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Poor People's Campaign to Host Weekend Digital Gathering to 'Challenge Poverty and Revive Democracy'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/19/poor-peoples-campaign-host-weekend-digital-gathering-challenge-poverty-and-revive


It seems as if the People are letting those who deal in wealth and political power know that they shall not be welcome to enjoy the commons–the National Parks, the Public Streets, the cafes, etc. in peace. Their mansions and their yachts have become their prisons. I treasure my anonymity–can’t put a price on that.

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Someone enlighten me, I fail to see how protesting on-line will produce any positive results or action for the problem. I’ve received two emails about this action, and I support the theme, but don’t see the point of doing it on-line. Maybe I’m missing something here.

If you did not go to the website (~june2020.org) then i suggest you do and click on “list of demands”. This might help you to understand the reason for this digital protest. As far as i can see their aim is to restore voting rights so voices of those currently not able to vote can be heard.

Along with a lot of other things.

I’m down with the list of demands, that’s not the problem, the problem is what good is “protesting on-line”, how will it effect change? TPTB barely pay attention to in-person protesters, they will pay no attention to this because it will in no way inconvenience them.

The message that needs to be sent is that many Murkins who are not now poor will find themselves in poverty in the not too distant future as the 1% accelerate the maturation of their neofeudal paradise ( which will be our neofeudal hell) wherein the 1% own it alll, the 99% own nothing.


It will be a heavy lift as the wealthy sycopants/sociopaths will use their over leveraged power to defeat us. With el trumpo in charge of this illegal/none free market assault started some 40 years on the American people, they could become violent and as we all know el trumpo won’t hesitate to bring US Military. It is then we see what are military really is?
But Trump has probably has begun forming his own militia the likes of Blackwell or water or Eric (DeVos brother fortune from AMWAY) and those military killers that trump pardened. Scary times

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I’ve been watching the livestream on the website. I learned so much from it and seeing people vocalising their concerns is so much more powerful than only reading about them. I don’t know where this will go now or what they intend to do but it was a very well organized production and i hope they succeed in realizing their intention to stop racist voter suppression along with universal health care, fair wages, fighting corporate ku klux klan, evil and intolerable injustices, people abandoned in the midst of abundance and lots of other issues.

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A mercenary army to protect and defend the ever growing number of underground cities, bases, and enterprises. Trump may be a major real estate mogul in this area.
We get a basement if we are lucky.

Now we need a poor people’s candidate. Jesse Ventura would suffice. Someone who will eliminate the obscene war budget and take care of Americans.

People coming together, sharing stories of pain, is a good thing, and I’m not knocking that, but that’s not really a protest, that’s how the emails I received were worded. What would really be beneficial, is to use this event to organize massive true protests on the ground, maybe that’s the point of this event. We’ll see.


Let us hope so. There is another live stream on 21st. The more people engage the more power to the people.

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