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Pope Bashes Global Financial System, Blasting 'Ticking Time Bomb' Derivatives, Rampant Inequality


Pope Bashes Global Financial System, Blasting 'Ticking Time Bomb' Derivatives, Rampant Inequality

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The Pope just took aim at the global financial system, particularly targeting "ticking time bomb" derivatives, offshore tax havens, and the pursuit of profit at any cost—all which serve to fuel "the inequality so pronounced today."


From the article:

“Profit should to be pursued but not ‘at any cost,’” the document goes on to say.

My reading of the second law of thermodynamics tells me that the idea of profit is a fatal delusion.

With that said, for Francis to be calling out financial swindlers and tax avoiders is hugely important, not least because it strips the masks off frauds like Paul Ryan. Representation without taxation is every bit as tyrannical as its reverse.


But Pope, you don’t understand. Humans are more moderate now. It’s what sells. (sarcasm)

And if you’re principled on issues of equality, then well, you might as well elect a right wing Supreme Court judge. (sarcasm)


Thanks for the sarcasm alerts—double ration of cracked corn for you!


The Catholic church owns more land than the area of France and pays no taxes on it. In Florida that has changed and large estates that don’t support their religious function are being taxed. On payment was $92,000 dollars. That should help.


Thank you Pope Francis.

Overpopulation causes resource depletion. You would be instrumental in fixing this problem by removing the Catholic ban on birth control. To let nature balance our population for us with war, crime, famine and disease is cruel and inhumane, not the Christian thing to do.

Oligarchy, the wealth/power concentration of unfettered capitalism, is causing rampant inequality, severe environmental pollution and accelerating species extinctions. Democracy can address oligarchy only if it comes directly from all the people, not from the oligarchy’s politicians. The Swiss have governed well direct democratically for nearly 200 years.

Universal Basic Income has proven to be a great way to end poverty. I hope you will support it.


I’m not religious, but I like this Pope. He cares more about the people then he does the elites. That is very rare in a Pope. The rich of course won’t listen. The merely label him and extremist and move on.


You do not understand the Catholic Faith, therefore, you cannot understand the ban on birth control. We do not do things that conflict with God’s will for us. The design of the human body is such that sex is procreative and therefore intended by God to produce children.

In 1968, Pope Paul VI wrote Humanae Vitae. In it, he made four distinct predictions which have come to pass:

Infidelity and moral decline

The Pope first noted that the widespread use of contraception would “lead to conjugal infidelity and the general lowering of morality.” That there has been a widespread decline in morality, especially sexual morality, in the last 25 years, is very difficult to deny. The increase in the number of divorces, abortion, our-of-wedlock pregnancies, and venereal diseases should convince any skeptic that sexual morality is not the strong suit of our age.

There is no question that contraception is behind much of this trouble. Contraception has made sexual activity a much more popular option that it was when the fear of pregnancy deterred a great number of young men and women from engaging in premarital sexual intercourse. The availability of contraception has led them to believe that they can engage in premarital sexual activity “responsibly.” But teenagers are about as responsible in their use of contraception as they are in all other phases of their lives–such as making their beds, cleaning their rooms and getting their homework done on time.

Lost Respect for Women

Paul VI also argued that “the man” will lose respect for “the woman” and “no longer (care) for her physical and psychological equilibrium” and will come to “the point of considering her as a mere instrument of selfish enjoyment and no longer as his respected and beloved companion.” This concern reflects what has come to be known as a “personalist” understanding of morality. The personalist understanding of wrongdoing is based upon respect for the dignity of the human person. The Pope realized that the Church’s teaching on contraception is designed to protect the good of conjugal love. When spouses violate this good, they do not act in accord with their innate dignity and thus they endanger their own happiness. Treating their bodies as mechanical instruments to be manipulated for their own purposes, they risk treating each other as objects of pleasure.

Abuse of Power

Paul VI also observed that the widespread acceptance of contraception would place a “dangerous weapon… in the hands of those public authorities who take no heed of moral exigencies.” The history of the family-planning programs in the Third World is a sobering testimony to this reality. In Third World countries many people undergo sterilization unaware of what they are doing. The forced abortion program in China shows the stark extreme toward which governments will take population programs. Moreover, few people are willing to recognize the growing evidence that many parts of the world face not overpopulation, but underpopulation. It will take years to reverse the “anti-child” mentality now entrenched in many societies.

Unlimited Dominion

Pope Paul’s final warning was that contraception would lead man to think that he had unlimited dominion over his own body. Sterilization is now the most widely used form of contraception in the U.S.; individuals are so convinced of their rights to control their own bodies that they do not hesitate to alter even their own physical make-up.

The desire for unlimited dominion over one’s own body extends beyond contraception. The production of “test-tube babies” is another indication of the refusal to accept the body’s limitations; so too are euthanasia and the use of organs transplanted from those who are “nearly” dead. We seek to adjust the body to our desires and timetables, rather than adjusting ourselves to its needs.

Far better it would be for us to learn how to control our passions and work within the framework of our bodies and the rhythms of fertility than to be such a promiscuous society with no restraints at all.


Extremist is one of the more mild words said about him. I find it odd to read the works of some Catholics who seem to have forgotten Jesus’ words regarding riches and the proper handling of them. That any Catholic can defend Greed Capitalism to me is bizarre.




Elect A Clown, Expect A Circus.


The Catholic Church is rampant with hypocrisy. Equality, my dear Pope? How about women priests? Greed? How about you open “The Church’s” finances to world wide scrutiny so that we can all know just how much of “The Church” wealth is stashed in tax free shelters. This is only the beginning of a very long list. He might be a good man (and I suspect that he is), but he is as blindly entrenched in his own ideology as the capitalists are blindly entrenched in theirs.


Is there much difference between the Catholic Church’s ban on birth control and the War on Drugs?

A ban on birth control causes unplanned pregnancy and STD’s. Unplanned pregnancy plus a ban on abortion pushes women into back alley, coat hanger abortions, like it did years ago and women dying from infections and hemorrhage and unwanted children. It does little or nothing to prevent people from having sex.

A ban on drugs causes street crime, drug overdoses, HIV and hepatitis. It does little or nothing to stem the use of hard drugs, a problem of poverty.

They are similar in that they are both caused by conservatives wanting to control private choice for domination purposes and often for profit.


James Connolly said of the Catholic Church.

“Just as in Ireland the Church denounced every Irish revolutionary movement in its day of activity, as in 1798, 1848 and 1867, and yet allowed its priests to deliver speeches in eulogy of the active spirits of those movements a generation afterwards, so in the future the Church, which has its hand close upon the pulse of human society, when it realises that the cause of capitalism is a lost cause it will find excuse enough to allow freedom of speech and expression to those lowly priests whose socialist declarations it will then use to cover and hide the absolute anti-socialism of the Roman Propaganda. When that day comes the Papal Encyclical against socialism will be conveniently forgotten by the Papal historians, and the socialist utterances, of the von Kettelers, the McGlynns, and McGradys will be heralded forth and the communistic utterances of the early fathers as proofs of Catholic sympathy with progressive ideas. Thus it has been in the past. Thus it will be, at least attempted, in the future.”

And, Lo, those things came to pass…


I agree. He doesn’t have an easy time of it and he has said as much. All the Bishops of Chile have resigned over another scandal. He has to vet each one, as he should.


WoW! Should you not be in church brainwashing the congregation??


I could hardly get through all that religious nonsense. Suffice it to say you are unreachable on this topic but many other Catholics feel differently and already use birth control whether for premarital sex or sex within a marriage when you want to wait for the next kid or you are done (and after two you should be). Other Catholics don’t think for themselves and would listen to what this Pope says and they’d just do that. So it would be great if he’d come out for equal opportunity for women in the clergy and for birth control. I’m not holding my breath.


Common Dreams continues to push the pope, and in the next breath talk about climate change and injustice.

The pope supports having more children, and thinks heterosexual men are superior to everyone else, especially if they believe in the same sky deity as he does.

His corporation, The Vatican, invests in corrupt governments and businesses.

And do we need mention that he still hides child abuse under his white robes? Meanwhile they have the audacity walk around saying that gays and transgender people are less than human.

And the bible? REALLY? Have you actually read the bible? It promotes slavery, incest, genocide, rape, and hatred of women.

Commondreams, why do you promote this stuff? It begs the question, if the pope is a good man, then what is a bad man?


“Lawmakers should heed the Pope’s warnings”
The waring is, if you continue with your current policies the masses will be damaged while you make out like bandits.
Not much of a warning.
By the way, don’t lose sight of the fact that in the absence of competition, the profit motive is actually perverse.


Profit does not really exist in the natural world. Profit does not exist in thermodynamics.
Money is killing us all as it kills the biome.