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Poll Shows Most Americans Blame Trump and GOP for Shutdown Mess


Poll Shows Most Americans Blame Trump and GOP for Shutdown Mess

Julia Conley, staff writer
In past years, the president has argued that the responsibility to keep the government running lies with the White House


Now that the shoe is on the other foot, the presidunce wants to go barefoot — and blameless.
What else is new??


I blame the Trumptards from the Unenlightened State of America.


Will that remove him and them from power? If not, so what?


I am in agreement with most Americans


Another example of the Republican double standard. They scream and yell and have fits when democrats do anything that they don’t like, yet when they do exactly the same behavior it is not their fault, no, it is always blame the victim of their crimes. Republicans never take any responsibility for anything, yet they want to have the highest positions of responsibility in our government. Republicans also act as if America belongs only to themselves and their wealthy donors and everyone else be damned. This is what tyranny looks like. Republicans are unamerican, undemocratic, seditious traitors to the United States of America. If we allow them to get away with this perversion of our government, we will collectively get just the government that we deserve for our ignorance, and our apathy. Republicans are depriving hundreds of thousands of American citizens of their right to vote and have their votes counted in every election. The republican controlled Supreme Court is letting them get away with this violation of the Constitution while the right wing media tells everyone how these right wing justices are really adhering to the Constitution. The lies and propaganda put out by treasonous oligarchic billionaires is perverting, brainwashing, and misinforming millions of otherwise good American citizens and getting them to vote against their own best interest and the best interest of our country. If this continues and we do not defeat these criminals, we will no longer be a free country, we will be a dictatorship run by the likes of the cruel and selfish Koch brothers! I would rather die!


Even with my limited intelligence, I can be aware that the Republicans will not negotiate on the Dreamers or DACA. A strong position is the only thing they understand. Why else would they refuse to deal? They have proven that they can’t be trusted.


You sound eager to work agricultural jobs harvesting produce out in the fields. Or is minimum wage labor at a slaughter house the sort of work the “illegals” have bumped you out of? You’ve totally been bamboozled by conservative propaganda about why the funding bill isn’t being passed. Republicans control the house and senate. Yet they can’t agree among themselves enough to pass a funding bill. Nevertheless, you blame it on the democrats. Your sense of smell must be blunted since you can’t smell the real rat. Smoke and mirrors and you’ve fallen for it.


I didn’t ask you to speak for all americans, I asked you to speak for yourself.
No one ever got paid a fair wage for doing that sort of work. Immigration had nothing to do with it. Employers and labor laws that protect employers have everything to do with it. You’ve been bamboozled. Who writes labor laws that take way labor rights and benefits employers? Oh, that would be conservatives. The only right conservatives grant to labor is “if you don’t like your job, you can always leave.” That’s all you get from conservatives. You’ve clearly forgotten that those “labor victories” that you are crowing about were not first put in place by conservatives but you act like it was non-conservatives who are taking them away. You really aren’t showing that you have a decent understanding of history. Labor reforms were put in place by progressive minded politicians.

So, when are you going to get out in the fields and start picking onions? I’ve never met a single “american” who was mad because they couldn’t get agricultural work because “immigrants” got all the jobs… Get out there and slaughter some chickens in a slaughter house. Walk your talk.


What exactly is a "fair wage"? And who exactly has been responsible for the plummeting manufacturing jobs–immigrants or greedy capitalists? Who has essentially destroyed unions? Who shipped overseas almost the entire manufacturing sector–minus the military death machines? Do you think there is no correlation of this to wages going south?

Some books for you from someone who is neither a Democrat, nor a liberal:

  1. Subterranean Fire: A History of Working Class Radicalism the United States by Sharon Smith

  2. Why Unions Matter by Michael D. Yates.


You’re the one issuing distractions here. I asked you when you are going to go out and get a slaughterhouse job and you never said you would. You don’t give a shit about the jobs “those illegals” hold because you don’t want to hold those jobs either. The only reason anyone paid a decent wage is because unions fought for them. Now conservatives are trying to tear it all down! Immigrants have nothing to do with it! You can block all the immigrants you want and it still won’t increase wages for your white boys. As long as you keep blaming “liberal democrats”, you will always lose because they aren’t the problem. You’ve been fed a bunch of bullshit white supremacist conservative propaganda.

If you’re such a nativist, then take your white skin and go back to EUROPE! You white people ain’t from here either! As far as us Indians are concerned, you are an illegal alien!!! And you are the problem!!! So get out of OUR country!!! You invader!!!


If rump was such a supporter of jobs in the US, then why is his wife’s products manufactured outside of the US? And why does rump have so many undocumented workers working in his hotels? You say “hillary was confronted so beautifully by rump”? You are so easily fooled. If you want to stop immigrants from coming up from central and south america, then change US policies that have wrecked those countries and disadvantaged them. Ever heard the term Banana Republic? Its a real thing and the US is guilty! Change that!