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Pompeo's US Jingoism and Anti-Iran Warmongering Rejected by Mideast Public


Pompeo's US Jingoism and Anti-Iran Warmongering Rejected by Mideast Public

Juan Cole

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a major and extremely embarrassing foreign policy speech in Cairo on Thursday, which is probably inconsequential since his major talking points departed from the positions of his president, Trump. Also, aside from some generals and kings and princes, nobody in the region agrees with anything he said.


This is great I found a new name for the pompous man. I really like reading old history books because they always have things I’ve never heard of in the new history books. So back in the 1920s a man named J.B. Bury wrote a book called “The Invasion of Europe By the Barbarians.” In Chapter 6 , " The Visigoths in Italy and Gaul." there is a belly laugh name:

Even though we are in Pagan Rome around 408 - 410, the prefect of Rome thought that the Christians should share in the responsibility of sieges, because that Alaric guy had successful sieges, then maybe all the gods and the Christians ones too should get together on this.
AND the Roman prefect’s name was:----------- PompeiANUS. The is just so perfect for the pompous man, so I think we should celebrate once again, Shakespeare’s question of 'What’s in a name." Although it’s usually spelled Pompeianus---- I just wanted to make sure you saw the last 2 syllables : ) Words can be so perfect and I can’t think of a better name for a soulless man who speak and acts like the greeter at a really awful restaurant in the middle of no where!!! : )



Well the reality is connecting Pompeo’s viewpoint to what the masses of the people think is a non starter.

Pompeo , in spite of his flowery words, does not believe in Democracy. He is an autocrat and speaks only to and for the one percent. The target audience was the dictators and thugs that run the Middle East and are allowed to run it as long as they follow orders coming out of Washington. Pompeo and his ilk could not care less about what the masses of people in the Middle East feel or want.

The reality is that this is how the USA , that “Champion of human rights and democracy” has always operated. The US Government abhors Democracy and the will of the people. It gets in the way of profits going to the one percent and , on this matter , it really no different with Republicans in charge or Democrats in charge.


I believe everyone in this current administration has been forced to undergo a lobotomy as every single one of them acts as if they have no brain.

Can’t we just round them all up and pretend they’re all Joan of Arc?


In addition to everything that Prof Cole lays out here, Pompeo also believes in the Rapture and other aspects of Evangelical insanity. There are reports that he spoke freely about his crackpot religion while director of the CIA. Here’s a link to him speaking on the subject of thee Rapture:



They have a brain. It’s just that a huge dollar sign has been branded on top of their heads and soaks into the brain, killing all other thought.

Pompeii, an eruption of sound.
And there’s my hat again.


Well written documentation on middle eastern thoughts on oosa but no surprise. It would be interested to see what all of those who were questioned would say about Saudi Arabia.


Dang, the link doesn’t work.