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Poll Shows Unemployed People Struggling to Cover Basic Needs Has Nearly Doubled Since GOP Killed $600 Federal Boost

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/01/poll-shows-unemployed-people-struggling-cover-basic-needs-has-nearly-doubled-gop

Many employed people are also struggling to meet basic needs.


The republican ‘brain’ has a need to see others hurt, and hurting. It make them feel better about themselves. This has always been the case.


Yes in their narrow thinking these lazy people need to pick themselves up by their bootstraps and get what they need from the market.

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We should abolish slavery. Now.


I wish people wouldnt make these blanket statements that are obviously untrue. Maybe a lot of their leadership are absolute assholes to which statements like that might apply but the vast majority of them arent anything even remotely deserving of that. Consider also the fact that Americans, as a whole have much in common including a desire and belief in democracy, the very ideal that both parties leaderships now are demonstrably contempuous of. Why? They are hiding a theft of it, a system by which democracy has pretty much been hijacked for the very wealthy. One would have to come to the conclusion that we’ve all been deceived by this group of insiders from both parties. As long as they divide us like that, which requires a suspension of common sense, the truly evil ones will always win, and democracy and good people will always lose.


I maintain that it is true.
I’ve observed it for decades and I’ve heard republican friends actually say it, in alcohol induced unguarded moments.

Their brains are hard wired in this way
And I"ll tell you more, I’ve recently cut these people out of my life (should have done it sooner) some I’ve know for 50 years or more. More of the recent POS (15 years), still a Trump supporter, thought that pictures of kids and babies huddle in the ICE cages was
“kind of a hoot - phuckem send 'em back” . And two of these guys spent their careers in fortune 100 companies - not bikers-types


Those in power are largely sociopaths and don’t care. Organize, scare those in power or nothing will change. And while it is true that the right is holding things up, the complete and utter failure of Democratic leadership and them pissing away all leverage they had early on is a huge reason we are in this position. We have to look at this in its totality and not just what happened in the last month or so. If we want to really get serious, we would look at the decades of horrible policies by both parties and see our present condition for what it is; the end result of a decades long project by both parties and the interests that control them. Biden and Harris are utterly worthless, will not change anything and in a sane society facing what we are facing, would never be given power. Thank you Democrats and thank you Obama in particular, thank you corporate media, for this rotten ticket.


I have too, Ive heard lots of comments like that and without fail Ive always abandoned those relationships, and not looked back, I have lots of experience with that. Ive also had a lot of honest converastions with Republican (or formerly Republican) friends and won over some to my current party, which I am thinking of leaving now (I would never become a republican but I do want to leave this party as I feel its been taken over by crooks.) I will rejoin it once it actually becomes Democratic again.

Ive worked on important human rights issues (beleive it or not) with Republicans and found them to be decent people a lot of the time too Every party or any other group has its good people and bad people. Lots of people are born into a party and are not exposed to other ideas at all. Have you ever considered that bad people are claiming to be Democrats but they are actually trying to destroy our party- from the inside?

How? By being the opposite of what they claim to be.

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All the money goes to prop up the U.S. stock exchange and corporate media simply refuses to accurately report on this divergence of American tax payer money. They, the media owners, are part of the beneficiary as sucker Americans vote for the two parties that have created this scheme of massive redistribution of wealth (theft). Little left for the serfs except some to make Trump look like he’s the people’s hero.


It’s a matter of principle for some that the rich get the spoils. They fight so unfairly because they see themselves as being at a disadvantage because of democracy, which they sometimes call “majoritarianism” So they are not above using their extensive advantages to sabotage democracy by stealing the country’s ability to actually have any kind of debate on the issues.

So much so that they created a new government for corporate lawyers and governments only where people dont exist except as markets to be bought and sold which takes all the important issues out of the hands of our own leaving it as basically a shell whose main functions are ceremonial and all economic authority is duplicated elsewhere with those entities all having the real power in many respects and international…

This is actually a disgnostic sign of totalitarianism according to Hannah Arendt.


But how can it be sustainable, or is it? It’s almost like a Ponzi scheme. Guess it is simply controlling new money printing since Nixon (a real crook) took us off the gold standard for his personal political advantage.

The goal of the GOP in all of this is a permanent increase in homelessness, which will drive an excelerated increase in crime, which will play into their “law and order” campaigns to keep Trump’s curse in power indefinitely.

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Homeless people are not the criminals, however, but the victims. Easy targets for criminals and police.


Look around you, thats how its kept there, by dishonesty.

Homelessness leads to hunger. Hunger leads to despair, break-ins, theft, arrest.

Some will just starve themselves, others will need to provide for children, elders.

It is sad, but inevitable.


I regret to add that a few of these people attempt suicide. They can’t handle it.


Banks create most of the money that we use and the gold standard was a relic of the past and caused too much chaos. I don’t think a commodity based money makes an ounce of sense in the world we live. Money creation by itself isn’t a problem, it is who creates that money, what that money is spent on and the larger societal impact it has. Banks created most money when the US was on the gold standard too. They are responsible for most of the “money printing” and if we have a snowball’s chance in hell to address the environmental crisis, we cannot rely on private banks and the power we give them to create credit money.

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I think its to make America’s companies profitable again, via large scale outsourcing of peoples jobs to foreign staffing firms (body shops) that pay their temporarily imported workforces very little, and for any Americans who break the law, quite possibly, slavery. If they are duly convicted of crimes.

They never got rid of it, its still there, read the 13th Amendment.

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This is a good explanation, the one that Ive heard again and again, actually. The explanation has been around a lot longer than Dani Rodrik’s quite good writeup of it Quite a few people, literally an international cast of people from all around the world multiple times thought it was important enough to conversations we were having enough to stop the conversation to explain it to me. It was first explaied to me in May of 1989, quite a long time ago… At a dinner and concert supporting the Chinese students in Beijing a few blocks away from the UC Berkeley campus, at International House. A few years later a trade negotiator and his wife explained it to me over dinner in San Francisco.

So finally I started to get it. I could link to other versions of the explanation. If you look around you can find many too.

Dani Rodrik’s weblog: The inescapable trilemma of the world economy