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Poll Reveals Surge of Fears Over In-Person Learning as Experts Warn School Reopenings in US 'Guaranteed' To Fail

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/03/poll-reveals-surge-fears-over-person-learning-experts-warn-school-reopenings-us

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High schools first: Existing buildings have rooms at slight negative pressure. Add the electric bulbs that kill this virus as it passes by in the feed ductwork. 11 students in the room for four courses. Teachers rotate. Science, math, labs civics in person in the school. Two shifts are 6 am to 11 am and 1 pm to 6 pm. some teachers work split shift. Add tents, portable classrooms, even mobile offices. Outdoor air helps. So open windows a bit. the other classes are e-learning.

8th and 7th may follow the above idea.

Anybody saying herd immunity??

The high school students attend in person three days each week. So, we add saturday as a school day. This is how we get from 44/45 students in one room to 11. Which provides social distancing at 6 ft or more.

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Jeepers, I wonder if everybody else KNOWS this is simply another homicidal, cynical diversion; where they’ll simply designate scores-of-thousands unnecessary deaths as: cardiac arrest, stroke, pneumonia or kidney failure, again?







this will be over not long after it starts. several schools have already reported positive cases on day one, and are already fixing to shut it all down. If this nonsense last more than 3-4 weeks, I’ll be surprised. If anything, teachers will be forced to strike to protect themselves and their students.

Just a colossal policy fail on every single front.


Why not open schools in the middle of an uncontrolled pandemic? It worked so well when we rushed to re-open the economy and now infection rates are leveling off at twice the frequency they were in May. Republicans have their charts all mixed up. They have switched the charts for infection rates with the chart for how the economy is doing and are ever so proud of themselves. The republican party is now responsible for as many dead as WW I and the Korean war combined. I guess they won’t be satisfied until we can total more dead than in all US wars combined. Go for the gold you republicans! At least we can finally, again, be first in the world at something. What is it when you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect to get different results (assuming that republicans actually want different results, which is not a settled question)?


Most epidemiologists predicated that the second wave of the coronavirus would most likely be in late September to early October. However, that was based on Americans actually nipping the first wave on the bud by practicing proper safely practices and keeping the nations closed through summer.
Funny thing. We Americans have apparently told the rest of the world “fuck you! We don’t need no stinking second wave! We’ll just keep the first one going!”
Kids will come home from school in September, and share Covid 19 with their parents and grandparents. Trump will start taking about a vaccine in early October that will miraculously cure just Americans. And of course it won’t be able to be widely distributed until after the election.
America’s lost year will turn into a lost 2 years. And so on…


This going to be the Mother of All Cluster Fucks if it isn’t aborted before it gets going.

How can these monsters do this to children?!


The results BOTH sides want:

  • Distract & divide all use clueless, terrified lemmings
  • Feed us to Private Equity medical sector, to…
  • Further rob and indenture desperate victims…
  • Code up ER, ICU, PhARMA & “out-of-network” bills…
  • Sucker any suvivors into chronic, long-term care…
  • Use “standard-of-care” rules to legitimize cursory intubation…
  • Legislate blanket indemnity from any malpractice suit…
  • Flip serendipitously vacant homes in gentrifying hoods
  • Indenture survivors with usurious debt on BS bills…
  • Use us ALL as guinea pigs for half-assed “cures”
  • Evict, incarcerate or feed off chronic or terminal victims
  • Set clerics & funeral parlors loose on devestated families
  • Blame the “opposing” party for all of the above?

It won’t matter how much equipment you throw at the virus or how much you stagger the schedules. It’s an airborne pathogen set loose among children who can’t keep their hands off each other, are constantly yelling and screaming in an enclosed space, inside antiquated school buildings that don’t have adequate airflow to dilute the viral load of a room. The teachers will be dropping like flies, and the kids will kill off their parents and grandparents in droves. Think of the permanent neurological, cardiac, and renal deficiencies that the kids who turn up positive will have to suffer with for the rest of their lives.

This is bound to fail, and fail spectacularly. Ask Trump if he’s sending Baron back to school in person. He’s not. You want to sacrifice your child’s health for the stock market? Count me out.


Thank you!
–a teacher

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If professional sports teams cannot bring those few players together without preventing infections and sickness, what makes anyone believe bringing many children together with teachers and other school workers without infection and sickness able to happen?


Which begs the question of whether anyone does believe that…


Thank you.
I do remember polio and tuberculosis.
I remember the life long and shortened lives in my neighborhood.

A physician in Texas blurted out last week that they now know how to treat this disease.
The 2020 months ahead will have our death rates will rise, which indicates that the procedures are not working very well.

On Saturday, a pro told me that this mutating virus was predicted to occur many years ago and it is not the Kissinger fast war killer that I have been saying.

Are they aiming for the boomers? Or are they just collateral damage on the way to get that draft dodging overweight bone spurs fella?

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The long term care is baked in already: Long term, heart problems

Heart damage found in coronavirus patients months after recovering from COVID-19, study says

The coronavirus can damage the heart, even in people with no history of heart disease, new research suggests — showing it doesn’t affect only the lungs


meaning they really do intend to "…decrease the surplus population"
one way or another even if they have to use the kids to transmit

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Children May Carry Coronavirus at High Levels, Study Finds

The research does not prove that infected children are contagious, but it should influence the debate about reopening schools, some experts said.
…infected children [have at least as much of the coronavirus in their noses and throats as infected adults, according to the research. Indeed, children younger than age 5 may host up to 100 times as much of the virus in the upper respiratory tract as adults, the authors found.


Source for NYT article:

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Very close to dead-on, statistically. This one from OurWorldInData shows the growth rate of USA’s outbreak reaching its previous peak back in April, over which the current “leveling off” is twice as high:


We also see India decisively overtaking Brazil in growth-rate, on its way to USA-level contagion. Over the past month, USA’s per-capita mortality has pulled markedly ahead of most other countries:


By most metrics, USA is at an outbreak peak – possibly the beginning of another tediously high plateau of continuing rampant infections (reliably running around 60K per day, at this writing). Some folks think SARS2 (its G variant) has already mutated a new coating for its spikes, which makes it more contagious than before. We can state with high confidence there’s much about cardio-pulmonary and neurological rampages of this bug which we don’t know – possibly which the bug hasn’t even thought of, as yet.

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I don’t, and I don’t have kids. I’d be even less inclined to put kids together at this very early stage of the pandemic if I did have any.


What possible reason would trump insist children be forced into a circle of death. Our drones kill kids too, but a less death per thousand. He wants these kids to die for some ungodly reason.
I’m beside myself.


Mississippi school reopens, and immediately has to place students in quarantine


As More Schools Stay Online, One That Opened Now Has a Virus Problem


Small children carry high amounts of virus; safely opening colleges will be a challenge


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