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Poll Shows Majority of Americans Agree Trump 'Reckless,' 'Dishonest,' and 'Unstable'


Poll Shows Majority of Americans Agree Trump 'Reckless,' 'Dishonest,' and 'Unstable'

Julia Conley, staff writer

On the qualities the U.S. president lacks, there is widespread consensus


Trump replies to majority: " Eff you. What are you gonna do about it?"

The poll I want to see is the one asking how many Trump voters now regret their choice.


He’s a clear and present danger not just to the U.S., but the world. It’s hard to believe not more than 56% said Trump is reckless.


The other 44% are in denial, or intellectually challenged.

Or, they don’t give a shit anymore.


The only polling that matters happens in November 2020.

Trump was the lowest polling candidate ever in 2016. Yet he won with fewer votes than Romney got over the second-lowest polling candidate in history (who thought that running up her total in true-blue California somehow mattered).

I want to emphasize that: The Democrats nominated the only candidate who could possibly lose to Trump.

But it was the Russians, Bernie Bros and hippies that did it, so never mind.


Not to mention voter suppression, cessation of early voting in several states, stringent voter ID laws that literally disenfranchise people that have voted throughout their long lives (disabled, elderly, etc) whose ID’s such as DL’s had expired or were no longer valid due to disability/blindness/ill health, changing voting poll stations without notice, closing polls with voters left standing in line, and non-working/malfunctioning corrupted electronic voting machines…just to name a few obstacles to voters, especially in areas that historically voted for Dems (poorer neighborhoods, minority enclaves, e.g.)

And in key states, Russian interference will be proven beyond a doubt (already known/verified). Putin apologists be damned.


Nice deflection. I guess the loss of close to 1,000 state legislature seats since 2010 can be explained away too.

Ah yes, 2010, a wave election in which Democrats weren’t conservative enough.


You mean a wave election that saw governors like Scott Walker get elected and then work to make voting harder. That 2010?


Totally out of his figgin brain,the greatest danger to the planet!


Last February I reviewed the criteria for antisocial personality and President Trump more than met all the criteria for this diagnosis. See my article at Common Dreams titled Analyzing the Mindset of President Trump.
Katherine van Wormer
Professor of Social Work


Kris Kobach and ALEC had been ready for 2010. Was your party ready? Is it any readier now?:


This has long been my belief about the key districts where third party candidates should be heavily vested. Put your candidates in races where the major parties don’t even try to compete. in 2016 there were 963 statehouse races where the Republican candidate ran unopposed and 998 statehouse seats where a Democrat ran unopposed. That’s nearly 2000 seats where a new political opposition can spring up without many of the usual encumbrances.


Political opposition–and this directly relates to my comment about Kris Kobach–takes many forms. Third parties, for instance, have to deal with crooked election boards throwing up road blocks or just plain cheating:

The Democrats like to whine about voter suppression. Yet they happily participate when it suits them.