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Pope Francis: Capitalism is 'Terrorism Against All of Humanity'


Pope Francis: Capitalism is 'Terrorism Against All of Humanity'

Nika Knight, staff writer

Pope Francis surprised reporters on a flight from Krakow to the Vatican late Sunday when he blamed the "god of money" for extremist violence in Europe and the Middle East, saying that a ruthless global economy leads disenfranchised people to violence.


I agree.

Though I am not religious - this Jesuit Pope speaks uncommon truths - repeatedly.

John Gofman, who was in on the initial synthesis of plutonium for the Manhattan Project, and later became a medical doctor and anti-nuclear activist (“Irrevy”), thought that the single minded pursuit of power and privilege was actally a disease, in his professional opinion.

That would be a scary thought, diseased people drawn to politics, corporatism, etc…


This is definitely an enlightened Pope. Still, the Catholic Church/Vatican as institution has been the root of enormous violence against anyone not of “the faith.”

But this Pope may be the redemption of at least some of that dark history.


Now I am starting to question all of my core beliefs.
For example, now what is the answer to the age old question:
“Does the Pope poop in the woods?”


Such enlightened consciousness from this Pope is not surprising to those who have read Francis’ environmental encyclical, Laudato Si - the most inspiring, courageous, comprehensive piece I’ve ever read about the worst crisis mankind has ever faced.


I wish he was running for the white house, this man really gets it


Yeah like the violent conquest of America starting with Christopher Columbus


Let’s be honest. As far as I can tell, the Pope did not use the word “capitalism.” That was the work of Common Dreams’s headline writer. One can interpret the “God of money” as one wishes, but don’t put words into someone else’s mouth.


This first Jesuit Pope, Francis, has made many people think about many things the church has not for a very long time.


Bernie should have asked… “Would pope Francis vote for a capitalist like Clinton”?
I also am not religious, and while I don’t agree with everything Pope Francis says, he has my respect.
Thank you for speaking the truth even though it isn’t a popular thing to do.


Well I guess now it’s up to the pope to lead us out of HELL!!! Since there are no politicians up for the calling!


You go Pope Francis!! He nailed it easily. People don’t want war, governments do.
Capitalism must die.


Quote: Pope Francis argues that modern economy’s worship of ‘god of money’ leads to disenfranchisement and extremism. Unquote

…says the top representative of the planet’s most exploitive organization of the poor of all times, to amass the planets largest hoard of riches, while admonishing all about the “need to help the poor”.
Having said that, I have to admit, that Francis is trying to change that, as best he can within this ultra orthodox club to the extend, that there is reason to fear for his life. It would not be the first time the Catholic Hierarchy has murdered one of their own, who stepped out of line.


Just to provide some support on that… As you probably know, but some here might not, over the past ten years or so a number of churches, including the World Council of Churches, have after years of review and consideration, generated statements on the “Doctrine of Discovery”/Christian Doctrine of Discovery/Discovery Doctrine - which resulted from those bulls. In the US the Doctrine is still part of property law.

In 2012 the theme for the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues was doctrine of discovery. It epitomizes the very worst of the legacy of european colonization and most of the insanity plaguing western politics, in my opinion. It is the origin of ill gotten privilege behind todays late stage abusive economic powers.


Doesn’t Catholicism have something to do with that guy who threw the money changers out of the temple?

Seems like they forgot that for a long time. This Pope hasn’t forgotten though.


Just to add to this and to show how extreme that position was.

The landmass of almost the entire Country of Canada was once deemed the Private Property of the Hudson’s Bay Company to do with as they pleased. Using the Doctrine of Discovery and in spite of the peoples already living there it was decreed to be part of the British Crown (Because the English “discovered” it) which then transferred ownership to a group of shareholders in said company.

The legacy of this lives on in our mining laws where a Company can stake a mining claim to a piece of land and than have total and complete jurisdiction over the same.

“The Hole Story” is an excellent documentary on this subject.


Siouxrose, Pope John Paul II apologized for the many sins of the medieval Roman Catholic Church; e.g., the Crusades (holy war); the Inquisition; the slave trade; etc.

They question you need to ask is: All three of the monotheistic, Abrahamic religions of the Book have fought holy wars. The Israelites slaughtered the Midianites because they did not worship Yahweh (see the 31st Chapter of Numbers). The Christian Pope Urban II ordered the Crusaders to kill Muslim infidels in the Holy Land because this was the will of God. ISIS is killing infidels today because this is the will of Allah. Christians and Jews no longer fight holy wars. Why do Muslims still fight holy wars?


Well no, that was changed a few decades ago. As of then, staking claims no longer gives the prospector any surface rights, other than erecting facilities directly necessary for mineral extraction.
However there are stile a lot of ‘crown grants’ left over from earlier times, which DO include surface rights.
There are of course variations between the different provinces, which administer the crown land.


I to am Catholic and think the Catholic girls and women should stand up to the second class treatment. There are Catholic women priest out and about. You can google it. A Catholic priest told me they exist and how it came to be.


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