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Pope Francis' Historic Visit to the US


Pope Francis' Historic Visit to the US

Bianca Jagger

Yesterday, Pope Francis landed in Washington to begin a historic US visit. In a rare break with protocol President Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Biden greeted him from the plane at Andrews Air Force Base. Today he will meet with the President at the White House and tomorrow he will be the first Pope to ever address the US Senate and House of Representatives in a Joint Session of Congress.


Thank you for showing once again your tireless support for the health of our planet and for the indigenous peoples of this earth.


Ms Jagger is my role model.


Another official climate cop out will lead to a wider appreciation for the modern informatio-age ideas of democracy we can learn from the Kurds of north Kurdistan and the Zapatistas of Mexico.

Real democracy is used to focus distributed human intelligence and does not require a nation.


Very informative article and update in preparation for worldwide mobilization to demand our governments take aggressive and long overdue climate action now! This helpful NASA article also explains why 2°C warming is a LOT when the average surface temperature of the planet is just under 15°C (about 59°F); for comparison, in 1850 it was about 13.5° and about 14°C from 1960-1990: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Features/WorldOfChange/decadaltemp.php


I'm not going to apologize for having a real problem with official Washington snuggling up to a major religion and it's leader. As an atheist and someone committed to separation of church and state, I do not believe the leader of a religion should be greeted at the airport (a U. S. military one at that) by the President, be hosted as an official at the White House, and be allowed to address a joint session of Congress. For all of the right-wing "strict Constitutionalists" out there, I think the founders would not be pleased about all of this co-mingling of the government with one particular religion and it's leader.


You're not gonna marry Mick, are you? :stuck_out_tongue: