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Pompeo Says US Prepared to Take Military Action in Venezuela "If That's What's Required"

Pompeo Says US Prepared to Take Military Action in Venezuela "If That's What's Required"

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Going a step beyond the "all options are on the table" platitudes consistently parroted by Trump administration officials, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday the U.S. is prepared to take military action in Venezuela "if that's what's required."

"The president has been crystal clear and incredibly consistent—military action is possible," Pompeo said in an interview on Fox Business.


This is what happens when a president illegally invades another country and nothing is done about it. Repeat it has been normalized.


Pompeo can go to hell. We don’t belong there and need to stop making the situation worse as usual. Let them deal with their own problems. We sure have more than we can deal with here at home!


And that is nothing new like your moniker, nineteen50, this really started in 1950 in Korea, in what was called a" police action".


Our Founders failed to give us the ability to remove criminals from
office in real time.

And that’s what needs to happen here and right now.

And the BS of “Regime Change” has to be overturned – Congress must
begin to take some responsibility for the attacks on Venezuela and our
“illegal wars of aggression.”


Its just business…

…and now we destroy South America (again) like we did in the 50s/60s and have been doing to mid east.

more endless war for the benefit MIC and Oil Corporations. And the Democratic “leadership” are fully on board. I will not support this turd under any circumstance


What in hell gives Trump, Pompeo, and Bolton that political power to put our troops in harms way? American people, you live in a fascist, military, dictatorship! How long before you wake up!


Hell NO!


I will stand in solidarity with the rights of Venezuela to be free from foreign US murderous meddling!


"The president has been crystal clear and incredibly consistent—military action is possible,”

Yes, but why do you think it will only be directed against the legitimately elected government of Venezuela, or confined to their country? Why do you think Miami, Chicago, L.A. or Atlanta will not be targeted? War, once started, generates its own opposition and is never easily controlled (just look at Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria), and the life the monster takes on for itself becomes unpredictable. But I’m sure Pompeo and Bolton are more than willing to accept the death and destruction of their own citizens as a small price to advance the Corporate Empire’s quest for global domination.


They would have LESS problems if it weren’t for the terrorist organization known as the U.S. government.


I saw Pompeo on the tube today saying that any activities we do with respect to Venezuela’s government are justified because of that countries fraudulently elected President. This seems like a rational statement but if Pompeo were actually rational and at all perceptive he would apply this very same justification for any action toward his boss, our fraudulently elected president, Donald J. Trump.


So Fox “News” plays bad cop and let’s the administration play good cop to dupe the masses? Am I expected to be puzzled?


Nothing like another war to distract from the existential and financial crisis facing the masses of people: Ecological collapse, nuclear war and increasing inequality and poverty.


Thanks for the link, Giovanna-Lepore.

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Moon of Alabama thinks Guiado, Bolton and the rest were punked. Interesting take:



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Here’s what I’ve heard and read:

There’s an airport in the center of Caracas. That would be the place to launch an invasion. There was an extraordinary amount of gunfire at the base all yesterday.

Maduro was thinking of fleeing but the Russians advised him not to. Best guess, the coup was going to be 99% PR and 1% of the country’s soldiers turning traitor and supporting a military puppet dictatorship for Mr. Trump’s benefit. Judging by the firefight, “Bay of Pigs II” may be a good name for the coup. Mr. Gaudio may need quick extraction from this mess, or maybe that option is too late.

So, Mr. Pompeo, it looks like a prolonged, vastly expensive, dirty little war (or just staying home) are your only two remaining options. “If that’s what’s required”, huh?


How many military failures or regime changes does Pompeo, Pence, Bolton, Cruz and Abrams, need before he and his bible toting team of 19th Century colonialist realize that they’ve lost again and again. Due to their complete incompetence, unimaginable stupidity and brain beating hubris they should be spending their last days behind bars and delegated back to the reeking depths of the swamp from which they emerged and after a very long time of isolation transform into coprolite.


That is what I’ve been hearing too. That the supposed coup yesterday was just a bluff by Guaido and his U.S. backers to get Maduro to flee in fear. Unfortunately I fear this threat by Pompeo is not a bluff.

Isn’t MSNBC playing good cop here. Letting Pompeo and the others on this doomed mission define the propaganda " messaging "; ya know, amplyfying the drum machines in this 21st Century version of Imperial Muzak. Regime Change is now as normalized as horrid elevator music.