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Poll Shows Canadian Majority Wants Water for People, Not for Profit

Poll Shows Canadian Majority Wants Water for People, Not for Profit

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

An overwhelming majority of Ontarians want their government to prioritize community drinking water needs over those of commercial water-bottling companies, according to a new poll which also supports the call for Nestlé Waters Canada to sell a well it purchased this summer to the local municipality as its residents have demanded.

This an overwhelming majority of citizens not wanting to see water privatized yet the process continues under multiple administrations.

This serves to demonstrate whose best interests those elected officials are serving and it the people that bought them not those that voted for them.


Our local Nestle affiliate, Poland Springs, is always putting in the local papers full page ads on how their employees return so much to the communities and how they protect the environment as they suck out mega-gallons of water from our aquifers. Plus they always donate bottled water (in unsustainable plastic bottles) to the local scout groups who obligingly write letters to the editor of local papers thanking Poland Spring for donating the water (which was of course taken from all of us in the first place).

In short, they work the PR machine mercilessly. To top that off, they get overlapping directors with environmental groups so the people who should be talking about sustainability get bought off. And the Legislature is bought off as well - no surprises there.

And of course Nestle has a history of sacrificing third-world babies to generate profits by hooking mothers on infant formula that they could not afford. Once the mother’s realized that the “Modern Way” of infant formula was inferior to mother’s milk, it was too late. The milk had dried up and their babies would die. But it was good for Nestle’s bottom line.

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Water for profit is insane.


Challenge the privatization of the commons.
Water is a right - water is life and death.