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Pope Francis: Govts. That Sell Arms to Saudi Arabia 'Have No Right to Talk About Peace'

Pope Francis: Govts. That Sell Arms to Saudi Arabia 'Have No Right to Talk About Peace'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Nations that send arms to Saudi Arabia "have no right to talk about peace," Pope Francis said recently.

The statement by the Pontiff came in an interview that aired Sunday on the weekly Spanish news show "Salvados."

From Code Pink’s email list today:


"Thank You Pope Franc."

Perhaps all the registered Democrats and Republicans that have some beliefs in ethics and morals left, will take your words as gospel, and find something other than warmongering political parties to support.


The MIC has no interest in PEACE. Peace don’t pay like conflict. ALL wars are bankers wars.



I thought for a while about what you said, “Peace don’t pay like conflict.”

Well, what if it did.

What if, instead of our military exercising their muscle to create and maintain conflict, what if they used the resources they had at hand, to aid nations needing all forms of assistance, building rather than destroying, bringing relief in all forms with peace as their prime directive, not hate and thievery.

Replace bullets and bombs with good friends and prosperity, to all that welcome it.

A world at Peace would cost less to live in as there would be little to no need for weapons and warships.

It’s all in what values a people possess as to the type of world they pass to their children.


Yes this is the most important question.
Who are we ?
What are we doing here ?
Is there something we don’t understand about Life/God the understanding of would change everything .

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Hi Pony Boy, I think America did that after WW 2—as so many Americans had been in that war—now America makes more $ in war and death. ARES of War is in charge now----and apparently HERMES the trickster is showing up too------ I guess that explains why the U.S. can’t win any wars oh well------I wonder what it will like to work in Foxx Conn places , once that China takes over all the producing of everything—because we can’t afford any more wars, nor can the planet,: (

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Nobody wins in War. War must always be the last option for this reason.

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If that were true world peace would be a reality.
Every war, without exception, can be traced back to a handful of “winners” profiting off the carnage.

Hi PonyBoy----but, but Boeing ( well except for that last plane) Raytheon, General Dynamics…and all these losing generals always seem ti do dine. : (.