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Poll Shows Joe Biden's Support Among Black Voters Cut in Half After Defending Anti-Busing Position During Democratic Debate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/03/poll-shows-joe-bidens-support-among-black-voters-cut-half-after-defending-anti


LOL No Shit.
Wait till the kids find out about the rest of his “resume”


bye bye bigot. so glad the “real” JOe Biden is finally seeing the light of day and night.


Jimi sez: “Hey Joe… Where u gonna run to now?..”


Senator Kamala Harris has some political baggage, but what ever one thinks of her politically, she took Joe to the woodshed in the debate and severely wounded Joe politically. When Joe said: " my time is up" he was saying: " let me out of here Kamala is embarrassing me "! When was the last time you heard a politician say: “my time is up?”


Stick a fork in him…his time is up.

maybe is was a Freudian Slip ?! lol

he’s dropped out of running before… maybe again?

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We needed someone to take down Biden, the Frontrunner, so they’ve been saying. Trump would have made a grilled cheese hoagie outta him. Harris is the only one that can possible take out Trump. Look, nobody’s perfect!

People who support candidates like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris do so only because they are running as Democrats. These voters are mostly uninformed and/or misinformed and don’t really care what kind of government they get as long as they can say they beat Trump. Once the Democrats are actually in charge, as with Nancy Pelosi and the House today, they will make endless excuses for why nothing changes, or everything actually gets worse.

What really burns me up is watching these people flip-flop on policy and positions they have held for their entire careers, and seeing the minions come out in droves saying “S/he’s changed! Why can’t you see that?”

When Brett Kavanaugh said that his lifelong disrespect for women was just “youthful indiscretion,” Democrats hit the ceiling in rage, but when Republican Hillary Clinton and racist Joe Biden talk about how they’ve suddenly seen the light in this age of Bernie Sanders, well, we must just take them at their word! Kavanaugh is a liar! Biden is a Democrat! See the difference?


I don’t see this as entirely good news, sorry. Yeah, Biden is absolutely horrible, but how is the support for Harris a good thing? First off, her support increased because of her performance at the debates. That is what it was, a performance. She did a good job, as a lawyer not surprising, but relatively little on policy and the debates are largely theater. It was the confrontation, which we know that was planned ahead of time, and the theater of it all that has resulted in a spike in her support. But, she previously went to Martha’s Vineyard and Wall Street looking for support, and did a fundraising gig with Wells Fargo aligned hacks right after the debate. Multiple articles coming out showing that Wall Street loves her, Biden and Mayor Pete. Which of the three, on policy, is worthy of the support of working people, communities of color and poor people? Who is going to win out if powerful capitalists support them and give them tons of money, those that need structural changes or those paying them to not change anything? The only thing she did on policy during the debates that was noteworthy was her support for single payer. She backtracked on that within hours of the debate. So, how is her having support like that a good sign? The support went from one darling of Wall Street to another.

And, I have to say, among Democrats and communities of color, there isn’t tons of interests generally in critically analyzing the Obama years on policy. I completely understand the importance of Obama from a historical perspective, but he was also on many issues center-right, was the darling of Wall Street and said himself that if he was around in the early 80’s he would have been a moderate Republican. I, personally, don’t see progress what so ever if the same inequitable system is in place, but with a different person sitting atop it. When the British Colonies started to revolt, it became clear that white faces couldn’t be the ones to keep the same inequitable system in place. So, in order to keep the SYSTEM in place, figureheads were placed atop of that horribly exploitive system that more closely resembled those being exploited. That has been and will be the strategy, and it will continue to work until people look past identity alone. I fully realize that many do not look at just identity, Biden and Bernie are white dudes, but it is still strong and, as I said, understandable to an extent. But, if Harris is who they go all in on, which I think is the case, her supporters will hide behind her identity and some support will be there for her because of her identity. Policy and active social movements are what will change the system, and if she is supported by interests that don’t want the system to change, it won’t change, it will just have someone different sitting on top of the system. If someone wants to address structural poverty, structural racism, structural sexism, structural inequality and wants to address systematic corruption, then back candidates that want to structurally change the system. That is not Harris, Biden or most others running. And water is wet.


What in the world are you basing this on? Polling nationally and in key states does not show this what so ever. To think that she is best situated to go to Wisconsin and to get workers and those that don’t normally vote to vote in large numbers is deluded. Bernie, for example, absolutely destroys Trump nationally and in key states. His biggest obstacle is the horrible party he is running in, the media and the fact that the public is largely not paying much attention to policy, like most on sites like this. There are huge, huge issues with Harris that will not be hidden forever. Her rise in the polls was entirely because of the theater surrounding a single debate. How her performance on stage is going to make it so that communities like Flint don’t have poisoned water, that people get the healthcare that they need, jobs that pay well, or that we can actually deal with the environmental crisis is beyond me. Maybe I am missing sarcasm.

I will give you a prediction, and I will be correct. If the Democrats are dumb enough to nominate her, and if you start drinking a coffee, by the time you are done with the cup she will have “pivoted towards the center” and leaped towards her largest donors. At that point, it will be readily apparent that the shift in the “Democratic” Party towards the left was rhetorical. For it to be a reality, you have to support someone serious about structurally changing the system, not taking money from those dead set against that.


Watch what happens when Ed O’Keefe of Face the Nation confronts her about her Biden-like record of tough-on-crime. She starts going into all these great things (in her opinion) she has accomplished, the same tactic of evasion used by Biden in the debates.


I have to agree; however, I would love to see Harris in a presidential debate with Trump.

We need to chill on the polling data. We have another 500 or so polls coming our way before the next election. How many are accurate? How many change daily?
We don’t need polls, we need to study the candidates so we can make an intelligent vote on election day.

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Harris doesn’t have to pivot toward the center. She is the effin center.

Follow the big donor money and you’ll end up at her door.


Agreed, it’s a term the kids at the cool table use. It would be her rhetoric melting away and her actual intentions emerging.

I would love to see anybody with an IQ above ambient temperature in a presidential debate with Twump—but especially Sanders.


I would like to see Bernie or Warren focusing on policy and hitting him where it hurts, which is pointing out the real world consequences of his actual policies, policies that many of the donors of Harris actually support and benefit from. Those donors don’t like the racism, the sexism, xenophobia and the horrible personal conduct of Trump. If she wants to challenge Trump and lead actual resistance, she didn’t have to wait until it was her time to run for president. She, like Bernie, could have been out there fighting him on actual policy and challenging those behind Trump and benefiting from his policies. She didn’t do that, and my guess is that while she could really hit Trump on his plutocratic agenda, many plutocrats are behind her and it wouldn’t stick like it would from someone on the actual left. Like Obama, she will kinds of vaguely sound populist while saying very little. I like that she challenged Biden, but she made shirts before the debates apparently with the talking points that she delivered while going after Biden in the debates. So, was that sincere, was it really her caring tons about her old buddy’s horrible record and its impact on her? No, she was floundering in the polls and it was her chance to do something on stage that she simply couldn’t by traveling the country to that point. It worked for her, and it hurt Biden, but given Biden’s horrible record, it could have come from anyone. She challenged him on one percent of his overall horrible record. Fact is, Bernie once again didn’t fully confront Biden, just like he often didn’t fully confront Clinton last time during most debates. So, she stepped into the void. If Bernie wants even a small chance of winning, he’d better start to fight and go after not only Biden, but Harris. If he doesn’t mention her waffling on single payer, her record while in California or the big money donors behind her, that is on him, and if he doesn’t, he doesn’t deserve to win.


Because they are not debates at all–now to get an idea of real debates here is the full lenght movie of The Great Debaters and watch it if you haven’t yet:


Better now, before the primaries I guess, than after she’s the nominee.

But who really expects any of these campaign slogans to become even party policy, let alone law? Not I, certainly. It’s not like politicians saying one thing to get elected and doing another once in office is anything new or unique. (Some who respond to comments that point out Democrats’ intransigence will point to the party’s platform as proof that Democrats support this or that. Then, when none of it is implemented, they have a million and one excuses.)

We heard how progressive Nancy Pelosi is while she was running. If not for Nancy Pelosi lining her pockets with corporate pharma and insurance loot, we might have had single payer by now, but what do hear when you oppose her?

“ACA/Obamacare got insurance for millions!” (A windfall for the entire health care industry and its satellites.)

And the classic: “ACA is the first step toward single payer!” (Ten years later we’re still stepping backwards.)

Now that she is once again in charge, what do you hear from Nancy Pelosi? You hear “No single payer now, no single payer ever!”

If the candidate has walked the walk as has Sanders and few others, they are worth looking at, but these sudden jolts of insight that always happen during the campaign, only to be assigned to obscurity once elected, do nothing to convince me that a lifelong corporate lackey and boot licker is going to do anything to address any problem not supported by the overlords.

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