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Pompeo, Religion, and Regime Change in Iran


Pompeo, Religion, and Regime Change in Iran

Esfandyar Batmanghelidj

In his brief stint as CIA director, Mike Pompeo brought God to Langley. At least that’s how it felt it to many in the intelligence community.


My rebuttal: replace Islam in the quote above, with right wing nut, evangelicalism. And In my view, that is the biggest threat to America!


Thanks for high lighting the sickness which is Pompeo.


They seem to have forgotten what happened in 1953.
That is when the CIA and MI6 overthrew the Iranian president, Mohammed Mossadegh (sp)
And look what it got us.


This Pompous Ass is going to get us kilt.


Just as in Nicaragua, Venezuela and (______) insert your favorite overthrown gov’t here, these gov’t sponsored and funded NGOs, need to go away. Far, far away. Let them find their own $$$, not use our taxes and gov’t institutions.
Pompeo can go with them and pray it all works out, or not. Iran is being pushed, and pushing back hard, and Pompeo needs to back off Bolton, Bennie The Net and Mbs. They’re not being at all helpful, here


no iranian has ever lied to my face.
pompeo has, repeatedly.
fuck him…and fuck bolton, too.
assholes first class.


Imagine Pompeo’s horror if the Islamic Republic is replaced by an Iranian democratic socialist government offering universal health care and free education to all its people. If there’s anything worse than Islam, it’s…


From the article: “…the administration “increased its use of social media targeting Iranians…”

It’s interesting that Washington is screaming about Russian interference in our politics through social media, but they have no problem in doing the same in Iran.


Well you know how the saying goes, if at first you don’t succeed, spend trillions of the taxpayer’s dollars failing again.


"The idea that he should not practice his faith because he is Director of CIA is absurd.”

Nobody said he couldn’t practice his faith. But evangelizing to others in a public office is different. He should have been called out at the time on that.

And if EVER there were a time when We The People needed to be in the streets, it is to nip this war-mongering in the bud. Minimizing it, lumping it into all the other sins of this administration, is a huge and unforgivable mistake. They have been leading up to this foreign affairs climax for years now. Notice how important Afghanistan was until the possibility of war with Iran became more doable? Now they’ve decided to dialogue directly with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

They’ve done the damage and made the profits . . . time to move on to more promising fields of endeavor. These are devils in disguise . . . a poor disguise at best.


Also, the rapture is not in the Bible. It is not an actual part of Christianity but something made up by a wing-nut in the 19th century. Revelations? Its coded messages about Rome. You know what? Lets really go back to old writings to create the religion that the whole world should follow. How about the Sumerians? Enki’s contribution to the development of humanity (Why is the second chromosome fused anyway?) could be far more significant than any of this other stuff. And are the Annunaki still among us? Hmmm.


I only wish all that would happen is being kilted, at least my Scottish ancestors were be proud.


To be fair, only the US is allowed to do such things, after all it’s our empire as the only superpower left. After all the money we spent on our efforts and how we have denied it to our own people, we desire to reign supreme over all others.
We can’t let some 2nd rate power usurp our god given destiny, now can we? Why god might smote us for not following his command to rule over all others.