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Polling Shows Two-Thirds of Americans Back Funding for Postal Service in Next Coronavirus Relief Package

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/30/polling-shows-two-thirds-americans-back-funding-postal-service-next-coronavirus

We need to get a better reading on where the Republican caucus is on this since rural Republicans have beaten back this madness before. But who knows in this age of Trumpian insanity.

Don’t most Congressional Republicans represent “rural” districts ?

As any of the 1 percent would admit if challenged, the USA is not and has never been a Democracy. The framers of the Constitution did not want a Democracy. They wanted a Republic where the focus was on enshrining property rights into the Constitution.

They felt property rights the most important thing because they owned all of the property and wanted to make sure the majority would never change that.

If the one percent feel the Post Office should be privatised and transformed into “private property” then they feel it their right to make it so no matter what the majority thinks. After a handful of them will end up owning the thing as opposed to it being owned “in Common”

In this way rather than being of benefit to the many it ensures profits to the few.

Support the people of the Post Office----they support themselves with stamps and deliveries! The media needs to blame and ask GW Bush WHY he made the post office prepay 75 years od health care and retirement? Perhaps Bush who caused the problem should repair it himself!
The UNITED STATES POST OFFICE----the only part of America that has worked continuously and well from its very beginning and continues to work for the PEOPE, all of the People of America. The Post Office the one area that works for all , and as —a true representative of what a democratic republic should be!