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Pompeo: Springtime for Irano/Islamophobes

Pompeo: Springtime for Irano/Islamophobes

Jim Lobe, Eli Clifton

“Great news for the Republic!” tweeted Sebastian Gorka, on hearing the news that CIA Director Mike Pompeo is replacing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

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Oh yeah.

The Nazis were more honest about what they intended at least. Trump and Co hides behind double talk while making sure the base is fed the hate.
Unfortunately a good portion of our country loves the hate, they have been feeding on it for decades. Blacks, gays, hispanics, liberals, atheists, have all been targets of their hatred since Nixon and now muslims. I am sure I have left some out on their hatred list. But it is all they know, hatred is inbred in them.
On huffington, I read a story about two women taking their children to mosques in order to teach the children about hating muslims. Destroying property and stealing from the mosques. They make sure that generation after generation, the hatred is perpetuated. These kids were 6 & 7 years old, with one older.
But hey, another war would be good for the US, wouldn’t it? Makes money, forget about the dead and injured vets, we can just let them go homeless (the latter). And Iran is a pushover, just 2000 sorties would finish them off. I wonder where I have heard that before, mission accomplished.


Meanwhile May in the UK is ramping up the rhetoric against Russia - all bollocks. You can see where it is going though. A nice “little” war will distract the hapless citizenry and might even get these (Trump and May) shameless morons re-elected.

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The biggest beneficiary of war with Iran will be Putin. Oil prices will skyrocket, Russian exports will too.

If the conflict goes nuclear because of Netanyahu’s or Trump’s itchy trigger finger, all bets are off.

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That’s the one “good” thing I see from Trump’s ascension - he has exposed the hypocrisy of so many of the so-called “Christian” Right in the good ole’ USA for the vile, hate-filled cult that it is. The ugly underside of the American beast has been exposed for all the world to see (even though most of it saw it long ago anyway), without all the shiny BS thin veneer, in all its disgusting, hypocritical noxiousness. I say “good,” because I believe honesty is always the best policy, even if the truth is ugly and hard to look at. I have learned SO much about my neighbors in the last 2 years, since Trump made their hatred “acceptable” to bring out into the open. Even my own parents.

At least we now see the wickedness and the ugliness and the hatred. I prefer those Americans be standing hunched over and snarling in the sunlight where I can see them, than in the shadows or camouflaged under an outer skin of deception.


Do you ever wonder if these oligarchs are all in it together? If all life’s really a stage for them and the rest of us are just rabble?

I think their confederation is pretty loose, but I take for granted that most oligarchs act in concert.

See ALEC for confirmation.