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Polling Shows Sanders Extending Lead Among Hispanics Ahead of Nevada Caucuses

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/14/polling-shows-sanders-extending-lead-among-hispanics-ahead-nevada-caucuses

There may be a yuuge problem if unions or union employees are still confused between healthcare, company healthcare, M4ALL, and NO HEALTHCARE INSURANCE companies.
If people are not properly informed at this point Bernie better do a better job of enlightening them.

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All people love Bernie Sanders. I just hope I look that good when I’m 78.

All everyone must do is ask yourself, “Do I want insurance, or do I want Healthcare?”

It’s that simple.

If you answer, “Insurance,” your brain has been compromised.


The bigger problem seems to be union leadership. While the rank and file are behind M4A, the corrupt leadership of unions like the Culinary Workers Union, UAW, UMW and AFL-CIO are more interested in keeping their access to power and jobs than the jobs of the people they are supposed to represent.

Someone needs to slap an ankle monitor on Harry Reid and keep an eye on him. He still swing a lot of elbows in Nevada politics and will be doing all he can to block Bernard from getting the nomination.

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Bernie’s best move of the week: Calling James Carville a “political hack” on CNN.


I had to look up the state motto of Nevada.:
It is, " ALL FOR OUR COUNTRY," well that fits well with Bernie’s ideas for equality and liberty for all, and plus a functioning government. Ah, perfect for the Bernie ideals, and it fits so well with the Constitution. Yes, Bernie’s the one for Nevada! : )

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So, what’s with Sanders’ responses to a recent foreign policy survey published by the New York Times? Is it true, or is this a hit job; and, if true, WTF? Is he kowtowing already to the MIC? I know people have reported that he is not truly anti-war, but I was hoping he understood that a good percentage of the American public is tired of war. This is where I really wish Tulsi Gabbard.was on the debate stage, reminding all candidates that being anti-war is acceptable.

Sanders tells New York Times he would consider a preemptive strike against Iran or North Korea

The answers provided by Sanders’ campaign to a foreign policy survey of the Democratic presidential candidates published this month by the Times provides a very different picture of the attitude of the self-styled “democratic socialist” to American imperialism and war. In the course of the survey, the Sanders campaign is at pains to reassure the military/intelligence establishment and the financial elite of the senator’s loyalty to US imperialism and his readiness to deploy its military machine.

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The culinary union members publicly announced their intention to vote for Sanders yesterday while also making the point that they disagreed with their leadership and also overwhelmingly support M4All. The leadership had only just announced that they weren’t going to endorse anyone. My guess is the members were in full revolt. The membership was treated with disrespect. Leadership and the DNC were treating them as if they were stupid. The members will remember this when these people come up for re-election. Their days are numbered.



Same thing happened in 2016. Union “Leaderships” supported Clinton (back room deals) and the Rank-and-file supported Bernie (for the most part)

Then there is this:

AIPAC Is Helping Fund Anti-Bernie Sanders Super PAC Ads in Nevada

DMFI (Democratic Majority for Israel) spent $800,000 on the Iowa ads, while the spending on the Nevada ads remains private. AIPAC is helping bankroll the anti-Sanders project by allowing donations to DMFI to count as contributions to AIPAC,

I was thinking that the money that Bernie plans to spend for the US people will detract from the military budget. He has recently said he didn’t vote for Iraq. Otherwise, yeah, he bites his tongue.
There are so many issues with to tackle right now, but antiwar simply cannot be pushed aside.

Amen, Helen.

But, as we all should know, the military budget used to not be anywhere near as large a percentage of the U.S. budget. In the name of “paying for” increases to the military budget, monies are continually cut from other areas of the U.S. budget. This needs to cease, and be reversed, but who will initiate this reversal?

And the only candidate who will talk about it can’t get her name on a headline anymore.

Yes. I truly hope that changes, somehow, even if it’s a few years down the road. I’d like to see what she can accomplish.

Hi stardustBID, Those motto’s don’t always reflect reality. Wisconsin’s is “Forward.”
Ever since the republicans gerrymandered in ten years ago, we can’t rid ourselves of the republican senate and assembly even though they are outvoted. We squeaked by with a close vote for governor Evers (D), but he is almost a lame duck governor instead of the progressive he really is.

Hi Gandolf:
Wow, “Forward,” fit the land of La Follette. Have that many in the state forgotten their own history? sigh—maybe they will be voting for "backward " soon. : (

And Pelosi – believe it or not – says “I haven’t given up on Biden yet!”

I’m convinced that we need to get Bernie Sanders into the White House ASAP.

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And get a new leader for the house

Pelosi and Schumer –
not familiar with name beyond Hoyer – but he also has to go – funding
right wing Dems. And, the next one in House leadership begins with a “J” I think.