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Pompeo, Trump's New Enforcer, Targets Iran Deal


Pompeo, Trump's New Enforcer, Targets Iran Deal

Juan Cole

Immediately on being narrowly confirmed as Secretary of State by the Senate, former CIA director Mike Pompeo flew off to Brussels.

Pompeo appears to have had three main messages for NATO. The first is that Germany and other members have to pay a bigger share of its costs, a constant refrain of his boss, President Donald Trump.


Conservatives are violence.

Direct Democracy



Will Russia just let that happen? Have Iran destroyed militarily? When they have naval and air bases in the Shia Crescent? Will China not seize the opportunity to meddle?

Will Hezbollah and the PMF decide it’s time to jump in? Will Iraqi Shiite militias just sit on the sidelines?

The US hasn’t been able to defeat the Taliban in 16 years.
They took a decade to subdue Iraq, which is now clearly within Iran’s Shia Crescent sphere of influence.
The US just lost in its effort to unseat Assad and 2,000 of our troops are essentially surrounded there.
And the Saudis can’t seem to defeat the ragtag Houthis even with US help.

I’m just not convinced that attacking Iran is going to be a cakewalk. I’d expect lots of missiles to hit Israel.


Thanks for the link. The first premise:
“Large groups of people are
smarter than an elite few, no matter how brilliant— better at solving problems, fostering innovation, coming to wise decisions, even predicting the future.”

I also like the shape of process defined by the Center for Dynamic Community Governance
They look like complementary pieces of a promising critique and open ended mapping of things already proven to WORK.


Poppy mayo is like an oversized submarine sandwich costume carrying a bludgeon. Every time you look at him, the remedy is to spend ten times as much time engaged with a constructive project in your community. Commit to it, be consistent, learn from and enjoy the challenges. Poppy mayo on the other hand is a reminder of twisted distraction for the benefit of interests certainly not here at home.


If the Israel fear of Iran developing nuclear weapons was existential (as pretended), then Israel, and hence the US, as it’s lapdog, would not be throwing it out in order to eviscerate other less threatening abilities of Iran to thwart Israel’s ambitions. In other words, we’ve been had – again. Scrapping the deal only increases, does not diminish, the possibilities of Iran developing nuclear weapons. Achieving a substitute deal more restrictive on Iran’s developing nuclear weapons is purely speculative!

Russian aggression on the Ukraine and Europe: total bullshit. We organized a coup in the Ukraine: Should Russia have been a good boy, and let its only (military) war sea port fall in NATO hands? Is Russian really set to invade Europe? Why do we let such nonsense pass unchallenged? Whose interests are being served?


Thanks OG.

Wouldn’t sociocracy and autocracy be included in direct democracy by virtue of the fact that one could propose and vote on behaving like either one depending on changing circumstances?


PNAC, the ‘gift’ that keeps on a giving.



Honestly I don’t think Pompeo cares. He believes in the Rapture so if this action escalates to the end of the world so be it, even better if some Jewish people get killed, after all they won’t be going to heaven, he is probably thinking