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Poll Reveals Widespread Support for US Drone Program 'That Doesn't Exist'


Poll Reveals Widespread Support for US Drone Program 'That Doesn't Exist'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Despite President Barack Obama's recent admission that drones had inadvertently killed two innocent hostages during strikes on suspected militants in Pakistan, a new poll released Friday reveals that nearly 75 percent of Americans say it's acceptable to use such drones to kill an American citizen abroad if that person is said to have "joined a terror organization."


Fear forms favor


Can’t wait to hear what the amerikan sheeple have to say about drones when groups like ISIS, al-Qaeda or countries like Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Turkey, Russia or China (Who probably already have working drones) and decide it’s payback time as they start targeting our shipping throughout the Middle-East and SE Asia! And when the shipping becomes too hard of a target because the ships are being escorted by the Navy then they will turn their attention to cruise lines or our embassies and any number of our over one thousand bases spread across the globe! Then one day, al-Qaeda or ISIS will figure out how to launch armed drones from container ships off the east, west and gulf coasts all of those refineries turning all of that tar sands and fracked oil into diesel and gas for overseas consumption, BOOM! And how about all of our 100 aging nuclear reactors like Davis-Bessey near Toledo, whose containment vessel is corroded down to almost nothing! Oh did I mention that the NRC is seriously considering extending Davis-Bessey’s operating license by 20 years, talk about a soft target!
Then there’s always amerika’s good buddy Israel, you know the Israel that attacked the USS Liberty in international waters for over two hours killing 34 amerikan sailors and wounding over 100 in 1967. The same Israel who shares co-responsibility with President Ronald Reagan for the deaths of 241 US Marines in Beirut Lebanon in 1983. Could it be that they just might get pissed at us again? For what? Not attacking Iran for them! Yep, somewhere in the not too distant future the amerikan people are going to get more than their fair share of drones! I hope we all have an appetite for it! If you’re going to be a bully, you have to understand that one day one of your victims is going to bounce back up off the ground and bloody your nose and give you a couple of swollen eyes, and nobody will give a damn while you cry boo hoo hoo!


Polls? Meh…as the author implies, but does a soft finger point towards, the fix is in on polls…a look at just who owns these objective polling companies would reveal some bare emperor ass I’m sure.

Even fair minded questions would have little traction as the American somnambulent either are clueless or remain under Bruce Jenner’s skirts…er, umm, Kim Kardashian’s or who ever the next ego maniac celeb is who grabs the spotlight.
Facile Americans wielding the power of Sauran…
geezus…double-you tee eff??


The drones are really accomplishing only one thing, and that is making more enemies for the US,
which we don’t need. It’s stupid to kill ten people to possibly get one that you want. Let’s use
the money for a better purpose. Now.


From the article:

‘Despite President Barack Obama’s recent admission that drones had inadvertently killed two innocent hostages during strikes on suspected militants in Pakistan, a new poll released Friday reveals that nearly 75 percent of Americans say it’s acceptable to use such drones to kill an American citizen abroad if that person is said to have “joined a terror organization.”…’

Actually, the poll consisted of on-line interviews with 1,077 persons, with the raw data “weighted” (another term for “corrupted”) to reflect the general public’s composition according to age, education, sex, and other parameters that, in someone’s opinion, are relevant.

After considerable searching, including following AP’s link to what AP claimed were the actual questions, I could not find them.

When techniques designed for widgets are applied to humans, the results must be summarily discounted.


That’s the problem with online polls. Talk about unreliable.


That puff of smoke rising from the Senate Office Building was all that was left of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

  • Those founding documents of our once great country have been destroyed and they are replaced by the Illegal, unconstitutional and misnamed Patriot Act and all the legislation it has spawned.
  • 1930’s Germany has been replaced by the immensely more powerful Fourth Reich, once known as the United States of America. It has the most powerful and ruthless Wehrmacht the world has ever seen, and that Wehrmacht works at the behest of the puppeteers that control all three branches of the government, and most of the state governments.
  • Sadly, it appears that the propaganda of the Reich has been swallowed by the subjects of the Reich and they, like the subjects of the Third Reich will now cheer on the acts of its rulers.
  • If you can find an undamaged copy of the Constitution of the United States, read it over carefully to see what we have lost. Teach it to your children, for they, like the children of the Third Reich, are lost in the sea of propaganda and lies they are now taught as our history.
  • Off the 0.001% and up the People, or perish as serfs.


It doesn’t surprise me that Amerikans favor murderous means to any end. It’s a violent, murderous nation. It has slaughtered over million innocent people in Iraq, destroying a nation that wasn’t a threat to it, glorifying its “heroes” all the way, like the one in 'American Sniper." “Support the Troops!” no matter how many lives they destroy, including their own. Twenty veterans a day are committing suicide. The Amerikan Sheeple don’t have a clue. They’re as dumb as patriotic rocks. Incredibly lethal, self-righteous rocks, who stop at nothing to further their manifest destiny mentality.


" Making more enemies for the US which we don’t need". But my friend, that is the whole idea! The average American citizen doesn’t need more enemies but the war profiteers can never get enough enemies. And if they had no enemies; they would manufacture them…and that is exactly what they do! There is no racket like the trillion$ war racket.


One quibble–the kid was not hanging out with terrorists. He had been on a trip to look for and visit with his dad, who he hadn’t seen for a long time–he didn’t find him because his dad was in a totally different part of the country at the time. Abdulrahman, by all accounts, was just your everyday teenager, with teenager interests and activities. He was blown up, along with his cousin, while eating at an outdoor diner. The US goverment “says” that they were targeting someone else and that the hit was a “mistake”.


The question should have been " if the US government suggests that you are a terrorist, should it be able to send a hellfire missile into your home, without a hearing, without oversight, and without any recourse from you?"


People are really stupid. The majority still believe that Oswald killed JF and the government’s version of 9/11.


JFK, sorry.


Many Americans support the drone killings…until it is one of their relatives. Then they are shocked and horrified.

I heard someone say on a recent radio program talking about Americans love of superhero and doomsday movies that because so many Americans live such isolated, insulated lives where they face few hardships, they enjoy putting themselves through fake fears and pseudo fright where they know they will come out okay. But they don’t like things to be too real and when it is they will resort to often drastic measures to “calm” themselves. As such, they are easy to manipulate by playing upon their fear and ignorance.