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Poor New York City Neighborhoods Seeing Deaths From Covid at More Than Twice the Rate of Affluent Areas

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/19/poor-new-york-city-neighborhoods-seeing-deaths-covid-more-twice-rate-affluent-areas

The coronavirus is providing a brutally efficient lesson about the value of a well-rounded economy that doesn’t leave workers without income, health care, or paid leave during times of crisis. These lessons aren’t just for the classroom or thought experiments—the consequences are very real.”


Behind closed doors, white supremacists are gleeful about this.

Have I mentioned how much this country sucks lately?


Another example of Adam Smith’s invisible hands ‘round the necks of the poor.


There will always be lower end jobs. Street cleaning, hotel/motel help, fast food workers and street hustling. We can start to help by making the minimum wage at least $15 per hour.
It wouldn’t hurt to expand the middle class as much as we can.
That 1950’s - 1960’s happy place for many Americans. We made a good enough living to not be envious of the better off, and yet aware of where we emerged from.
Be it a scholarship, a mill job, or a service job.

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Good data gathering on the subject. I also suspect the lack of healthcare, or under-care, for years in poor neighborhoods, allowing treatable medical conditions to run wild in these areas, is also a major factor in virus infection rates. The medical conditions associated with lack of care and lack of funds for healthy food, was bound to send the rates of people in the “high risk” category for this virus through the roof, anywhere citizens live under these conditions.


That’s why CFR should be measured by per capita deaths in each zip code.

Blanket figures covering whole countries are meaningless.

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Cuomo wondered WHY poor, older Black/ Hispanic folks were our latest spike in fatalities, while isolating in place! I’m guessing DNC will NOT draft de Blasio? Now, that it’s seldom upscale whites, we’re back to NYPD beat-downs.
Funny to see Audi, Volvo & Maybachs supplanted by Kias!