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Poll: Sanders Nearly Doubles Clinton's Lead Over Trump



"Meanwhile, Budowsky writes, 'analysts would be talking about a national political realignment and new progressive era in American history if an enlightened candidate such as Sanders would defeat a retrograde race-baiting candidate such as Trump by a potentially epic and historic margin.'"

It's not that U.S. voters, in this and other polls, don't make it clear that such a realignment isn't their actual wish, it's rather that the duopoly, particularly the DNC, stack the deck against progressive change to an extreme degree.


This shows that in spite of the blackout on Bernie in the MSM people are still hearing about him and agreeing with what he says -- Ded Washerwoman-Shills screwed up big time when she made that molehill into a mountain over the voting info breech last week as it appears that 'negative' info put even more people on Bernie's side.


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Enough of these articles on polls making grand conclusions that are worthless, The day before PPP released a poll which has Clinton leading Trump by 3 and Sanders trailing Trump by 2. So, what's the conclusion from that one? Trump would beat Sanders and therefore the country is moving toward right-wing bigotry? Let's tone down the conclusions from single polls and try to focus on what is really going on, which is difficult to say.


I said that awhile ago, that Bernie would trounce Trump or any other Republican candidate for POTUS and most of us progressives do not need a poll to tell us that! But I am afraid the democratic party is sooooo corrupt that they would rather nominate HRC even if it means losing to Trump!


Sanders squandered another opportunity to nail Hillary big time during the last debate. When a question was asked that was directed to Hillary about the U.S. push to remove Syrian President Assad. Hillary's
reply was: yes we should remove Assad while at the same time be fighting Isis in Syria. Bernie then gave a soft rebuttal to Hillary's answer to the question. Perhaps it would of been better. If Bernie replied to the question with this statement. After all the Chaos the U.S. has created in Iraq and Libya. Iraq alone estimates are that a million Iraq's have died since the U.S. attack. And removal of Saddam Hussain and Colonel Gaddafi in Libya. You would think Hillary would of learned that it's not a good idea to remove heads of state. Simply because you don't like him or agree with him. And for Hillary to say this after what has taken place in Libya and Iraq. Show's a lack of understanding on Hillary's part. And one has to question her ability to be Commander and Chief.


This means we just need to get over the HILL so to speak, if not then we'll start a write in for Bernie and Win that way! Either way GO Bernie!!!!


Forget the conventional wisdom of the MSM, inside-the-beltway horse race mentality on who "can win" and vote for the person you think will do the most for the American people and people around the world.


Uh, hum.... aren't you folks forgetting one thing?

In the United States, almost invariably, the President is actually appointed. The global power-elite determine such a matter, far in advance of institutions such as caucuses, primaries and elections.

The popular and the electoral vote are largely symbolic.

That being said, the President is really just a manager—of sorts.

In part, his job is to follow the instructions of certain members of the global elite—for better or for worse. The "ruling class" sets into motion a series of events that fit into 5, 10, 20, and even fifty year plans for a
"New World Order", i.e., globalization, one-world government.

It is ever so easy for the ruling class to take advantage of perceived and actual problems—by introducing solutions that do not truly benefit the public-at-large. Instead, the proffered solutions substantially advance any number of agendas of the “power-elite” themselves. It is a classic example of the Hegelian Dialectic: problem->reaction->solution(thesis->anti-thesis->synthesis). It is a great way to persuade the citizenry to accept something that actually is not in their best interest.

Many people just don't understand this divide-and-conquer strategy. The power elite uses it to
keep the status quo in their favor. Moreover, most people are fixated on labels such as liberal, conservative, democratic, republican, etc. Meanwhile, the very wealthy are truly united. Consequently, the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing; the middle class is disappearing. Welcome to the modern version of a third-world nation.

At the highest levels of decision-making, distinctions such as the Democrats versus Republicans, Liberals versus Conservatives, the Left versus the Right and other such artificially contrived dichotomies become blurred; they substantially disappear. Things are not always what they seem, as the power elite’s ostensible motives conceal their true ones. Practically speaking, it is analogous to playing the roles of good cop -versus-bad-cop in a police interrogation room. In the final analysis, they all serve the same master: the international ruling class.

Such real power and control is primarily manifested through the “front” organizations of the global power-elite: governments,financial institutions and the mainstream media; it is largely enforced via the national security, intelligence, and military apparatuses. Divide-and-conquer strategy takes care of the rest. This inertia is built into the system. So, is it such a surprise that—at the lower levels—the citizenry question little, and effectively "police" themselves?

The cold reality is that the deck is stacked against the ordinary person. Even if a particular group or cause wins a victory against the ruling class, it is actually a hollow or Pyrrhic victory. You can rest assured that—at some point in the future—the global ruling class will take back the value of what they gave away, with interest.

Don’t you realize that they can manipulate world affairs to such an extent that you are more than happy to allow the government to take away your rights? Out of fear, you’ll all too willingly give up your rights—even those guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. What a scam!

Those in power will always seek a way to control and dominate—if not one way, then another. Who can say for sure how they will do it tomorrow?

Case in point: The House of Rothschild has been playing these types of manipulative games since the Napoleonic Era. In the long run, they always seem to win. (By the way, Goldman Sachs is actually an Illuminati front.)

The expression "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche" or "Let them eat cake is a quote commonly attributed to the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette.

If the common man is able to survive on crumbs and scraps long enough, then there will always be hope—in the midst of despair!


Leaving the merits of a Sanders or a trump out of the discussion for a moment I will make the following observation.

For every person supporting Sanders in these polls for his economic policies , there as as many that are disgusted by Trumps overt racism and bigotry first and foremost.


Not "let" this happen. We have to MAKE this happen.

It takes retail politics: canvassing door-to-door and making phone calls. When Bernie's campaign asks for your help-- ask how can I? Money alone will not do it.


Spend 5 fewer hours on the internet this week. Dial and walk. We can do this!


This isn't simply about winning. The DNC and the mainstream Democrats are so corrupt that winning for them only means putting someone in power who will protect the interests of their benefactors, corporations and the 1%. Sanders could be ahead of any Republican by 99% to 1% and they would still go with Hillary if she were ahead 51% to 49%. American politics at the national level is hopeless short of a violent overthrow of the system.

I don't live in the U.S. so I couldn't care less about American domestic issues, the only area where Sanders differs from Clinton. What would affect me is American foreign policy. In that area the differences among the leading candidates on both sides are minimal. They all believe in maintaining and/or extending American Empire and defending Israeli apartheid. Sanders would likely do the least damage on an international scale but his economic and domestic policies could possibly get him assassinated if elected. And I'd be willing to bet that even if he gets the nomination his VP will be a neocon.


Trump does not need to be defeated, he is defeating him self. His hate and bigotry is destroying his chances of being elected President.

I attended a rally outside of Trump Towers Sunday. Check out my video


This is a clear read of the temperament of the nation. Evidence that all the bigotry and racism idiot blather and hatred that comes out of the mouth of that bloated gasbag - "the rug",- is appealing to only a small segment of the nation and electorate - it will never go higher, only decrease as more and more voters see what he represents.

The Democratic Party establishment/machine has been corrupted by big-money and the DLC, "new democrat" pro-corporate whores and scam that has victimized so many millions in one way or another; from Bill Clinton to obama, the Democratic Party has been, as many other segments of government and politics, made into a vehicle to further empower and benefit the bankers, Wall Street and other financial parasite criminals, the MICC warmongers, Environmental rapists/exploiters, for-profit "health care"/insurance con, big-pharma, and other greed-driven vulture capitalist criminals. The party of FDR and Eleanor that once stood for in many ways the Common Good (as well as the Republican Party of old) have been subverted to their foundation to serve big-money corporate fascism and the 1% - however one defines that class of common greed. The Dem heirarchy now plans to annoint Hillary Clinton as chief of the scam. All her statements and claims and platform are manipulated and mealey-mouthed, designed to continue the slide to corporate dominance of our nation and the world, as anyone reading between her lines can see!

Congress is central to the crime and subversion of our supposedly democratic republic. Both the Congress and White House (along with SCOTUS) are up to their necks in the trashing of our Constitution and Bill of Rights!

Bernie Sanders by contrast with much of this (he is after-all a politician swimming in the cesspool that is our corrupted politics and power structure), is a whole different animal, a person of vision and the moral compass to see, if not at this point, change at the core our corrupted systems dominated and controlled by the 1% parasites.

OF COURSE Bernie Sanders would win in a landslide against corruption and racist bigotry! By contrast corruption of another sort and its Dem standard bearer (the annointed) would have a much harder time of it........


I agree with your comments.
I like Sanders and have made donations to his cause, but it is also my opinion that the people who own this country will never allow him to be president. On the democratic side, they have already selected Hillary.

As George Carlin said....."We have elections in this country to give people the illusion that they have a choice". When you get down to local elections, there is more of a chance of your vote meaning something, Presidential elections are just a formality .
Look what happened with Bush - Gore. The popular vote went to Gore, but the one selected ahead of the election still became president.


The way to get BERNIE the nomination & the election is w/shoe leather on the pavement, hands knocking on doors, driving BERNIE supporters to the polls, phone banking to Iowa and New Hampshire, writing LTE, donating--call your closest BERNIE headquarters & say, "What can I do? How can I help?" And don't forget, go to either RevoltAgainstPlutocracy or to www.citizensagainstplutocracy to take the pledge TO WRITE IN BERNIE's name if the corrupt DNC thinks it can shove SlickWillieShillarytheHawk down our throats. I have a petition on Change.org which begins FIREDEBBIEWASSERMANSCHULTZ for blatant corruption....Please sign the petition. Schultz has had her thumb on the scales this entire season. Fire her a--and let;s get some DNC support.
BERNIE is right when he says "there is nothing we can't do together"; right because despite the MSM blackout of BERNIE's campaign; despite Schultz' favoritism; despite the oligarchy's support of HRC, BERNIE is still winning in poll after poll.
The "political revolution" of which BERNIE speaks is 'us,' you and I, working together to have him triumph. We are the revolution!



There's more to the world than Israel and Sanders and Clinton are very different in their approach to Israel.

And the sheepdog meme was old before it even got started - it assumes that the Dems decided to take support away from Clinton - making her poll numbers worse initially - to pull in voters after the primary. As if spending months supporting another candidate and lowering Hillary's poll numbers is some kind of guarantee of later support.

But when did logic have anything to do with political attacks?


You could have just shortened your piece to "Don't bother to vote."


Yep, Sen. Sanders would really " schlong " Donald Trump in the 2016 General. And, TeeVee's MSM would televise it, too. On Sunday night, of course, so all the Very Religious People could watch while enjoying dinner. ( Think a good public hanging audience, here. ) And, they'd raise the decibels of Donald's screams, like they did to Howard Dean, after his 2004 loss in the Iowa Caucus. It'd be bigger than the The Super Bowl; the event that is, and just think of the Bud Light, Viagra and Cialis sales, too. If it really caught on we could make it yearly, like an after Christmas Sale, in January. Or, maybe President's Day Weekend would sell better. It's America and we'll buy and sell anything. Don't take my word for it, though, ask Hillary's good friend Kim Kardashian. Oh, and speaking of giant schlongs......