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Poll Shows Trump Is Accomplishing One Thing: Making America Hate Again


Poll Shows Trump Is Accomplishing One Thing: Making America Hate Again

Julia Conley, staff writer

A new poll by Quinnipiac University reveals that a growing number of Americans think President Donald Trump has contributed to a more hateful atmosphere in the U.S., and many think he's deliberately encouraged hate groups. Nearly two-thirds of Americans said they believe that the level of hatred and prejudice have gone up since President Donald Trump entered office in January.


Why are Republicans bitching about Trump? He’s the culmination of the conservative capitalist free market America they’ve been pushing all along. They just don’t like that he’s outwardly racist, misogynist, homophobic, elitist, militaristic, corporatist, plutocratic, theocratic and other shitty things they represent but try like hell to deny.

Capitalism unfettered leads to fascism.
RFKennedy Jr


It’s not clear to me that he’s a free market capitalist. In rhetoric, at least, he is quite protectionist. We’ll see what, if anything, he ends up doing with NAFTA.


Back in 2002, a few days before Christmas, then-Senate Minority Leader, Republican Trent Lott (imminently the Majority Leader), was forced to step down from Senate leadership because of this remark, “When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We’re proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn’t have had all these problems over the years, either.” And rightly so, Thurmond was a Dixiecrat Jim Crow. Lott’s meaning was clear. And so is Trump’s when he falsely equates memorials of Washington and Jefferson with Confederate ones, the real difference being that the latter were erected in White Supremacist violent opposition to civil rights, whereas the former were not.


I seriously think that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, or at least NO OTHER “PRESIDENT” will be hated as much as D. Trump-itis!!!


Hitler; used his Roman Catholic rhetoric to seduce the German people, a traditionally rational population, into incinerating a minority population by the millions. Fascism is especially seductive, to the adolescent level mind and can not be defeated or swayed with prayer, incantation, logic or reason. But the American people elected Trump? Nope, 10.6 million more people voted for someone else. A flawed and arcane voting system elected Trump.


Trump didn’t bring hate out into the open nationally, hate radio did. For years these Trump supporters have been exposed to radio talk shows based on hating minorities. Trump was just successful where Pat Buchanan and George Wallace, even before hate radio, failed. This voting base has always been there but the problem was becoming the nominee of a major party. Trump was lucky because by the time he ran the Republican voters had finally become so fed up with Republican establishment not delivering that they chose a complete outsider with no political experience. That would seem like a sure way to lose to the Democrats but the Democrats had just been in the presidency for 8 years and it is extremely hard for any party to win three straight terms. Many people just want a change of parties. And many people were unhappy about the US having a black president. And other things helped Trump such as Clinton’s e-mail problems, the electoral college, the success of spreading fake news over the internet, whatever role Russia and Wikileaks played in hacking and publishing DNC e-mails, and a relatively strong showing of the Libertarian Party, and even the Green Party getting close to 1% of the vote.


The percentage of Americans who hate has not changed. Trump has merely turned off the lights and allowed the cockroaches to come out from under the stove. He has made it acceptable to publicly hate and his administration attracts the worst of people in much the same way the third reich empowered and attracted the dregs of Germany.


Can the percentage of haters change? MAybe not for some. But hate can be taught. And there are shades of gray where people can be reasoned into some wrong-headed positions . And people can be frightened into staying silent.


Ignorance will out! Your’s is obvious.


His “Roman Catholic rhetoric”? To a majority Protestant country? (Oh, those innocent, industrious Germans, seduced by a devious Jesuit!)

How about those racial theories on the superiority of the Nordic peoples? How Catholic is that? The thousand-year German Reich? The ideology of the Volk?

You seem to have some issues of your own. Read some books, please.


Good post, Lrx. For once I agree with you.


Remember these are statues- but all of a sudden they are being used as gathering places for these pathetic, violent souls.


Silence about anything violent gives permission for more violence. How many people stayed silent when Wall Street crashed the global economy? A majority did- that is the answer- giving the signal that that was okay!


Actually, I think we’re better off having these people “come out from under
their slimy rocks and spew their ugly guts.”

It’s wonderful to see the opposition anti-HATE forces coming out to make
clear that we will stand against these racist, sexist and homophobic hatreds.


Yet, it is overwhelmingly clear that Trump is racist and sexist and trying to move
the nation in that direction.

Not so unlike Hitler who traded on the hatreds created by the RCC over 1,100
years in the Papal States with their vile propaganda against Jews –
and the Vatican’s Jewish Ghettoes where Jews were held isolated from society
and barred from education and the professions, forced to wear Yellow Stars.
That was the beginning of those hatreds and preparing those citizens for what
came under Hitler – the Jewish Holocaust in Germany.


This hatred and polarization of US political life–the ground work for this was made fertile by Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama. By diverting vast public funds from domestic needs, infrastructure, schools and jobs to the Pentagon and the Wall Street Banks, vast inequality was generated and we are seeing the results of a plutocracy with unimaginable corrupt leadership.


I would disagree. I, personally, utterly and completely hate Barack Obama. He lied about everything. Every word that came of his mouth was either a lie or the US as an “exceptional” nation, sees farther (Albright) and when not lying, he
was ordering indiscriminate drone strikes or diverting US funds to ISIS. Trump is a clumsy, awkward fascist; Obama a very gifted, “slick Willie” fascist. A dreadful human being.


What role do you think media coverage has played? From the campaign to the present? They’re making this presidency into reality TV. And while surprising that the killing of a white person and racial violence against whites have both made the national news in the last year, the underreporting of systemic violence suffered by white folks is its own harm, is part of the system that keeps many people of color down, and it fans the flames of extremism by biased reporting on but one aspect of a much larger system.


A depressing thought just struck me. My hope was the obscenity of Trump would come to be identified with the Republican Party, dooming its candidates in the upcoming Congressional elections. But, alas, no. Trump has gone 'round this possibility by attacking Mitch McConnell, establishing at least the Senate as autonomous of the madness of Trump’s policies. Confessedly, Paul Ryan’s more limpid comments and sometimes obsequious behavior towards Trump render the Republicans membership in the House of Representatives more vulnerable to public reaction, but McConnell retains respect, protecting Republican Senators.