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Pompeo Panel Pushes 'Radical, Isolationist, Anti-Rights, Anti-Scientific, Religious Agenda' With Human Rights Report

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/17/pompeo-panel-pushes-radical-isolationist-anti-rights-anti-scientific-religious

For what they have done, and continue to do, persons as this do not belong in the U.S.A.


These fuckers do not belong on earth. They want their religious end times so they can be raptured to their happy place in heaven. What boggles my mind is that they actually believe God would welcome them after they sow such much hatred and destruction and suffering to others. Insanity does not even begin to describe these evil monsters.


Pompeo = Pompous Ass


Five words for Pompeo: Universal Declaration of Human Rights. He should look them up.

Just look at this gangster. If anyone belongs in prison its him. When we create an American Government,. we need to eliminate the power of appointment. That is just way too much power for one person.


He and the executive administration are hateful human beings. Everyday I’m convinced our country cannot wait for November. They will blow this country wide open. News reports from cities nation wide paint a picture of police gone wild and governors lobotomized. Democratic leadership is out to lunch. There HAS to be something that can be done to stop this insanity.


Control of thought is the goal of all Theocratic Organisations ,sowing fear and doubt In your good self… But their bubble is burst when we understand that we are all One .

There are two kinds of Events in our experience on this planet. There are Exterior Events, which are Physical, and there Interior Events, which are Metaphysical. Put simply, there is what is happening, and there is what we think about what is happening. Most people don’t contextualize their movement through the moments of their life in this way. Yet this is precisely the way we are getting through our days.
First, something happens. Either we do something, or something is done to or around us. Second, we have a thought about what is happening. Our thought follows the occurrence so quickly that we often meld the two into one. We imagine that the Exterior Event and the Interior Event are the Same Event. They are not. And this is one of the greatest secrets ever withheld from humankind.

We are not told this in school. We are not informed of this by our society. We are not brought in on this secret by our common culture. No one wants us to know this. Why? Because if we know this, we suddenly have complete control over our Reality. And that is the last thing that our society wants us to have. How can a society as a group be controlled if every member of that society has complete individual control over his or her own Reality?
The aim of every totalitarian society, then, is to get you to stop thinking for yourself by doing your thinking for you, and to convince you to adopt its thinking rather than embracing your own.

The First Freedom is not “freedom of speech.” The First Freedom is Freedom of Thought. Always remember that. And this is the one Freedom that no one can ever take away from you. That is what makes you a Divine Being. That is what makes you the Sovereign in your own Kingdom. That is what makes you “God.” For you do, indeed, have the power to “create your own reality,” interiorly, of any Exterior Event. You can think anything you want to think about what is going on around you; about what has happened in your life; even about a future that you imagine might occur. Your Thoughts are your powerful tools, and no one can stop you from using them.

Nelson Mandela proved that during 26 years of incarceration by the rogue minority white regime that had for so long controlled South Africa. St. Joan (also known as Joan of Arc) proved that during the French persecutions. And Jesus proved that during the entire second half of his life. Others have proved it as well. Winston Churchill proved it when the Exterior Events produced by Hitler’s Nazi air force would have had him believe that England was doomed. Jonas Salk proved it when medical science would have had him believe that there was just no cure for polio.

Martin Luther King Jr., Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, and Harvey Milk proved it when American society said that blacks, women, and gays were not equal to white male heterosexuals, and should therefore not be given equal opportunity, equal pay, or equal rights. And you prove it every time you decide that Conventional Wisdom about anything just may be wrong—or at the very least, incomplete—and that you and you alone get to decide what is Real and True for you.


Let’s rapture them to COVID-19 island.

More ass than pomp.


Jean-Paul Sartre. “Being and Nothingness”. You mean something like this? Solipism.

Its par for the RepubliCon trump-regime course they would want people to buy their pseudo-religious psychobabble shite that "property rights and religious liberty as “foremost among the unalienable rights” - their extremist religion is laid bare for all. they know religion and its meaning as much as the freakin cat!

This regime of hate, greed, and “religious” extremism has adopted treasonous positions and policies on most everything their shallow evil little minds can concoct - there must be a serious reckoning for these scum when they are removed from power to stand in the dock for their betrayal of society, nation and planet!
The actions of low-life scum like pompeo, trying to force all others to adopt, stand-for, or even respect their twisted views, should be anathema to every thinking person.


Does pompous man practice that face in the mirror?
Toast and eggs every morning with that face across the table. How sad.

“The love of money is the root of all evil.” - some commie bastard

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just as there is “white privilege” and “male entitlement” there is also a sense of "religious entitlement that major religions can impose their rules on all, are entitled to ignore laws against discrimination, especially against women and gays, that they are entitled to cover up clergy sex offenses, they are entitled to put up sectarian monuments on public property, entitled to say sectarian prayers in public gatherings, entitled to tax subsidies, exemption from financial reporting and and scrutiny…

The secretary of state a full blown racist, imagine that.

Pompeo shames this Country almost as much as Trump.

This is Mike Pompeo’s proudest admission.