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Pompeo’s New "Human Rights" Commission is Up To No Good

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/14/pompeos-new-human-rights-commission-no-good

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Hey Pompous, your proposal rings of “Oxymoronic Bull.” “Irony,” and more of the “Bizarro World” cabinet and other office holders wet dreams. Perhaps a good knock up side the head would help you out. I volunteer to help.

The pompous one has no administrative democratic governance capabilities. Responsibility? That is apparently for his underlings (hint hint to the armies about justice). He sticks his nose in the air smugly strutting his emperor’s nakedness unaware that he is leaving a fecal trail that stinks to high heaven - one the evangelical right has yet to seek high enough to even question. That not being done delivers us… tadaaaa… the pompous oneś minions who are directed to not think, feel or do anything aside from fist pumping the grunt storm of the knuckle-dragger in chief. 'Race to the bottom" looks like up from here.

The Intercept: Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost Was a Member of Secret Facebook Group

“(…) ProPublica was first to report the existence of the secret Border Patrol group on July 1, revealing that members used the page to joke about migrant deaths and share sexually violent and threatening posts about several Democratic lawmakers, including, in particular, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, D-N.Y. Politico followed up by reporting that senior officials in the Border Patrol, as well as CBP public affairs officials, had known about the group for years and used it as an “intelligence” stream to monitor the sentiment of the workforce. The Intercept then reported that the public revelations sparked an internal purging of the Facebook group’s content, but not before we archived hundreds of posts shared over multiple weeks.”

Requiem for the American Dream

Chomsky simply reminds us of how serious we must be to in order to go all the way to success no matter what size the revolution is.Sure there were other groups that were making noise, but it was the sin against the middle class and lower middle class white males that became too much. Drag young men off to war to die for nothing. When the truth became clear there was no stopping the revolt.
The question I suppose is, how much truth do we need before we revolt against trumpism and it’s aftermath?