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'Poor King Snowflake': President Trump Admits Ordering Huckabee Sanders to Halt Press Briefings Because Reporters Rude


'Poor King Snowflake': President Trump Admits Ordering Huckabee Sanders to Halt Press Briefings Because Reporters Rude

Jon Queally, staff writer

President Donald Trump on Tuesday admitted he told his press secretary "not to bother" any longer with White House press briefings over his belief that journalists cover the administration both "rudely & inaccurately."


In other words, I can’t take any more heat for my lies Sarah, and the buck stops with the journalists.


I love that – “Poor King Snowflake;” George Will had an article on Alternet a few days ago where he argued that the head snowflake behaves the way he does because he’s so insecure, that actually goes quite a ways in explaining his behavior. So yeah, he really is a snowflake!

Ooh-ooh, when it gets too hot in the kitchen snowflakes melt – couldn’t someone please throw a bucket of water on the Idiot Witch-boy of the East???


Jesus fucking Christ!! I hesitate to say, “what next?”. And, you turn on the “news” and it’s just like the Apprentice. Nothing, fucking nothing about Bernie Sanders. Plenty about Gillibrand, Harris, fuck even an unknown PAST Congressman and Julian Castro get much, much more coverage than the “none” that Sanders gets. The ONLY place you can get any info on Sanders is sites like this one and other “liberal/progressive” websites.


I think we’re talking about Huckabee-Sanders, not Bernie, and lord knows we see way more than enough of her!


That just about sums it up. I add that the global finance wizards are stitching veils like mad to hide the fact that the global economy is no longer being tolerated as a back breaking model for 99% of humanity. We’ve been talking about people needing to wake up for years. Now the wash cycles for the propagandized scams are being increasingly subjected to heavy duty scrubs and the meaning of ‘woke’ becoming its own meme. The media conglomerate teflon, however, can be thoroughly toxic.

How is coverage of the Bern in your immediate community? It might time to start building from the ground up.


I have a problem paying that woman a salary for doing zilch.


Censorship in action…


Fascists will flee when challenged in daylight with facts –

Think Nixon had a few run-arounds with the press where he fled – in one
case pushing his press secretary (Ziegler) out in front of the cameras?

Actually, wasn’t Huckabee Sanders supposed to leave this January?


Trump wants a one-way ticket - he comments and we listen.

The media has become more aggressive, imo, because of the internet where
comments fly both ways – back and forth for however long it takes.

The reality is that Trump can’t answer the challenges to his lies.
That’s the real problem for Trump and Huckabee.


oooooooooooo I’m melting hehehe


I understand that. Maybe re-read my response.


I live (retired) in Ar a typical southern state of the “low tax, low service” kind. I moved here because it was cheap, but the political situation here is truly pathetic. I moved from Il (after 54 yrs) which was equally pathetic for a whole slew of other things.

Edit to add: To your question about Sanders down here, He’s a “commie/socialist”, ya know bad for America.


When you say “woman” I have a problem with that description. The only places these people that are/were in this administration in ANY capacity will be able to obtain any kind of work is at places like Cato, Heritage, Manhattan institutes and “conservative think tanks” like that. Fucking losers all.


I bet she’s still getting her paycheck, unlike so many other government employees.


What a wonderful picture your words paint!


I pretty much agree with your take – except that whenever I have had the misfortune of hearing his harangue it feels more like he dithers while we are expected to listen.


In the mean time our own Coast Guard is not getting paid including retirees. Our own FBI and TSA are not getting paid. Our food inspectors are not getting paid- and that is what you have to say???


Given what went down in the last presidential race where Trump got all of the coverage that Clinton did not, and Bernie got virtually none, what now?
If it becomes obvious that it is happening again getting mad at this point won’t get anybody to pay attention. Somebody smarter than me needs to research what works and what doesn’t
Then go full court pressure on the media and force them to act grown up.


That’s not bad. The press corp can just indicate that they will no longer attend WH press briefings until Trump and the press secretary stop lying at each one of them.
This leaves us with the dirty little boy in the corner with his dunce hat on. He owns it. And of course he will lie about that too.
But the narrative from the media will haunt Trump because that will be the only story.