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Pope Francis Says Covid-19 Vaccine Must Be 'Universal and for All'—Not Just the Rich and Powerful

And/or submit the “dead sea scrolls”, those of which allegedly are held within the Vatican and yet to be deciphered/publicized because of their authenticity revealing the truth pertaining to the times:


What do you mean by “religious stipulations”?

In keeping with the history provided by Wingsofadove you might find this interesting.


I’m not sure if you understand the transitions in healthcare. It is different rules that apply to provision of care based on religious affiliation rather than common medical practice. There are quite a few articles on this as influence but it is also on policy that includes economic policy. So, in CA many facilities that merge with non-profits had to remove religious icons but made some provision for belief. The practice of not providing abortion is an example that is legal.

People are free to believe whatever fables they choose. But anytime someone tells me “You should be spending YOUR money to do (fill in the blank)” and they aren’t willing to put their own money there, I take anything they say with a grain of salt.

Thats underdtandable as long as women have an alteranative provider. Its a women’s choice what she wants to do if she gets pregnant.

Wow. Absolutely fantastic. Only watched the first 12 minutes. Saved it for future viewing. LOL at the stupid book based on that woman’s research.
Thankyou for that.

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Well yes, on a micro level, people can refuse medical altogether if they choose. There are many influences that affect how we are born, live and die.

Still watching too. Thank you as well, very interesting.

The sky here is sort of brown from all the wildfires, and at 6:55 p.m. the setting sun was red. I’ve never seen a red sun before.

Great post .

It has been said …

“If thou willt be perfect ,
go and sell what thou hast ,and give to the poor,
and thou shalt have treasure in heaven.”
But when the young man heard this,
he went away,sorrowful,
for he had great possessions.

Not every day you hear that one ?

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Hemp –

While Jesus was pretty much a communist, every effort is made
to turn him upside down and into a Republican Enforcer.

People should pay more attention to the contradictions in the Bible, imo.
It’s where the real stories are.

The Bible ,half was made up and the other half written by men.

But your spot on a two face God and a malevolent/benevolent one at that .

If God would say one thing to humanity ,she would say " You have got me all wrong ."

Time for Transcendence…

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Without glossing over the Vatican’s past and present faults, I still must say that if we are to have Catholicism, I still feel that Pope Francis aspires to what Catholicism ought to be, a testament to the fact that religion need not be the enemy of progressivism. That there could indeed one day be such a thing as the “religious left.”

Hi blue –

There was at one time a very strong LEFT/LIBERAL movement in the Catholic Church –

See: Beloved Pope John XXIII – who created Vatican II to make the RCC a democracy.

Plus “Liberation theology” which took hold internationally ending Church support for Elites.

But a right wing cult rose up in the Vatican and seemingly “took out” quite a few Popes who
would confirm to Catholics that they have the right to make up their own minds about human
sexuality, birth control, contraception – and now of course abortion.

Also – while the anti-abortion movement is very small consisting mainly of religious fanatics
they have consistently received more press attention than the CHOICE side because they
have been out there telling a lot of lies and making a lot of noise – especially with BOMBINGS

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