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Polling Points to Support for Pot Legalization Efforts in Five States


Polling Points to Support for Pot Legalization Efforts in Five States

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

If recent polls are to be believed, recreational marijuana legalization measures are likely to pass in at least four states on November 8.


Could anyone clarify how allowing recreational use of marijuana would damage the medical marijuana system?


The recreational use of marijuana will be legal in all 50 states within 5 years.
The oligarchy needs to calm the natives down.
Unfortunately pot won't be decriminalized, it will be legalized, taxed and sold by the Capitalists for a profit.


Dang I hope so. BUT we will need to get rid of the DEA. Cannabis Prohibition is their bread and butter. They will not let go of it easily. Better to just shut down the DEA completely! Remember the dumbass who heads the DEA called Medical Cannabis a JOKE! Seems he is the BAD JOKE!


For someone telling others to be engaged you haven't done your research on cannabis. Stay well and full of character!


Can't win for losing:
The Marijuana Boom Is Contributing to the Climate Crisis http://www.takepart.com/article/2016/10/05/how-your-pot-habit-contributing-climate-crisis

Some excellence from Jay Z:


I can speak to that, from living in Washington and watching the medical side end July 1, despite claims ad nauseum that wouldn't be the case when the "full" legalization initiative was on the ballot.
Patients were allowed to grow up to 20 plants, now you can't grow anything in your home.
The state has been very strict about the types of products that can be sold, meaning the skin patches I used to use for migraines are no longer available.
Dispensary owners were able to talk with patients about how certain strains or products can help with different ailments. That is no longer the case, patients have to do all of their own research on this (and correct, unbiased information is not easy to find).
The pot is all prepacked, which adds to the cost for growers and customers. It was also very nice to be able to look and smell what you're looking to purchase and now you can't.
The sheer amount of paperwork to be approved as a grower for the state is amazing. Those licenses are also extremely expensive so it's difficult to get off the ground. Lots of dispensary owners and growers have been forced out of the market as they couldn't afford to make the transition to the recreational.
...and now it is all more expensive, of course.
Ironically, this change to recreational moved quite a bit of trade back underground for growers and buyers.

I assume it's a state by state thing, CO doesn't seem to have these same headaches, and I haven't heard this out of Oregon either. Washington State loves nothing more than bureaucracy and finger wagging. But it's all in those details.


Have you ever had chemotherapy? What about a migraine headache that lasts for 4-5 days? Chronic pain that doesn't respond to NSAIDS?
You clearly haven't tried it but claim to know all about it.
Of course people abuse the system, still that doesn't mean just scrapping it altogether. States with legal or recreational mj have proven many times over that kids drink less alcohol and adults take less opiate pain meds when legal pot is available.
I hope we can agree that those are good things.


Thank you for your detailed reply. Canada hasn't legalized marijuana yet, but given this government's performance on assisted suicide, I fear they will do it in the stupidest way possible. Like you guys got.


I used to do accounting for a Seattle dispensary, so saw it all up close. I think if more people understood those nuances, it wouldn't have passed. The whole OMG it's gonna be legal noise from both sides drowned out any meaningful conversation about the system in place that had been working well for growers, patients and the state in terms of taxes.

One of that dispensary's growers couldn't get a recreational license ... Now he just drives 4 hours to Portland and sells it there. Brilliant.


If pot prohibitionists knew the evil motives behind pot laws from their inception, would they change their minds?


What a clueless post.


Most of all this will interfere with their zest for locking up POC for use of illegal drugs.


Possible risks of all NSAIDs include, among others: Stomach problems like bleeding, ulcer and stomach upset. High blood pressure. Fluid retention (causing swelling, such as around the lower legs, feet, ankles and hands) Kidney problems. Heart problems. Rashes.



Do you live in a state with medical cannabis?
Work for pHarma and the booze industries?
There is plenty of verifiable science to support the medical benefits of cannabis (yes, google is your friend...) however, it seems that you are choosing to be rather dense and smart-arse-y about this topic.


Grow your own. Path to better health. You know there are no harmful pesticides etc.


"Bad for character?"
I would say people like Carl Sagan, Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, Louis Armstrong, Marx Brothers, are all of good 'character'.

"not that effective for ailments"

I have no idea from where this idea comes. Probably from the propaganda we all grew up with in the USA. I used to believe some of it, until I became a patient. Then you realize it is true, the emperor (the state) wears no clothes.
Right now I am looking at Dr. Tod Mikuriya's list of medical conditions (with ICD-Numbers) which were successfully treated by cannabis in 43,000 cases (originally pub. in 2005). The list begins with Genital Herpes 054.10 and ends with Renal Transplant 996.81.
(CBD, one of app. 108 cannabinoids in cannabis, is an allograft stimulant (minimizes organ rejection).

A good first book for a range of topics cultural, medical, historical, political etc. is The Pot Book by Julie Holland, MD. The classic bible is Marijuana Reconsidered, by Dr. Alan Grinspoon, a dear friend to Carl Sagan.

Finally. Have you ever had a runner's high? It usually comes after about 50-60 minutes of running. Your endorphin (means "inner morphine") release to subdue pain, it brings a second wind, and it is psychoactive, as you feel you could finish a marathon.

The endo(cannabinoid) system is in every living thing but insects. It helps keep your body in a state of homeostasis. And without it, birth would be impossible. It was named after cannabis, as endocannabinoid means is our "inner cannabinoid", in the same way endorphin are our inner morphine. It was discovered in the 90's, and kept to high levels of scientists for about a decade before the general public was told about it.


I can help explain in relation to Colorado. I was a volunteer for Amendment 64, and worked in the industry for over a year. I know a number of dispensary owners and growers, and have met thousands of patients (over 6 years)

On the macro level, it is totally separate regulatory system. Medical cannabis was passed in 2000 as Amendment 20. Rec brings in lots of money, as it is taxed at a much higher rate. Often, dispensaries cover the tax for medical cannabis patients, because it is so low.

On the micro level, what happened in year 1 (2014) to some dispensaries is that as the recreational eclipsed the medical in sales, and priorities went to the recreational side. (A dispensary can be: recreational, medical, or combined with both--like 2 shops in one space.)

For example, some dispensaries began putting the best bud to the rec side, and the leftovers to the medical, which is truly despicable. Also, laws changed favoring the vertical business model, making it harder on the mom/pop and small growers. This is very bad, I think, as it just encourages the Costcos of cannabis.

But these are growing pains. Nothing is perfect. (All drugs should be legalized, and between a doctor and patient). As it is, the State is standing between your doctor and you.

And your doctor, more than likely, is uneducated on cannabis (my cannabis doc studied it for 2 years before treating patients--an internal med. MD) and will not stand up for you, as they are totally chickenshit, for the most part--of DEA/FEDS, who are nothing but domestic terrorists. (yes, they do meet the FBI definition precisely)


Not what we grow ourselves.