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Poor Kids: Let Them Eat (and Empty) Trash Cans


Poor Kids: Let Them Eat (and Empty) Trash Cans

Abby Zimet

With the sequester hitting all the wrong people, it was refreshing to hear of West Virginia's Feed to Achieve Act, a model public and private partnershp that would expand the national free lunch program to make sure poor kids don't go hungry because, you know, they're kids and all. Enter GOP jerk Ray Canterbury, who wants kids to first sweep the halls and take out the trash so even "if they miss a lunch (or) might not learn to add, they’ll learn a more important lesson” - presumably that that's likely all they can expect of life. Harsh. Happily, many of his colleagues disagreed.

“It is pathetic that in a country as wealthy as this, we’re talking about whether we should feed kids or not. Somebody better check your pulse and see if you’re still living."