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Poll: Sanders More Electable than Clinton Against GOP Frontrunners

Poll: Sanders More Electable than Clinton Against GOP Frontrunners

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) would win the 2016 U.S. presidential election against all top Republican candidates, with scores that make him more electable in the general than even former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, his main rival for the Democratic nomination, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday.


Edward Bernays did not just succeed in selling Madison Avenue on cigarette ads. In the 70+ years since Public Relations melded itself into mass media, major inroads into a form of mass hypnosis have occurred.

What this means is that people with incurious minds, those taught to obey authority, added to those conditioned to exalt celebrity see in Trump “a man’s man.” The fact that the guy is rich, always has a gorgeous wife, and pompously speaks his mind is proof positive to a certain population sector that he’s smart and fits the profile of “leadership material.”

Of course, to individuals possessed of independent minds, an interest in reading, and basic common sense, it’s clear that Trump is an American-style fascist. In the same way that he humiliated people on his T.V. show or governed through a king-like, “my way or the highway,” he appeals to angry white males and no doubt, some of their wives and girlfriends.

Since Sanders is leading, and since when his message is actually heard, it resonates with a majority… one can only hope that the elites will not find a way to provide him with an unfortunate accident.

They play dirty. And if Bernie threatens the financial pyramid they’ve used their financial clout to build over recent decades, it’s tough to say how far they would not go in preventing him from regenerating key facets of (what to them is the odious) The New Deal.


In that poll both Sanders and Clinton lead Rubio by only one point. There doesn’t seem to be any comparisons with Bush, Christie, or Kasich the other so-called Republican establishment candidates.They obviously only compared the leading candidates but perhaps it is too early for that.

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Hi Siouxrose, Two quick points, one is that as long as Trump remains #1 on the neanderthal side it allows all Dems to truly listen to Bernie’s positions because they understand that 1 on 1 Bernie can beat Trump.
The other is that everyone, including Bernie, has skeletons in their closet, consequently what i fear is the J. Edgar Hoover maneuver,

If the US “mainstream media” were TRULY simply gaga over reporting on “the horse race,” there would be extensive, high-profile reporting of this polling data.

– crickets –


I vehemently disagree! In my view, it would not be that close! Like I have posted before, Bernie would win in a landslide against any Republican opponent for POTUS, because for one reason they are kooks and demagogues that only appeal to their most politically, ignorant and racist voters.

The second reason Bernie would bury the Republicans, is so many people that never vote would be energized to vote for him; especially young voters who are rightfully cynical of the political process.

But alas, the odds are about 10:1 that HRC will be given the democratic nomination for POTUS. But of course, that would be one bet that I would like to lose! From my perspective, the war monger and Wall Street darling pretty much has it sewed up unless millions of democrats and independents like me, refuse to vote for her before the democratic convention next summer; that is the only 1% chance for Bernie that I can see.


If the DNC Democrats fail to nominate Bernie, we can get together and write him in on our ballots. They should be forewarned.


What is scary is that it is even that close.


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There is a strategy taking hold and I hope it continues. Many “Greenies”, independents and the social network generation have decided to register as democrats to give Bernie a fighting chance to use the democrats as the best way to get on the ballot. There is also a pledge going around to write him in if he is robbed by the “Super Delegates” at the convention. The republican party was taken over from the inside in a similar revolt by the T party Fox machine, so maybe it will be possible to beat the democrat’s rigged system of "Super Voters"by joining it only to get Bernie elected and to expose their “many cracks” if he’s robbed…


What Skeletons does Bernie Sanders have in his closet? A curious, inquiring mind wants to know.

Hi MaPol, i was speaking generically of course. But i’d assume, having lived a life worth living Bernie would have made good and bad choices throughout his life, just like all of us.
J Edgar learned decades ago bribery only gets you so far, blackmail on the other hand…

Rolling Stone has an excellent interview with Sanders in the edition that just came out.


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Trump is a wealthy Archie Bunker … I don’t know why people don’t see this… someone who has a bit of time should edit a video together with all the same xenophobic, racist, know-nothing rants from the both of them. The same personality that people laughed at in the 70’s is now running for President and could win.

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The poll makes little sense to me. How can these registered voters say that they would elect Clinton by a 60-34 and then at the same time say that she would have less of a chance than Sanders against her Republican foes.

This would seem to indicate that those polled think Sanders would be the winning candidate but prefer Clinton by a huge margin. I can see how a few might take this line but this indicates that a whole chunk of Clinton supporters think this—very hard to believe.

I would rather see Meathead running for president.

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I like your attitude!

I’d prefer Edith.

BERNIE WILL WIN AND HERE’S WHY: Very important FACT that we should not forget: Hillary Clinton, even with all her millions and name recognition proved to be unelectable even against Obama in 2008, who was a relative UNKNOWN compared to her at the time. She still lost. If Hillary couldn’t win against Obama in the 2008 PRIMARY election there is just no way that she can win against a Republican in the GENERAL election. That is the lesson we should NOT forget! It showed us how disgusted the whole country is with the corrupt and unfair political system we have today in BOTH the Democratic and Republican Parties. There is just too much mistrust, weariness, negative publicity and doubts for a Big money Wall Street corporatists like Clinton, Bush, Trump, etc., to win the White House.

The American people are over and done with political dynasties and the ultra rich plutocrats that don’t represent their interests. We now see through their divide and conquer con game, that keeps in place the same unfair Trickle-Down tax polices, decade after decade, presidency after presidency, now matter if they are Democrat or Republican! This is the exact reason why BERNIE SANDERS WILL become the Democratic the nominee in the up coming Primary. Why? Because Bernie Sanders is drawing from ALL parties, Independents, Republican, Democrats that had dropped out of voting process, and even a lot of the same conservatives who are also fed up with how corrupt their party has become over the last couple decades. Yes there is the Common Dreams poll, but there are others. In a new McClatchy-Marist poll, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) leads Republican candidate Donald Trump by a landslide margin of 12 percentage points, 53 to 41. In the McClatchy poll, Sanders also leads former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush ® by a landslide margin of 10 points, 51 to 41 !

A majority of voters see Bernie Sanders as the only sincere and consistent, throughout the years, candidate who is fighting on their behalf against the corrupt status quo establishment political system, on either side. But these same Independents, Republican and Democrats who now want Bernie for President, will never and I repeat NEVER vote for Hillary, no matter what! They will come out in DROVES just to vote AGAINST her, they dislike that much. Just like they came out in droves the last time she ran for president in 2008. For them she has too much baggage, controversy, insider dealings, and above all they just don’t TRUST her. Rightly or wrongly, like it or not, that is just the truth of the matter. #BERNIE2016 #EnoughIsEnough #FeelTheBern