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Pope Arriving, Civil Disobedience Ramps up



This group IPA is so creepy. Yeah that a progressive group (even tiny and delusional like this one is) can keep on misrepresenting themselves as a anything more than a news wire feed collecting stories off the net is one thing but to trick people about a Day of Peace with the titles of this article by implying a connection to the Pope's arrival just to get themselves published is really creepy.

None of the peace actions were done because of the Pope's arrival but because this was International Peace Day. It is this cynical self interest (IPA) that cheapens the hard work and dedication of peace activists. The IPA wants to create a name for itself but it is getting a reputation it may not want in the process.

Behold the professional progressive to whom other people's dedication is just part of the job. One more phony trick of a title for the IPA... business as usual.