes, won’t benefit most people, and yet a large percentage of the public isn’t more inclined to vote for either party as a result. Translation: They both suck. They do, and these two corrupt, beyond repair parties have gotten together to rig the system like one party states do. Thinking of the Democrats as anything other than another corrupt power structure that has to be confronted is naïve.

Yes, like I have posted many times: the Democrats do an excellent job at fooling so many people that they are not the fake opposition party!

Things are going GREAT for Americans! Ralph’s in Los Angeles raised the price of tomatoes from $2.99 to 3.99. Their store remodeled last year and saw in the area they keep chicken it was broken down. Raise prices and take away our choices. Ralph’s is like Trump thinks their band of cheese deserves a $2.00 increase. What a joke. Screw the people and give to corporate America. SUCKS!

This month Centurylink increased the cost of our land line from $33/month to over $50 per month, so we had it disconnected post haste. Lets hope that phone company workers are not expecting raises or long careers.

Trump and GOP have given corporations a license to steal with no expiration date on that license.

Making America gilded again.

Sorry, but it is more accurate to say that Trump, the GOP and the overwhelming majority of Democrats have given corporations a license to steal. Witness NAFTA, the WTO, the Telecommunications Act, mass privatizations, private prisons, financial deregulation, the proposed TPP, Clinton’s push to privatize Social Security, the Obama Administrations refusal to prosecute a financial crime wave, etc. The DCCC right now is sticking its loser nose in their party’s primaries and they, without exception, always support the most corrupt, right wing candidate, and they force all their candidates to spend a large chunk of their money on their rotten ass consultants. I also am done with parties that only play really bad defense, and have nothing to go on the offensive with because they offer no real alternatives.

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The tax cut law is horrible, but isn’t it a little early to demonstrate its effects? I’m sure evidence will show who they benefit and who they don’t as well as the more general situation. But better evidence should be coming later.

Correct me if I am wrong about seeing the effects so soon.

It is delusional to believe that slashing taxes is going to change the fundamentals of how our economy works. It merely exacerbates the current unbalanced flow of funds. Money will flow to Land, Capital, and Labor in that order of priority unless we change what we tax.

Remove taxes on Labor/Capital and put taxes solely on Land and you properly change the dynamic. Anything less is destined to fail.

The new withholding schedules haven’t kicked in yet. When people get their paychecks with the new withholding rates, the number of people seeing the benefits will skyrocket. Fake news.