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Polling Shows Trump's Secret Police in Portland—and GOP Lawmaker Complicity—Could Have 2020 Consequences

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/24/polling-shows-trumps-secret-police-portland-and-gop-lawmaker-complicity-could-have


Let’s hope that the Democrats highlighted in the article don’t end up being Moscow Mitch rubber stamps the way Manchin (D-WV), and Sinema (D-AZ) have been.

Meanwhile, Collins, Tillis and McSally have their eyes on the K Street post retirement gigs with their names on them. Those gigs start at $2 million/year, making the $175K Senate salaries look like chump change. Win-win for them.


Next on FoxNews: Donald Trump has received VERY CREDIBLE evidence that top members of Antifa are planning to bomb polling stations and that only he can save us!



Under the NDAA those arrested can be held indefinitely.

I wonder how the law will be interpreted?

Arrest enough of the people so they can not vote? Most states do not allow persons that are incarcerated to vote.

My understanding is that when Japanese Americans locked up they could not longer vote.


What do you do with 14 million former renters who’ve been evicted by The Lousy Little Mitch & Crews’ failures to grant necessary and lifesaving relief during this pandemic?
These forceable actions of eviction are planned and deliberate, of course. The Republicans are willing to go to the extremes, the very tip of the bending end, to retain supremacy. This could just be their means.White supremacy as the main part of this nasty package of Senate Republican venom, for sure.
" Trouble I can see you ( you can’t fool me or others anymore ) hangin’ out behind that tree " Ry Cooder. I can see trouble hangin’ out, too.
Can you?


Well from my understanding down in the USA is that you have no home address it next to impossible to vote so that is going to be millions more unable to make it to the polls.

Watch them scream voter fraud if some homeless person tries to decide where he legally entitled to vote as he jumps through hoops to try and prove s/he entitled to vote that particular district.

That lot is corrupt and sleazy to the core.

I am not sure how far back you have to go to find a decent Republican Politician. I can not think of many in my lifetime.


Until they legally stopped, and removed from the streets - They. Are. Still. Being. “Allowed”. It’s the allowing that is -allowing- them to ‘win’.


Trump gives lockdown one more shot, Nov. 4th, alllllll day.

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Big deal, that’s what he was hired for. If you were hired to scrub floors, do it or get fired. We will send you a cheese burger.

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I remember the uproar when Obama signed the authorization for Trumps outrageous behavior. The folly of allowing a guy like Trump or Biden to act like fascist despots is part of the reason Democrats have no populist cred.


Trump is pushing a new “law and order” reelection strategy after the corona virus crashed the economy.

The suits that control him are quick on their feet.


Dang though … collins and trump would be perfect for a remake of Wizard of OZ; she the wicked witch of the west and he - I dunno - one of the munchkins - instead of lederhosen a diaper?
Just imagine fleshing out a cast from these characters!

It had better have Consequences or this Experiment is terminated.

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Only in the Blue States / Cities


The one in North Carolina is another corporate dem. Little to no improvement over Tillis. A good progressive was wiped out in the primary.


Well one positive note on the Portland protests, last night a “Wall of Vets” joined to help protect the “Wall of Moms”, I’m hoping this spurs vets across the country, as some of us have discussed here before.


They were holding the US flag upside down, a signal of distress.

Wall of Vets are now in:
DC, LA, Austin, Portland, Vegas, and Seattle


Great! This action by vets needs to be spread widely - I hooked the following onto another threat, but this is much better. Thanks!

The fascist repression by trump goons we are witnessing in Portland may be a turning point; forcing at least some Americans who have stood-by as they did not have the truth to guide them, or resolve enough to join the protests - sometimes one must act - this is that time!.
The linked story of two veterans who saw the truth, who stood-up to the masked attackers and witnessed their mindless premeditated violence attacks on ordinary protesters up close and personal, being viciously attacked with chemicals and batons, can be (and has been) a catalyst for other vets to see and understand what is being done to our nation and society - violent attacks on the Constitution for political gain must not be tolerated!

Those masked goons do not "understand what an illegal order is - military officers are required by law to disobey illegal or unconstitutional orders."
“Assaulting an unarmed protester who is exercising their first amendment rights is illegal, that’s an illegal order”




Saw a vid (don’t remember the platform) about a month ago (after the Trump photo op with the bible in DC) of a interview with Danny Sorjensen, his stories run here at CD occasionally, where he talked about how many active military members have contacted him to request information on how to refuse “illegal orders” without getting themselves in legal trouble. Despite what most here think, many in the military are not hip to being deployed against their fellow citizens, not even in a peaceful way.


I know exactly what you’re saying. I was one of those reluctant soldiers that nearly was deployed to quell Vietnam war protesting.


You are suppose to STFU and vote for the lesser of two evils. What is wrong with you?

It is frustrating that the country has only two political parties, both in thrall to VIP donors and the 1%.
Biden is another lesser of two evils candidate whose rallying cry seems to be, I’m not Trump. However maybe that is enough because another 4 years of madman Trump could doom us all.

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