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Pope Champions Radical Catholic Rabble-Rouser Dorothy Day


Pope Champions Radical Catholic Rabble-Rouser Dorothy Day

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Pope Francis's much-vaunted comments to U.S. Congress on Thursday included a special message of praise for "daughter of this land" Dorothy Day, a radical writer and activist who uplifted the dignity of the poor and was jailed throughout her life for protesting wars, racism, and the denial of women's suffrage.


"Born in Brooklyn in 1987"
That is a typo; should read 1897.


She was a truly remarkable woman, many would say a saint. And so was Peter Maurin who co-founded the Catholic Worker, houses of hospitality and soup kitchens which have spread across the USA and beyond. Read her autobiography, The Long Loneliness and Loves and Fishes. She inspired me to start a 24 hour food and clothing bank in a part of Manhattan some years ago when I lived there.

"Her social activism, her passion for justice and for the cause of the oppressed, were inspired by the Gospel, her faith, and the example of the saints.": I think they actually predated her conversion to Catholicism when she had been a communist.


To truly walk in the footsteps of Jesus one must become a radical. He called out the hypocrites in the clergy of his day. He called us not just to love those who love us but to love those who hate us and pray for them. He asked us to reach out to the stranger and visit those in prison. He implored us to provide comfort for the destitute among us. He preached that " all who draw the sword will die by the sword." I have no doubt that when Dorothy protested wars and reached out to the famished, Jesus was standing there next to her and smiling with approval.


I never met this fine lady but we were doing similar peace protests in New York City in the very early 1960's (pre-Viet Nam). She was talked about a lot among the peaceniks I hung out with during the First and Second General Strikes for Peace. Her "headquarters" were very near where I lived on East Fourth St, between Avenues C and D but I never went to visit. I was hangin' out at the Living Theater on 14th Street with Julian Beck and Judith Molina. Dorothy Day was almost sainted them and maybe will actually be one day.


She should be sainted. Dorothy Day is one of America's hidden heroes. A truly remarkable human being who is never mentioned in our mainstream media and it is because people like her aren't mentioned that Americans are losing their souls, their rights and their identity as a free people. They make us sheep and hide the rebels, the revolutionaries, the radical saints from our view. Instead we get a constant barrage of fancy cars, yachts, mansions and the glories of being wealthy and not giving a damn about anybody.

Instead of loving our neighbor and helping the poor we get told that they are welfare queens and robbing us and meanwhile the rich and powerful give themselves two trillion in tax cuts, bank bail outs and all the rest.

Who was Dorothy Day? Is a question that should be asked and rarely if ever is except in sites like CD.


Isn't it wonderful that she just so happened to be within the borders of the global defending nation of The United States of America, to feed the poor and not pay taxes and to condemn Wars that we participated in... "for no good reason"?

I praise her for her stance on antisemitism, she would have been a force to be reckoned with as if she lived in Nazi Germany in 1935... Juse think, if she lived in the days of King David, she could have asked him to leave those invading tribes alone too, as it appears there is never justification to defend oneself, ones family, ones nation anymore... A study suggests that "20 million lives" were systematically eliminated by Nazi Germany, and she protests "the bomb" that destroyed cities that help build the machines that bombed Pearl Harbor.... Some say history has a way of repeating itself. With mindsets like this, I believe it.


An apostle of pious oversimplification.


This woman contradicted herself constantly. She made excuses for papal wealth, and thought women should stay home and have children and avoid sexual immorality..

A saint? No more like another deluded religious fanatic.


She told women to stay home and have children.

She made excuses for papal wealth.

She oversimplified politics to fit her need to believe in a deity.

In other words, she represents the same hysteria that brings the pope to the White House.


Keep on trashin'. dim friend. And remember, Datsun Saves.


Powerful image. Putrid "reasoning". Do you have a point? Or is the image your point?


Socialist Michael Harrington's obituary for Dorothy Day:



That doesn't sound right: she had an abortion, was a single mother, remained unmarried.

But I'm sure she would agree with you about the Saint part.


I guess that I shouldn't be surprised that some want to heap disdain on Dorothy Day. They are reacting to the sudden praise for her radical life. I knew her well enough to encounter some of her rough edges and enough to know that she was far from a naive fool. Her pacifism was complete and her commitment to personal responsibility meant willingly enduring poverty, imprisonment, ridicule, and rebukes from the leaders of her church. She did not confuse pacifism with passivity, nor was she blind to the horrors that other nations have perpetrated. But she viewed the problem of evil in the world as something that needed direct, individual action wherever it appeared. Had she lived in Germany, she would have led non-cooperation and openly resisted the war machine and genocide, no matter the cost. Personal Responsibility was her creed. Her life was not for me, but she was no Pollyanna.


Yes, isn't it amazing how religious people can prescribe behavior for other people that they don't follow themselves.

It's all true.


And then she told women to say home and have children because..... morality.

She was yet another example of someone hiding behind religion.


Yes, the point is that Catholics love to be seen as saints, when in fact they are terrible examples of human behavior.


You just babble on and on even though you don't really know anything about her. You see only the religion and not the person, so you can say (like a no nothing fool would) that

You know absolutely nothing about her or what she said or believed about that issue yet you blather on.

You make the site boring to visit as do many who like to just talk but don't care about right and wrong, truth or falsehood. In short... why would someone find what you say interesting when you'll say anything whether it is true or not. Dumbed down America in action... say anything because nothing matters right?


He's the Atheist equivalent of the obnoxious gaggle of Jesus salesmen who press your doorbell and thrust a copy of the Watch Tower into your hand. At least they're polite and go away when asked. Atheism is a perfectly valid belief system, and most Atheists don't go around wearing their beliefs on the sleeves, or try to convert unbelievers. Actually, he's probably not even trying to do that: he's just braying like an ass in the valley.