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Poll Shows Most Who Voted Third-Party in 2016 Are Supporting Biden Over Trump in 2020

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/22/poll-shows-most-who-voted-third-party-2016-are-supporting-biden-over-trump-2020

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Well this story is problematic for diehard dem voters and the DNC, who will they blame if Biden loses in November?


If Biden loses, we’ve got bigger problems on our hands. A Supreme Court and its appellate friends pushing Jim Crow era voting “rights,” a president threatening to fire the FBI director for not arresting his opponent, and a personality-focused minority of voters who see any governing coalition but the one they are a part of as illegitimate, will be out for blood. So far though, barring something crazy, like SCOTUS taking an axe to absentee balloting, Biden looks strong.

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The article informs the reader that:

“Another 14% said they will vote third-party again, and 12% remain undecided.”

Count me in with those 14% as it is simply stunning that there are so many people in the allegedly enlightened United States who will vote for Biden simply because, as in 2016, he is not Donald Trump.


Yes, Biden looks strong, but that will not mean anything if votes are suppressed and people are intimidated by Trump fanatics. And those reasons make it even more imperative that more states allow people to vote by mail and/or at drop off ballot boxes and especially during a pandemic.

Those of us who knew about Trumps background before 2016, knew we had big problems then, when Clinton lost, but that didn’t stop the party from blaming voters who voted 3rd party, for her loss. Never mind there were many more who didn’t vote at all because they didn’t believe the party offered them anything to vote for. The same game plan is in place this cycle, with the party expecting to win because voters are voting against Trump and the right, instead of giving the voters something they want.


Please know that 38,000 third party votes in Wayne County Michigan (detroit) cost hillary the whole state.
In 2012 electionm the count was 12,000 for third party.

24 t0 26 thousand lost votes gave Trump too many electoral votes.
he won, darnit.

I dropped off my ballot yesterday and certainly didn’t vote republican…thought about democrat, nope…gave up on the greens after voting for them four times in the last 20 years…so that left me with two socialist candidates , and yes I did vote for POTUS :wink:

BTW, a “wasted” vote is one that isn’t cast…


Too bad we don’t live in a democracy/republic as supposedly outlined in the constitution. It’s a TWO PARTY SYSTEM and apparently, according to some commenters on this site, if you don’t vote for either, you are some kind of misfit. Remove the third party candidates from the ballot so at least we know we have only two choices.


Why does the article (and some of it’s readers) equate “third-party” with “Jill Stein”? What part of that 6% that was enough to tip the election to Trump went to Stein?

And if voting third-party were illegal, as many seem to think (there is, after all, more outrage directed at third-party voters than at people who commit war crimes) wouldn’t Libertarian votes have given Trump more of a boost than Stein would have given to Clinton?


Maybe they’ll blame all the Republicans they claim will be voting for Biden.

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Ranked-choice voting for all !!


No, what caused Hillary to lose Michigan was taking them for granted, and not campaigning there.
That and voter suppression laws that saw almost 200,000 less Michiganders vote in 2016 than did in 2012.
With the Dems it’s always about turnout. If it’s over 60% democrats usually win. If it’s under 55%, they usually lose. In between it’s a tossup.


But look. Maybe the women will save the day:


Stranger things have been known to happen.

Yup, it was all those evil russkies fault. Just ask anybody at the DNC.
They still cannot bring themselves to believe that, not only did they not win the presidency in 2016, they lost the house and senate as well. And while we could of course blame their support of weak, center right candidates that they tried to jam down the throats of the faithful, in the end it was their complete disregard for the Republican voter suppression plan that was begun in 2010, and came to full fruition in 2016.
The democrats just can’t admit that the fault for 2016 laid not in their stars, but within themselves. Maybe the democrats will look in the mirror soon and realize that pretending to be republicans has gotten them no where since 1988. I doubt it, but they may.


For 200,000 less
Demographics ignored by NBC pollsters.
Many died, moved away to find a job.
And Obama had excited Michigan, still in 2012.

Pay attention here, now.
The dem party is headquarter in NYC.
The managers are Clintons, Cuomo and Obama.
If Beau Biden had not been murdered, he would be the candidate, not his dad.

If Trump pulls off another upset in a week and a half - do not dare blame me.
The democrats did not work hard enough signing up new (young) voters.
Joe is at home while Trump is out every day.
Television ads do not sway voters. Dem money spent in Texas and Florida may prove me wrong.

Alabama voting.
Even Bobby Kennedy would be scratching his head on this one.
The easy fix:
A republican and democrat team with a ballot, visits shut ins, elders, handicapped at their home, rest home, assisted living, rehab,
The voter fills out the paper ballot or uses touch screen direct link back to county election office. Precinct voter log book auto updated and the team goes to the next infirm or fearful voter.

Fine, but let’s acknowledge that Biden has done dick to earn a single vote, offers nothing, will change nothing even in a society breaking down because of the types of policies he has long supported, and he is going to likely be a horrible president, unless circumstances force him to do policies he otherwise wouldn’t. This whole thing is never going to stop. The Tucker Carlson/Cotton ticket in 2024 will be coming, the Democrats will run another sham primary, and then the left will be trounced on to support another rotten neoliberal nothing, as society continues to get worse because of these vacuous, corrupt careerists. The most ideologically rigid people in the damn country aren’t the types posting here, it is the neoliberals that cannot be reasoned with or moved by facts. Cause they are right wing, corrupt, but fly the rainbow flag to show how woke they are.


Bullshit framing. She didn’t even fucking campaign there. She cost herself the election, and was a rotten candidate. This is a democracy and no one owes that damn party their vote. The Democrats at the national level do not care about the poor or working people. Biden has done absolutely nothing to reach out to anyone to the left of him in any way what so ever, and most of the country is to his left on policy (not necessarily to his left ideologically). If COVID didn’t hit, he almost certainly would lose. He is a right wing and corrupt candidate who will likely be an awful president. But, Trump is worse. And that is this rotten, corrupt political system in a nutshell.


Better first run that by the large donors and Obama. Did they tell you this? Cause they, and not a transparent and fair process, really determines the winner. We’re doomed with Biden. We should organize outside of electoral politics, but as far as getting policy enacted, the nominee couldn’t be worse. I honestly think that racist police lapdog Pete would be moderately to Biden’s left on policy, and he is a vacuous shell of a person. But ain’t he great on Fox News? And he plays the piano, and speaks a number of languages! My landlord said I don’t need money to pay rent, just the feel goods from Pete’s otherworldly talents.