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Pope Blasts 'Unbridled Capitalism'; Begs Forgiveness from Native Americans


Pope Blasts 'Unbridled Capitalism'; Begs Forgiveness from Native Americans

Jon Queally, staff writer

In a far-reaching speech in Bolivia on Thursday, Pope Francis offered his apologies to, and begged forgiveness from, the native people of the Americas as he acknowledged the brutal treatment they received throughout the so-called "conquest of America."


What a contrast in history and promise. Francis walks the walk as well as talking the talk, his honesty, humility and conviction apparent for all to see. The US and world needed a leader of vision and integrity and got one from the most unexpected direction - even if more needs to be said and changed this is huge. We heard talk of "change we can believe-in" and millions tried to believe but were quickly disappointed/betrayed as the walk did not measure up to the talk, and even that quickly failed. As a person of no religious affiliation, this Pope has surprised me even as politicians predictably remained tools of vulture/unbridled capitalism, the MICC war machine, and usury, wedded to big money and profits above all else.


The Pope tells the TRUTH about unbridled capitalism.


"Following his remarks, Adolfo Chavez, a leader of a lowlands Indigenous group, told reporters, "We accept the apologies. What more can we expect from a man like Pope Francis? It's time to turn the page and pitch in to start anew. We Indigenous were never lesser beings."

So what say African Americans?


"Holy shit", this is amazing. Having worked in many parts of Latin America, primarily related to development, the ravages of naked capitalism were always appalling to me. Whether the automatic weapons in an El Salvadorian parking lot or the mining shanties in the Andes, money has polluted Pacha Mama and her inhabitants. Never did a locale lack for a grand cathedral. This pope's confession is new, very new.


His Holiness seems to forget that the Roman Catholic Church got FAT off of Spanish and Portuguese Colonialism and capitalism and at the expense of the lives and cultures of the very people who he is now visiting on his tour !!!!!!!

It's easy to ask for forgiveness. I would tend to believe more in his sincerity if he offered financial reparations to the poor in those impoverished Catholic countries that he is visiting.


As an observer of how raw capitalism works and how it is fully supported by Catholics 6 days a week, i'm waiting to see all those "good" Catholics bring their faith
into work to change our economic system which is predatory and designed to create inequality and poverty. Let's see that faith show up at the voting booth by abandoning the treacherous and brutal foreign and domestic violences of Republicans and Democrats. Then talk to us about this faith of yours.
P.S I was raised Catholic


During his upcoming visit with unbridled capitalism-enabler-in-chief Obama will Francis chastise him or just discuss golf ?


In 2012 the World Council of Churches formally repudiated the Doctrine of Discovery. This after Quaker Meetings, the UCC and other churches had formulated repudiations.

It is very much worth downloading for reference material moving forward both the WCC statement and the Wikipedia article which explains how this 16th century royal/papal doctrine is STILL part of US law. The hope is that pressure can be brought to bear to eventually have Rome finally repudiate the Doctrine once and for all. Pope Francis having made public apology is a good start in that direction. What might need to happen is for the world public to so fully articulate the reasons for repudiation that the political concerns become manageable - that is, that the papacy would not be causing a threat to the peace by ratifying repudiation.

Repudiation of this is, in the long run, a treasure and well worth studying and envisioning the beauty of EVERYONE knowing about it and making the case so clear as to make it welcome in all quarters.

WCC - http://www.oikoumene.org/en/resources/documents/executive-committee/2012-02/statement-on-the-doctrine-of-discovery-and-its-enduring-impact-on-indigenous-peoples

Doctrine of Discovery wikipedia entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discovery_doctrine


Free Market Capitalist: Someone who, if given the means and opportunity, would take control of the global atmospheric oxygen supply … and then charge humanity usage fees for breathing.

Capitalism can be an important component of our economic structure, because it sometimes promotes competition which leads to innovation. But the inherent danger of unbridled, unregulated capitalism is that it leaves the consumer open to abuse by a self-regulating private sector in which the only protection available is the motto: buyer beware.

Bottom line: for many self-proclaimed American capitalists (read “profiteers”), patriotism has more to do with GREEN than it does red, white, and blue.


Credo Action has a petition to prevent mining on Native American land in Arizona


"We accept the apologies. What more can we expect from a man like Pope Francis? It's time to turn the page and pitch in to start anew. We Indigenous were never lesser beings.": True and generous words.


I am not aware of any apologies let alone atonement and redress of the twin crimes committed against the First Nations and African Americans in the USA (you use the term "African-American"). So, no, not until that happens should either group "move on" in the USA. Nowhere in the Americas, neither in Latin America, nor in Canada, has there been such savage extermination of First Nations and psychical and continuos injustice toward African Americans. A socialist system in the USA is a moral imperative and what tribes remain must be given back their original lands and left free this time to live the way they wish.


Words. Words on paper. Words ancient and new written in Latin and English.. Words spoken. Words spoken through a microphone. Words broadcast through a TV. Words we hear, that take flight, then disappear. Words and more; once native forests full of words, pristine rivers flowing full of words. Words. Words in abundance, a bountiful world full of words. Words sprouting organically, growing from the virgin earth. Words grown in gardens, rows and rows of words, cultivated, too. Words blown like pollen clouds, carried by humble bees and majestic monarchs. Words pushed by caressing winds. Words carried like seeds, by birds in flight in pure, clear air. Words are voided, retracted, contextualized, spun, mangled, misinterpreted, erased, crossed out, crossed off, cross purposed. Words are full then empty, like a bucket. Words hollowed out like rotted trees. Words. Words of apologies and condolences. Words which always come last.


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Give credit where credit is due. This apology acknowledges that a wrong was done and helps bring support and awareness to the plight of indigenous peoples.

Aw gee why doesn't the Pope simply order the rich to help the poor and also order governments ... and order everybody because aw gee he's the pope and he controls everything and everybody doesn't he?

This pope's heart is in the real world however the myth of papal power is in the past. Acknowledging that this symbolic apology matters most to the dignity and self esteem of indigenous peoples earns this pope great respect. Indigenous people are often dismissed or treated as second class citizens by governing elites and corporate vested interests. This pope has shown by example that racial attitude is a sham and illegitimate.

While you may not care about such things, the fact remains that he didn't have to do this and I am sure that the gesture is being talked about in indigenous households nonstop. It was an honorable thing to do and in a real sense a deeper blessing towards the indigenous than would have been the traditional generic blessing offered by previous popes towards the poor and indigenous.

Sometimes words can wound and a lifetime of belittlement and verbal abuse (racism) causes deep scars. That is a situation where words can mean a lot.

Sometimes words can heal when they are spoken by someone with the status of the pope. His being pope trumps the status of those who are racist and abusively dismissive to indigenous concerns or feelings. Then words can be like a soothing bandage over a still open wound (and can mean a lot).

I can't say how much this apology accomplishes but I do know that if I were an indigenous person that I'd feel better (increased self esteem) having heard it. Mutual respect... works both ways. This pope gives respect and earns it in return. I think he is a godly man.

I'll have to get back to you on the pope fixing everything in the world with a wave of his hand though. I mean I agree with you, if it is all as easy as that then why doesn't he just get on with it? Sheesh!

Contraception? Um ... How did that get into this conversation? Give back lands seized? Gee I hate to tell ya but that means us too.

Try to be realistic and give credit where credit is due.

This pope gives respect. God bless him for that.


Dear Dee Brown: I know you wrote Buried My Heart At Wounded Knee but be realistic, here: we could of killed more of you and we did let you live at Rosebud. Though, there's no realistic chance of you getting your land back from me; so, please, don't go there. Dear Black Kettle: I know we butchered a bunch of you at Sand Creek but be realistic here. We possibly could of murdered more of you but we got drunk and passed out. So, please keep looking on the bright side of life and events. The glass is always half full, right? Dear Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. : Hi, my name is Whitey Johnson and I just heard a marvelous speech of yours, and realistically, it was truly amazing but this topic called " reparations " has me a bit concerned........


The early Christians were communists. "All whose faith had drawn them togerher held everything in common: they would sell their property and possessions and make a general disribution as the need of each required." (Acts 2: 44-45)

Marx, the atheist, had obviously read this and used it to formulate his theory of justice: "from each according to his ability; to each according to his need."

Christians today simply ignore their past. Maybe this is why Gandhi said: "I like your Christ. It is Christians I don't like.


If Barack Obama is the enabler-in-chief, why does he support Pope Francis' criticism of supply-side economics? Obama has said that the rest of his term will be devoted to dealing with the great inequality of wealth in the country and he has previously stated that he thinks taxes should be raised on the wealthy.

Just ask the Koch Bros. if they think Barack Obama is an enabler-in-chief.


Pope John Paul II apologized for the slave trade.