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Pope Francis’ Call to be Ecologically ‘Pro-Life’


Pope Francis’ Call to be Ecologically ‘Pro-Life’

Claire Hutkins Seda

Abortion is a polarizing issue in America, with half the country believing individuals should be free to choose, and 44 percent believing we must safeguard life. But “pro-life” can encompass far more than life in the womb; in fact, life on Earth is threatened — and we are the ones aborting the ecosystems on which we rely. We’re being called to be ecologically pro-life.


We have already passed the carrying capacity of the planet enormously and now that we are facing near term human extinction as a result of abrupt climate change we need to stop bringing more children into this nightmare. The catholic churches position on contraception is simply immoral.


Religion, corporations and the politicians derive much of their power from overpopulation and will not change without fighting to the bitter end.