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Pompeo, in Finland, Calls China Claims to Arctic 'Lawlessness'

Pompeo, in Finland, Calls China Claims to Arctic 'Lawlessness'

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

America is once again taking aim at China—this time in the Arctic.

That's according to remarks delivered by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Finland Monday. Pompeo, leading a State Department delegation in the Scandinavian country for meetings with the Arctic Council, said in a speech that the North Pole region must be protected from "lawlessness."

The council comprises the U.S., Russia, Finland, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. China has had an observer status since 2013.

Pompeous sez:
"“Do we want the Arctic Ocean to transform into a new South China Sea, fraught with militarization …?”

… then sez:
“… we are hosting military exercises, strengthening our force presence, rebuilding our icebreaker fleet, expanding Coast Guard funding, and creating a new senior military post for Arctic Affairs.”

So I guess that would be a “yes”?


Read stuff coming from the Pentagon and those right wing “Think Tanks” in the USA and the only solution to the worlds ills is more Military spending.

The Red Menace and the Yellow Peril are resurgent! Russia is DARING to build Military bases on its own territory in the Arctic even as China protests the US Navy patrolling the South China Sea! How dare they!

Russia moving its troops around within Russia is a “provocation to war” even as the USA sends troops to Norway and Naval vessels into the Black Sea. China is seeking to assert dominion over the world by building infrastructure for the Great Silk Road Project even as the USA invokes “The Monroe Doctrine”.

The US is ever and always the victim here ,wanting a peaceful world of Freedom and Liberty that safe for Democracy and only reacts to these provocations reluctantly!

I also have this bridge to see you.


can you stand the arrogance of this creep? nothing but the pot calling the kettle black. ugh.

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Dear Mr. Pompeo; Why don’t you bomb Jerusalem and when that falls, I have read that Jesus is to return. Wouldn’t doing that be more efficient, as 3 religions all claim that area. If Jesus does not return, then maybe chanting “Do unto others,” over and over would bring a feeling of Peace to all of the religions , so that no one would want to war again. Maybe you think this is a stupid idea, but that’s exactly what I think of your ideas.


Good to see Pompeo and the U.S. standing firm against lawlessness as the sun orbits around a flat earth.


Incidentally, both of those “theories” have been gaining significant traction in America recently.