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Pope Francis Appeals for Peace Amid Conflicts Supported and Inflamed by Trump

Pope Francis Appeals for Peace Amid Conflicts Supported and Inflamed by Trump

Julia Conley, staff writer

"As the winds of war are blowing in our world," Pope makes appeal for an end to conflicts that impact the world's children

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That’s rich coming from an organization that has fomented countless wars throughout history.


Grinches, blaggers, and snarks, oh my! No rest for the wicked!


Why does my tax dollar have to be used to murder people around the world???
Oh, by the way, Merry CHRISTmas America!


There are very strong correlations between war and how countries become 99% Catholic. Poland is one such example. As a religious leader the Pope needs to take a closer look at his own backyard.

Protestant too. Are you forgetting the British genocide of Catholics in Ireland - and the considerable oppression of Catholics in the USA until 55 years ago?


My mind operates on reason and facts not on believe systems. I don’t give a flying rat what the pope says…

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Well not exactly. I just can’t see him as a moral authority.

I don’t think you can compare religions by who created the worst genocide or willingly participated.

War, America’s job program and wealth generator.


Look, you are speaking to a person of Catholic heritage - don’t talk to me about my own people’s oppression.

I know who I am speaking with but thanks. And fine lets not talk.

Merry Christmas

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We see just how much influence the Pope has in reducing gratuitous sadism, violence and mayhem.

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Wise words that speak to me…

Curious, what “communist” country were you from?

Pope Francis is a big improvement over his predecessors in the office. Nothing wrong with acknowledging that and being thankful for it, even though he’s not perfect.

Similarly the emergence of Bernie Sanders as a plausible contender, even though he’s not perfect either, is something to be thankful for.


Fine, fellow atheist Ayn Rand promoted “Reason” too. And her fans even have a magazine called “Reason” go hang out with them then…

I know a lot of people like him and he is trying to change things within his church. For me it sparks hypocritical considering some of things he is trying to change.

What matters is now, not history. History is there to be learned from. If the Catholic Church has learned from its mistakes, good for it. Clearly the US and UK, with their militaristic nationalism, haven’t.


What a depressingly narrow point of view. Having been oppressed does not justify negative attitudes now, when we could break the cycle of resentment and pay-back if we chose to put the common good before our own selfish desire for vindication and revenge.

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