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Pollinators and the Rigged Neonic Seed Market


Pollinators and the Rigged Neonic Seed Market

Ben Lilliston

Farmers are no different from any buyer – they want to know what they’re buying, how much it costs and its expected performance. But in the brave new world of agricultural seeds, where multiple traits and technology are stacked like Microsoft’s operating system, it’s becoming more and more difficult for farmers to separate out what is really needed and discover how much each piece is costing them.


Why not just plant tobacco in between the rows of food crops like back in the “old” days. Commercialization continues to destroy common sense.


For years I’ve asserted that Monsanto is a company that’s guilty of War Crimes.

Due to its marriage to the Military Industrial complex in its manufacture of Agent Orange (and current killer chemicals used in Columbia in conjunction with “the War on Drugs”), it is granted not just immunity for its crimes but also phenomenal agricultural profits.

This company is poisoning so much of the natural world and thus continuing its crimes against humanity.

Don’t take my word for it. View this:



This is not about common sense, and you know that! It’s about corporate control of our lawmakers as is made obvious by treaties like TPP enshrining into international law absolute freedom FOR trespassers like Monsanto and absolute lack of agency or legal redress for citizens. YOU are paid by these entities to write platitudes that distort the truth… on a daily basis.


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Since you opened this particular door, I would highly encourage open-minded forum readers to give this a true view & listen. The stuff is so chilling and it PROVES that those with positions of authority are sickening the population in order to give corporations like Big Pharma and Monsanto totally free reign: