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Pompeo Admits Kushner Peace Plan Likely Unworkable as Trump's Son-in-Law Openly Dehumanizes Palestinian People

this idiot kushner, just expose the plan all along…never negotiate fairly if your in a position of power. Take, steal, rob, kill as many palestinians as possible while there is a window of power over Palestine.

This is the same plan the germans took , when in power exterminate as quick as possible…


Did anyone notice how Jared complained how busy he was: “I’m running two business…”. So I am paying his salary as a White House Special Advisor and he is running two businesses at the same time, on my dime???” He just blurted this out like it was normal behavior!


When the Israelis murdered Rachel Corrie by running a bulldozer over her while she was non violently defending the home of a Palestinian pharmacist, that’s when I became hyper critical of Israelis, neo-conservatives and most American Jews who support Israel and who buried the story in the press. If any event made me anti-Semitic, it was the murder of Rachel Corrie and the subsequent media silence and downplaying that did it.
If the Jews are allowed to hate Arabs because they kill Israelis to defend the homes then…

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The 64 thousand dollar question. I have read somewhere that 98% of world Jewry supports Israel. So it is difficult to separate one’s antipathy, and thereby run the risk of being anti-Semitic.
I have also read that Jared Kushner treats his poor slumlorded tenants “like Palestinians in their own land” and based upon what is reported about wealth inequality, the demographics of the One Percent, and the fact the most valuable commercial real estate in the United States is more often than not, held in Jewish hands, and the largest Real Estate Investment Trusts including residential units too, I wonder what the future holds for poor American gentiles.

Kushner is a fucking joke, and racist to boot. Hope he follows in his good ole dad’s footsteps and ends up in jail too. He would be a real suck-cess in prison, wink, wink.

The hard-right racist majority of Israelis view Palestinians with absolute hate. Undoubtedly more than a few of them would express a desire for a “final solution to the Arab Question” if you were to put a couple drinks in them - or perhaps even without them. So, in light of that, Kushner’s statement, as vile and racist as it was - is actually a very “liberal” even hard-left, by Israeli standards.

Even Netanyahu’s Likud was unable to form a viable government coalition with the next most popular party because he is too “liberal”.

That is the profoundly depressing situation in Israel right now.

Supporting the existence of Israel, and supporting its policies and its current descent into fascist madness, are two entirely different things. Even in, say, 1943, lots of people supported Germany - just not its government.

The real facts are that far greater percentage of US Jews are active in their support for Palestinian freedom than are white “Christians”. Practically every prominent non-Arab organizer for justice in Palestine is a Jew - Abby here on CD for example.

And take your “world Jewery” canard and shove it up your anti-Semitic ass. We have enough anti-Semitism on the neofascist right without having to deal with it on the left.

Of course the Arab Palestinians can’t be expected to give up their national aspirations any more than Jewish Palestinians (aka Israelis) will do so. Both will have to accept the other if they are to improve their lives, but so far, neither really is willing to do so. Sad!

Actually not. You are engaging in a very vile form of false equivalence.

Palestinians are fully willing, and do, accept the existence of Israel at the 1967 borders. It is Israel that is not accepting these borders and is robbing their land and bulldozing their homes farms and shops.

Israel has bulldosed many thousands of Palestinian homes and forcibly displaced more than a million Palestinians.

Palestinians have not displaced a single Israeli or bulldozed a single Israeli home .

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So a great many Jews are active in their support for Palestinian rights? They don’t seem to be accomplishing much other than providing an excuse to berate “anti-Semites”. Since all those progressive Jews started advocating for Palestine (let’s say the word, Palestine) 23K Palestinians have been shot by Israel in just the past year and Bibi is about to steal the West Bank in perpetuity, meaning Palestine will literally CEASE to exist.
So much for all the good intentions of all those “many” Jews advocating for Palestinian rights. Either they are entirely ineffectual or double agents. Talk is cheap. When I see activist Jews blow up some Jewish business inprotest, as Lavon tried to do to the USA , as the Hagganah (sp?) did to the British Mandate officers at the King David Hotel, or as the IDF did to the USS Liberty, then I’ll believe the Jews are trying. Until then, talk is cheap. And Palestne dies. And so do good people like Rachel Corrie who died twice, once under the treads of an IDF tractor then again while her parents were run through a kangaroo court.

Clueless corrupt and racist

DONALD JUDAS TRUMP did. Daddy’s favorite daughter will never be fired, but Meathead can go.