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Poll: Trump Closing in on Clinton, as Sanders Remains Formidable



"Sanders will work 24 hours day and night to assure Trump doesn't become president" (by running as a third party candidate when he is booted from the democrat nomination?)


Based on past elections these type of national polling numbers tend to change a lot and it often gets closer as the actual election approaches. There is no question that the Democrats start with a big advantage in the electoral college. Elizabeth Warren is doing a good job at attacking Trump and I think Obama will be doing a lot more in that regard. The big question is what will Bernie Sanders do if he is not the nominee and it certainly looks like he will not be. The answer to that will probably start to become clearer after June 7.


Dear Hillary,
2008 called and said that the change you hoped for had not happened. We are again just not that into you.
-Jane & John Q. Public


The big answer is that the "weak candidate" is a corporate money magnet, second to none, who will sustain corporate money flow into the Party war chest irrespective of who wins in November.


Doesn't Sanders beat Clinton now in national polls (and overall in all the votes even officially recognized in the last month or so total of the primaries)? If so, that plus this poll could be combined to say, "U.S. people favor Sanders over either Clinton or Trump"


The biggest ridiculousness coming from the Clinton camp about Sanders' electability is that he hasn't yet been attacked by the Republicans and that this explains Bernie's overwhelming advantage in polls against Trump whereas Hillary has been subject to attacks for years.

This is total crap. The facts are that the more people learn about Bernie the more they like him, which is what has happened in the last 12 months in state after state where he has gone from single digits in the polls to, now, 50%. The trend has been rising from the start and continues upward to this day.

Hillary surrogates and DNC media puppets keep saying the 'socialist' tag will doom Sanders vs. Trump. This is complete hogwash. First of all, Bernie Sanders is not a socialist (using the definition of socialism as government ownership of means of production) but simply someone who puts the interests of the poor, middle and working class above corporate interests and the wealthy.

Bernie advocates for stronger democratic participation and weaker corporate power. His policies are similar to the governments in Scandinavia and other advanced European economies. Nothing like Venezuela, for instance, which seems to the latest media scare tactic.

Hillary Clinton is a neoliberal corporatist and an extremely vulnerable candidate. She's married to Bill Clinton, for instance, a man who jets around the world on the private plane (nicknamed the Lolita) of convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein. If Hillary were the feminist she claims to be, she would have divorced Bill years ago. Instead, she chose the path to power. She sold her soul for power.

Clinton's latest campaign platform (latest because her platform is a fluid thing) is stolen from Bernie; she is running to be Obama 2.0; and her economic policy is Bill Clinton 2.0. In other words, she has no ideas of her own. She is a shape-shifting wisp of nothing.


If the Democratic con/ convention selects crooked Hillary, who is a weak candidate against Trump compared to Bernie, a man with a 35 year track record of a clean political record and Trump wins, I say the corrupt dems. will get exactly what they deserve!


And we will all get what we don't deserve...Trump.


Think again ... Clinton is nothing more than the presumptuous nominee at this point, and certainly after the Cali primary: https://wolfessblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/17/this-is-what-will-happen-at-the-democratic-convention/
Fantasies are nice, but don't try to push them off on the rest of us. You have a super sparkly day! :smirk:


Like I said in another comment, she is nothing but the presumptuous nominee :smiling_imp:


I missed that enitirely ... but like so ewwwww! :astonished:


In every article, Bernie is mentioned as an afterthought, if he is mentioned at all.
* The corrupt oligarchic political machine that runs this periodic Kabuki to make We the People think we have a say in our government is getting to be less in the shadows as their power grows. This could be the last "election" we see in the Fourth Reich.
* If they jack Bernie into urging us to support the Red Queen to save us from Trump, then our "Revolution" will be over, for most of us will either write him in on our ballots, or quit the charade in disgust.
* If Bernie is winning in the election, I imagine that somehow, ballots will be "lost" and all backups will be "accidentally" erased and the Supremes will be instructed to declare Killary the winner, and Øbama will give her a complete pardon for all her many misdeeds before he steps down. (That will guarantee him for the lucrative lecture circuit, and some governmental or Wall Street post.)
* We the People will then be dipped in the cesspool and sun dried, then be assigned what we are to do for the Glory of the Reich, for the rest of our short lives.


Some people would call that mass karma!


Funny at how people call something karma when it turns out the way they think it should and call it just plain bad luck when it doesn't! When a innocent gets murdered that isn't karma and when a murderer gets off scot free that isn't it either yet both things happen. Since nobody deserves Trump...lol...I rest my case!


Whether Bernie wins or not, the revolution will NOT be over. Because we are the revolution and it will be up to us to continue it's momentum. After Obama was elected, the optimism he inspired died because it was clear from day one that his was not a progressive agenda. Too many also looked at the fact that we had elected a black president and thought the work was done. This time around we cannot aford to make that mistake. Do not be disheartened if Bernie is not the nominee. Get out there and work even harder for progressive ideals. Find people in your community to work with. Together we are mighty. If we fall apart they will have won.


It's a matter of which is worse..... 4 years of Trump or 8 years of HRC?

I don't like it.... but surviving 4 years with most of the establishment (Dem & Repub) firmly fighting against the Commander in Chief..... may be our best option.

Bernie or bust!


Good! I was hoping that someone would say that.
* Thanks!


Fun link, thanks...


Absolutely, the citizens of this nation need to take direct action. They need to hound the political class, day after day. Be visible, aggressive and unpleasant. Most of all, do not cooperate in any fashion until they get off their lazy asses and do what is right. I want to see them sweat, particularly the DNC who makes it a habit of lying to the people that have consistently supported them. Don't relent and don't give up.