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Poor People Need a Higher Wage, Not a Lesson in Morality


Poor People Need a Higher Wage, Not a Lesson in Morality

Greg Kaufmann

“The idea that poverty is a problem of persons—that it results from personal moral, cultural, or biological inadequacies—has dominated discussions of poverty for well over two hundred years and given us the enduring idea of the underserving poor.” —Michael Katz, The Undeserving Poor


Thank you for your compassion and concern, Mr. Kaufmann. I would go a step further.

When banks charge checking fees, late fees, interest on loan fees, and ridiculously inflated credit card fees and STILL manage to lose many billions of dollars, what gives those in the banking/finance industry the RIGHT to deem citizens’ credit-worthiness or similar credit scores?

Our society wants teachers–a field dominated by women–to be HELD accountable on the basis of their students’ standardized test scores.

Let those who demand this level of accountability of others apply it to themselves!

Then, when police show the same behaviors as serial killers, they will NOT be given the protection of a “Code of Blue.”

When militaries ruin nations just because idiots in control towers yell, “Shoot the enemy”… let THEM be accountable for clean-up and healing costs.

When Energy corps. pollute rivers, streams, water tables, and the oceans… hold THEM accountable.

Now, with horrors like TPP and TIPP corporations have found a legal framework that will grant to them all profits while forcing citizens everywhere to suffer and/or clean up their unregulated messes.

Focusing on the poor, the persons least able to legally defend themselves is like inventing terrorists. Hugely equipped militaries eviscerate the communities where brown-skinned people eke out a living and then call them terrorists–and take aim–for them reacting!

Focused powers steal jobs and rob U.S. communities of the wherewithal to meet today’s rising expenses, and then their uniformed guards jump in to brand the locals criminals because they work what resources they can access to survive!

It’s time for those at the top–those with the MOST SINS to answer for (particularly since they jury-rigged global finance to allot themselves more and more while the vast majority of others had to cope with less and less)–to stop defining the frames and narratives imposed through the Dominant Culture.


Employers are those who need a lesson in morality.


The shoeless can’t pull themselves up by their bootstraps


Until the world adopts a new holiday borrowed from the French, absolutely nothing will change.
The parasitic rich will never give in until they are executed for their treason against mankind.