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Pope Francis Apologizes to Mexican Indigenous for History of Pillage and Abuse


Pope Francis Apologizes to Mexican Indigenous for History of Pillage and Abuse

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Speaking to tens of thousands of people in an open-air mass in the southern Mexico city of San Cristóbal on Monday, Pope Francis denounced the greed that has driven the exploitation of the country's Indigenous population and the land that they inhabit.

"On many occasions, in a systematic and organized way, your people have been misunderstood and excluded from society," the pontiff said in Chiapas state, where 75 percent of the population is Indigenous.


Too bad the Pope did not connect the dots when he canonized Father Serra.


Hey there buddy boy in the white hat, talk is cheap. Write a check.


When the leader of a non-indigenous religion shows up to speak to indigenous people in a language they understand, he is only trying to recruit them. That would only lead to more pillage and abuse. He should not be speaking to those people. He should leave them alone.


Yes, and he told the world that we must stop the vicious arms trade that is killing so many around the world. I like this guy.


And the cynical marketing campaign by the would be world government continues.


Great so he talks. And he talks. And he talks about talking. But has he ever changed the catholic cannon? Has he made his superstitions worthy of the modern era?


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The church's strategy seems to be to keep up its popularity in the first world so that it can focus its power onto regressive areas and on the third world where they enjoy impact-full power. So of course he likes talking about nature because it makes him somewhat progressive without him having to be an authentic humanist.


Nobody cares for your right-wing conspiracy theories. why should we care about other countries and their genocide when we have our own problems.


The Church is the people and it is not becoming irrelevant. Pope Francis is living the light of his namesake St. Francis. I have no problem with others religious beliefs, or non belief, however, it is interesting that anti-Catholicism is the only tolerated prejudice among the progressive community. Here's an idea, lets have a political movement that excludes Catholics, men and women who like sports, topped off with screeds against meat eating, now that is a winning combination.


right because we should never criticize an organization full of human rights abuses and unverifiable superstition that has admitted to wanting to rule the world.


No one said that, I surely haven't.


then what specifically is your problem then. I haven't heard anyone advocate anti-Catholicism just anti-church-ism which is very progressive.


Give me a break, the tone the language, even yours, something isn't a superstition because you say it is. If you disagree with certain doctrines fine.


people should be subjected to this tone whenever they take things on faith. that isn't they way progressives have done things since the renaissance.


If you think that way, so be it. I really don't think there is anything more to say. Your attitude will never wash in any mass political movement, it would only alienate people. Some of my best friends are atheists none of whom would agree with you, and so it goes.


I have no problem with private beliefs but i will not stop criticizing what i see as a bad global institution because people irrationally insist on putting it above criticism. As for the idea that taking faith in things is not progressive that is my personal insistence which i argue on theoretical grounds not personal ones.


De acuerdo, Pope Francis has to work within his system. He is a visionary, and he will/is, part of the "Big Change!"


As humans, we should all care about genocide wherever it occurs. This does not mean that I agree with Gea's posts, but to say we don't care about genocide is both immoral and inhumane, imo.