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Polls Showed Sanders Had a Better Shot of Beating Trump–but Pundits Told You to Ignore Them


Polls Showed Sanders Had a Better Shot of Beating Trump–but Pundits Told You to Ignore Them

Adam Johnson

There was a debate last spring, when the Sanders/Clinton race was at its most heated, as to whether Bernie Sanders’ consistently out-polling Hillary Clinton was to be taken as a serious consideration in favor of his nomination.


Good article. Even more annoying is that the same Clinton supporters are still on cable TV with total expressions of bewilderment -- "We just don't know what happened !!! Didn't see that coming !!!" Yeah, right. Anyone who spent five minutes on the CommonDreams website saw it coming like a freight train ...


On top of that, the lame excuses coming now about how Comeys Announcement was what sunk them, pitiful. Anybody that was going to be swayed by the email "scandal" was already swayed, or in most cases simply was used as a "reason" by people that never were going to vote Clinton. That the Comey statement was bereft of anything damning at all at that point, was obvious to anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together. It was a statement without any information, that said there might (or not) be more emails from Clinton or to her, but at that point they hadn't even seen them.

That didn't turn the election, and it is disgraceful to ignore the real reasons, that what she was selling was not the change that so many demanded, it was more of the same.


Time to move and face reality:
1. Hillary lost the election- do not blame that outcome on the Green Party. If you need to blame someone, blame the ones who did not vote.
2. Donald Trump won....according to our current Electoral system. If you do not like the current system, consider changing it to one based on a popular vote, or ranked-file system.
3. If you have anger against the outcome, consider re-directing that energy to the current US Government, for much will not change except the faces that you see or don't see.


Hmmm. Not many people replying. Egg on your face? We who supported Progressive
Bernie Sanders knew what was happening .. no excuses to You, the loyal Clintonites
who were willing to do her bidding be it illegal or not. You who were willing in the media
to completely ignore Bernie when he was running away with every race over Hillary
during the primaries. You who were willing to "fix" the polls so that it showed Clinton
winning when in fact she was losing by at least l0 percentage points to Bernie. All
of you know who you are.

Don't blame it on Comey... blame it on yourself. You who were so uninformed and did
not know that ballots in California were sitting on the floors of voting precincts uncounted
and you did nothing about it for two weeks!!

You who blamed Bernie for quitting when in fact he was beaten up and obviously
thought more of his family's lives than winning the election.

YOU are the ones to blame .... while we fought at the Philadelphia Democratic Convention
and were treated like first graders by the Clinton Democratic Party. We were mentally
abused .. we were put behind cyclone fences if we were there to protest.

YOU who took $50 a night to sit in the seats of the delegates who could not stand it any
more and left.

YOU, HILLARY CLINTON, how can you possibly sleep with your conscience?

Bernie Sanders, who could have been your President holds no grudges. He is now
supporting those of you who feel lost and you don't even realize it. He just supported
AND got our organization, "Our Revolution" to powerfully send the signal to Wash., DC
VIA OUR PETITION of over 250,000 sign-ins, and the incoming Senator 'Chuck"
Shumer, Democrat of NY is on board with Bernie, with Bernie'S Revolution, and the
Senator is supporting the best person for the job, a Progressive, that will shake up
the Democratic Party the way they should have been shaken up on Nov. 8th.

NO, Bernie didn't quit on you, YOU QUIT ON HIM, and I don't want to hear that any
more. He is still working for you and welcomes you into his Revolution .. unless you
have somewhere else to go? I doubt it. Where were you when Bernie actually won
the Primary ... not anywhere that I could see. AND NOW YOU COMPLAIN?

Wake up, and join the Revolution .. we've got a lot of work to do. Pence is now in
charge of choosing Trump's cabinet because, in my opinion, Trump doesn't know
how to pick people that we truly need to help us at this time in history. Pence is
no better. But we will get through this, because we have Bernie on our side ..


Getting rid of Bernie meant getting rid of any discussion of ISSUES.

Her insistence on being the Nominee DIRECTLY caused the Democratic losses in the House and Senate, not to mention what the Momentum caused by a Full Blown Bernie campaign as Standard Bearer would have inspired Nationwide.

Face it, it would have been everything we ever hoped for, just like we all felt it would.

And that is why the Same Entities that killed JFK, and wrested Our Democracy from us, killed our chance at Rectitude in the 2016 Election.


SUPPORTERS. He was beaten up, in a Philly hotel room; his
family 'allegedly" was threatened.
Think of someone that you love dearly, and you are told that if
you continue in an electoral race, where you are clearly the
leader and winning, that if you continue the one you love will
possibly be permanently incapacitated. Would you continue
running in the race?
Clinton has a long unexplained list of people that had accidents
supposedly. Mr. Ashe, for instance. from the UN , who stood
his ground and was to testify against Hillary, was found dead,
the day before his testimony in court. Bernie sued Clinton
for voter fraud and the person delivering the paperwork was
found dead, accident? I don't think so. That's how the Clintons
work; either you are in an 'accident' or your relatives are.
YOU were uninformed and will never admit it, but I won't let you say
he is a sap. It is you that are uninformed, and it is obvious to
all intelligent people reading your post. You would have wanted
Bernie to jeopardize lives of his family for the presidency. He
chose the lives of his family, and whether you like it or not, he
is still helping us all and even welcoming you .. and that takes
a big man.


I agree with some of the things you say, so I'll give you that, and as you said, "She's a crook and Bill'
a pedophile." You had a third choice at the least which you may not have been aware.
You still had the choice of writing Bernie's name in on a Provisional Ballot which has a great feature
which is that your envelope of provisional ballot is assigned with a number, and you get a receipt
that you take home with you with that number on it. You call in ten days to check on whether it
was counted and the person on telephone has no idea who you voted for until you give the number
and you can ask them about anything you filled in on that ballot, to make sure they are not just
saying "yes" to your question about being counted ie., what do you see as my address, and lots
of people don't know this.


Your lineup of credible dems is skewed. FDR was a great Dem., LBJ was not considered
a great dem. altho he ran on the ticket that was it.
LBJ it has been proven without a reasonable doubt, was the person who compiled the CIA,
FBI, and Herbert Walker Bush to orchestrate the killing of one of the greatest democrats of
all JFK. Therefore, the Dem. Party was known in kind, as the party of FDR and JFK.
Now, you obviously don't know anything about James Earle Carter, who was a true
Democrat. He was a man concerned about the environment and refused to ride in a
limo to conserve gasoline. He was not popular because of it and did take on a lot in
his administration, much too much to fix. But Carter was the man who became very
popular because he started Habitat for Humanity and actually rolled up his sleeves to
work on houses for the poor with his wife. That is a legacy he left to this country.
So your well thought of Democrats were FDR, JFK, and Jimmy Carter, after his
administration, and humanitarian work. I KNOW, because I lived in those days.
Herbert Walker Bush was in CIA and at the cite when JFK was killed, and he
followed the orders of LBJ for the assignation of JFK shot in the head three times
by at least two different people, none of whom were Oswald.


Gee, and all he would have had to do was sacrifice either his own life or one of his loved ones

Just like you would have done, right?


How the hell does a Progressive not defer to Kennedy, the last Citizen who actually acted as a true President, and laud LBJ, one of the conspirators against JFK and us Citizens, who took our Democracy away, in one fell swoop, and has our Nation in the Morass it is in today?

How can anyone who considers themselves Progressive not be aware that, after FDR and JFK, we have had Puppets Only in the Oval Office.


Nice alternative universe you live in. Bernie LOST the primary. Conspiracies aside, Bernie's "Revolution"could not win the primary. That meant he would not be the Democratic nominee. Just that simple. I understand that's hard for you to accept, but it's a fact. I am so sorry that you NeverHillary folks have such a hard time understanding that the DNC had no obligation to turn the party over to a savior who had NEVER BEEN A DEMOCRAT!

Bernie, bless his heart, recognized that after he LOST, the biggest priority was to prevent a fascist demagogue, who is simply the most dangerous threat to ALL OF US that has ever run for POTUS in our lifetimes, from being elected.

Why could you not listen to your champion? Because YOU were too busy promoting and buying the ridiculous false equivalency that HRC was as bad or worse than the racist Misogynist in Chief. Well, YOU are about to reap what YOU have sown.

Unfortunately, most of the people of color, women, immigrants are the ones who will suffer (actually we will ALL suffer), thanks to YOU. DONALD TRUMP IS YOURS. ENJOY HIM!


Sorry, but bullshit hypotheticals are just bullshit hypotheticals. A Bernie backed initiative to regulate drug prices lost big here in California, not even close. Television was basically blanketed with commercials telling us it would raise taxes, effect veterans healthcare, and cause a bunch of other bad stuff in healthcare. Bernie cut commercials for it, but it didn't matter. Colorado Care also lost, which Bernie supported. Moreover, folks he campaigned with lost like Feingold and Teachout.

If he was the nominee, I think the way the right defeated these initiatives would likely have defeated him. We will never know of course, but these are real cases where a progressive option was presented and rejected.


First of all these post mortem what ifs are very hypothetical. Presuming many things which would have played in reality quite the opposite. Trump even praised Sanders in order to attack Clinton, yet if Sanders were his opponent surely the whole machine of propaganda and lies would hit negative news feed and talking points damaging Sanders.

Secondly, does it mean you are suggesting overturning the democratic process? Clinton won . Would you want to take away from voters their rights?


Please remove the aluminum foil hat from your head. OMG, no wonder Trump is president elect!


I don't think those who hold the power in the Democratic Party are ever going to voluntarily give up power and resign. I believe they will ride the party all the way to the ground. I say that all leftists and progressives head for the Green Party to make it into the viable left alternative for 2018 and beyond. I am. "Don't complain, organize!" #NotMyPresident.


I guess the Epstein thing that has besmirched Trump and Clinton is being carefully managed by the media.


Reading history actually shows LBJ to have been every bit as nasty, corrupt, self-serving and power hungry as every other jerk who has occupied the White House. In fact, LBJ was in many ways worse than many of the others.



Bernie sued Hillary in three different law suits for VOTER FRAUD.
The machines were fixed to automatically take two out of every three votes that Bernie received and they were
put in Hillary's column. Hillary couldn't fill a telephone booth with voters.

Hillary actually lost NeW York State and California. Provisional Votes were found in their original envelopes
in California voting precincts on the floor, uncounted, thousands of them, and the media was paid not to
report this, originally. At the Convention, which I attended, after the roll call of votes, which was incorrect
as far as voter turnout and delegate counts, as soon as it was over, Bernie being disgusted walked out
and all of his delegates walked out of the convention with him. More than half of the Convention
delegates left, which, tells you, or should tell you with more than half of the delegates leaving obviously
we all knew the count was wrong.

Next Day Hillary put an ad on Craig's list to get actors to fill in the seats so that the cameras for the TV
could pan the floor and see seats filled. It was a disgrace, and over half empty. But of course you
don't believe it because you don't want to believe it.

You can go to http://yournewswire.com/media-cover-up-as-hillary-c;omtpm-investigated-for-election-fraud

Very important to me is the fact that I am presuming you think I voted for Trump or even Hillary. NO.
My policy is that I vote not AGAINST anyone, that is stupid. I vote FOR who I think is best qualified,
and was working for Bernie, still am working for Bernie, and I voted for Bernie, by Provisional Ballot
which entitles you to vote for Bernie as a write-in. Good thing about that is you get a number and
can call and see if your vote is counted by telephoning them. No, it is not foolproof, nothing today is,
but I voted for who I wanted and you are correct, I got what I deserved, BERNIE SANDERS, who
I am still working for and loving it. He's a very nice person and he is still working for the people.
No hard feelings towards you. We will never really know the official count because in at least
eleven states the machines were "fixed" for Hillary to get two out of every three votes cast for
Bernie. I really don't care if you don't believe me, but I have been in politics for over 50 yrs.,
been elected here in Philly, and I do tell the truth. Regards to you.


Concerning President Kennedy, you are ignorant of the facts.