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Pope Francis Joins Battle Against Transgenic Crops


Pope Francis Joins Battle Against Transgenic Crops

Emilio Godoy, IPS News

MEXICO CITY - A few centuries ago, the biotechnology industry would have been able to buy a papal bull to expiate its sins and grant it redemption. But in his encyclical on the environment, “Laudato Si”, Pope Francis condemns genetically modified organisms (GMOs) without leaving room for a pardon.


God bless this Pope!

Pope Francis will be remembered as the People’s Pope.

An interesting viewpoint ( at least for historians anyway) is how he calls to mind the ‘Enclosure of the Commons’ which forced small farmers and herders off the land and into peonage. Big Agra uses GMO seeds but many small farmers (like in India) cannot keep possession of their tiny bits of land when forced to buy GMO seeds and the necessary fertilizer etc. A modern day ‘Enclosure’.

This Pope is so great… he renews faith and restores his church to believability once again.


I never imagined that I would respect a Pope as I do Francis in my lifetime - he is the real deal and a voice for us all!

GMO crops are a threat to world food production, not as claimed a solution. GMO corporations seek world domination and control of food production - profits above all people. Patented seeds require even the poorest to buy seeds or perish. GMO seeds contaminate open-pollinated seed varieties that can be saved year to year - corporate greed and piracy seeks to destroy that ability! Dangerous chemicals are also part of corporate domination of our food supply and also cost money. In Mexico especially many corn varieties are in danger of loosing their genetic diversity and integrity.

GMO crops look good and ship well but often do not have the same nutritional value as open-pollinated and some hybrid varieties. Corporate pirates (Monsatan) have been suing farmers for contaminating the farmers land and crops by wind-blown genetic contamination from GMO crops!

This is all about control of food production and profits, NOT sustainability or “better crops”. Control of seeds, non-organic fertilizers and pesticides. Government corporate whores (Dems and Repubs) and “regulatory” agencies staffed by “revolving door” shills are doing Monsanto’s bidding putting our nation and world at grave risk!




Informative post…thanks. Control of seeds indeed.


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I was going to take issue with that part as well - “The encyclical, which was published Jun. 18, acknowledges that ‘no conclusive proof exists that GM cereals may be harmful to human beings.’”

I do believe the proof exists and the companies that make GMO’s have it - just as the tobacco companies concealed what they knew for ages …

ISIS (unfortunate acronym these days …) has a lot of info …


Remember, Monsanto owns the same bipartisan neoconazi thugs that the rest of Wall Street owns.

Remember, Obama wants to give Big Pharma license to knock out every other drug research and drug manufacturing non-big Phrma outfit around the globe.

Remember, Hillary Clinton sees nothing wrong with Obama’s crimes against the planet and all its inhabitants.

Needless to say, not one republican is willing to speak out on such issues, for fear of the Donald factor.

It is treason to vote for any of those bipartisaneoconazis.


Pope Francis predicted that he would not be among us long because he planned on challenging very powerful forces in the world. That he does so with grace and resolve is a true testament to the nature and depth of his character. Viva Francis!


Not only does Hillary “see nothing wrong with Obama’s crimes against the planet and its inhabitants” she zealously promotes expansion of them.

During her speech to a GMO cartel convention in San Diego in June 2014 Clinton admonished attendees to “put a new spin on GMOs so young voters will have a more favorable opinion of GMOs”.

Clinton was referring to the young voters whose support she needs if she is to win in 2016.