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Poll Shows Nearly Half of GOP Voters—Lied to by Right-Wing Media—Approve of US Capitol Ransacking

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/07/poll-shows-nearly-half-gop-voters-lied-right-wing-media-approve-us-capitol


This is EXACTLY why looking forward is heralding in a pure Nazi form of fascism.

Without real consequences (and let’s be honest, those embracing authoritarianism respond to nothing short of punishment), we’re all but guaranteed to have an even more brutal dictator in only a few short years.

Reform needs to happen, AND corporate media is yet another example of institutions which have to change. We need a return to real investigative journalism, and if this requires legislation to address, let’s get on it.

Drumpf ONLY got into office because mainstream corporate media gave him insane amounts of free air time. The election conspiracies only took hold because media gave him a free pass with ineffectual disclaimers for OVER 4 years!

The democrats share responsibility for behaving like with enough compromise, the republicans might finally play fair.

If the democrats had tried pulling this crap off 4 years ago, the GOP would have had all participants arrested and tried to the full extent of the law.


“Among Republican voters, 45% approve of the storming of Capitol, 30% think the perpetrators are ‘patriots’, 52% think Biden is at least partly to blame for it, and 85% think it would be inappropriate to remove Trump from office after this.”

Wow, I have no idea how to deal with this level of deliberate, militant ignorance.


TRUMP is a complete fabrication of who and what a person with money does and how they live. I am wondering if so many people flock to Trump because he speaks directly to them about unfair the world is----but sadly he makes it seem as if people of color, African Americans , Latinx and Indigenous people are the REAL PROBLEM. Building a wall never solved anything.


Blind ignorance is so sad and dangerous. The GOP has weaponized these unhinged fools.


That’s what was so great about Romney’s speech last night. He called on his colleagues to lead, to tell their followers the truth. As he put it, “that’s the burden of leadership.” I disagree with Romney’s politics, but it’s important for people on his side of the aisle to hear that.


Poll Shows Nearly Half of GOP Voters—Lied to by Right-Wing Media—Approve of US Capitol Ransacking

I have no disagreement with the headline. And it’s an informative article.

But I have a suggestion. Could you please add the phrase —Lied to by the MSM—to the bulk of your other headlines. Not for balance, but for accuracy.

Too many here (a) trust the MSM, (b) believe that right-wing deceit is a greater issue than MSM deceit, and © perceive themselves as well-informed and immune to manipulation.


What’s more scary to me are those anemic numbers for “independents”.

Now imagine what they’d be if POC protestors and white allies stormed the Capitol in righteous anger over their oppression.

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Well Biden is partly to blame for it.

He was a major part of causing the economic meltdown that caused this level of rage. He is still a major part of the effort to prevent any fix for the economic (or ecological) meltdown. And the democratic primary was fraudulent.


Reading this article makes one thing absolutely clear as to what must happen immediately after the Democrats take over in 2 weeks.

Legislation must be written, voted on, put into law, and strictly enforced that makes behaviors we witnessed in the past 24 hours from elected officials, thugs pretending to be protesting Trump’s loss in the presidential race, and criminal presidential impersonators, illegal to the point that these crimes are considered so dangerous to public safety, that aggressive arrests and strick penalties that involve minimum prison sentences.


On November 18, 1978, Congressman Leo Ryan was assassinated by the Jonestown Christian cult in Guyana. Immediately following this assassination, 909 cult members drank Flav-or-aid laced with cyanide and they all died en masse.

When protesters were asked on Wednesday what they wanted to do, it wasn’t uncommon to hear that they wanted to hang the majority of Congresspeople and Senators from trees. I wouldn’t put it past these people to indulge in mass suicide pacts.

This says something about the media outlets that supply all of these people with their information.


Oh, please. Stop giving these people a pass. We’ve all been told the same lies by the right-wing media and right-wing politicians. We also all have access to the truth. I have no sympathy for people who choose the lies simply because the lies fit better with their own world views.


And what percentage of MSNBC viewers swallowed Russia-gate hook, line and sinker? Your media have been coopted by competing factions of oligarchic elite who use the phony divide between Dims and Repugs for their own nefarious ends. Rachel Maddow is the liberal version of Glen Beck - every bit the liar and just as unhinged. You are a chump and an intelligence community dupe if you listen to either side.


I think Trump’s zealots are way more into homicide ( ours ) than suicide ( theirs ).
They think centrists are Communists, after all. These cracked pots can’t find Iran or Nicaragua on a map but want to exterminate the people living within the boundaries of both countries. It’s bone chilling to think what they’d do to the folks of Venezuela or Cuba.
Our educational and religious institutions have failed them and us. Nuances and subtleties are mocked and cultural norms bring scorn from Trump all the way on down. Everything different becomes ugly and must be checked or changed.
Say no thanks to Trump zealots.


Fully agree! I’ve seen just as little proof, other than “Natl. Sec. Sources Say So”.
That Russia had any impact on 2016 as the Trumpublicans have for “Massive Fraud”
in 2020, but everyone, including the MSM, was all in for the former.

I’m an engineer & scientist, I need Real, Objective, Proof… Say So, don’t cut it!
Especially since these were the same folks who said “Iraq has WMDs”! uh huh!

How quickly we forget!


this is the result of the changes made by the traitor Reagan and right wing Bill Clinton–

Really? I recall the government bailing out businesses which in turn allowed them to keep their employees and the economy slowly returned. The rich are the real enemy here. People are poor because the rich are getting richer because of the policies in Congress. It’s difficult to make meaningful change when the party in charge of Congress doesn’t want meaningful change for the 99%.

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They were not the same folks. I don’t think the media was as bad then as it is now. Since media outlets are profit businesses they need to make a profit so they must sensationalize every little tidbit of news and they dumb it down since many Americans do not have a college education or do not have the capacity for rational thought. Not that a college education from a college in American means anything since the rich have directed what is taught for decades, making us ready little slaves.

Iraq did not have nuclear. Powell’s photo at UN was aluminum tube. Not titanium, zirconium or stainless. CIA got the tube from some basement.

Iraq did have nearly 6,000 artillery shells filled with mustard gas, virus, bacteria. These were buried. We dug them up 2005 - 2006. These are WMD’s by any definition.
Many leaked.
Over 80 soldiers disabled / died due to exposures.
One coast guardsman infected by simply walking past the truck loaded with these shells.
Not announced by Americans until about 6 years later.
VA disability took years, as usual.


This polling - combined with the images of DC police fraternizing with the domestic terrorists, combined with their murder of leftists who defend themselves from right wing nutjobs - ought to illustrate once and for all to all of my pacifistic minded friends here (bless your sweet/innocent hearts!) that you’re already under siege.

So, are you guys willing to be martyred for your cause, are you willing to defend yourselves, or…?

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