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Pope Francis Thanks Bernie Sanders for Advocating the 'Moral Economy'


Pope Francis Thanks Bernie Sanders for Advocating the 'Moral Economy'

- Common Dreams staff

Pope Francis met with U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders in the Vatican on Saturday morning and the two discussed the need for morality in the world economy.

Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs said that the meeting took place in Domus Santa Marta, the pope’s residence, where Sanders had slept Friday night after addressing a Vatican conference on social justice.

Sachs, who has advised the United Nations on climate change, said Sanders thanked the pope for his pronouncements on the need for morality in the global economy and statements in defense of the environment.


I keep finding more and more reasons to admire Pope Francis. johnm, agnostic.

I'll be watching to see how our American msm handles this event.


Here's the CNN headline: Bernie Sanders says he met Pope Francis during visit to Vatican City

Why not say: Bernie Sanders met Pope Francis during...? Suggesting that Sanders would lie about such a meeting is another example of how the press has treated him so unfairly. Would it kill them to say something nice?


An alternative:
Jeffrey Sachs, advocate of fringe climate change theory, says he saw Sanders meet Pope Francis.

or, in Republican and Blue Dog Democrat circles:

Antichrist meets Jewish subversives.


Or simply something true without bending over backwards to spin it to harm Sanders and help Clinton.


I'm just waiting for the Clinton campaign to somehow attack the Pope.


But that's beyond the mainstream media's capability, genuine objective reporting. This is supposed to be a coronation of Hillary Clinton to them.


johnm: don't count on any positive coverage from corporate/Slickery media regarding this event.


lobojustice: Boycott CNN! MSNBC, for that matter, too...your brain will love you for it!


Somehow it feels appropriate to interject some observations from a very Human interview with former president of Uruguay José Mujica, nicknamed Pepe Mujica (in office 2010-2015). Mujika and Francis are of the same generation and the same southern cone of SA. This man is, in my opinion, a grossly underrated head of state who simplicity of speech belies a wisdom humanity is thirsting to hear - not unlike Sanders hammering home take it down to essentials and see that ALL are included.


Such as:

"Pope Francis isn't known for getting things done."

"Let the Pope show his income tax and Hillery would reveal transcripts of her Goldman Sachs speeches."

"If Sanders can associate with Jeffrey Sachs why can't Hillary be chubby with Goldman Sachs? Both are Sachs after all."


Hillary is too busy hob nobbing with her bag men in California to be concerned with Bernie today.


The march today in NYC, unbelievable.


Pope Francis just brought 12 Muslims from Lesbos to Rome. More ammo for Clinton.


Thanks, yuuge and awesome!!!!


Clinton doesn't use ammo. She's way more into having tall, dark and handsome Hondurans do her killing for her. She also favors swarthy Libyan mercenaries with scruffy beards and .50 caliber machine guns. I guess it's true that travel does broaden the mind.


So a nice story about Bernie and the Pope becomes a Hillary hate fest. Are you folks incurable?


The delighted faces in the picture are people lighting up when they see Bernie. In Hillary's pictures she's the one getting the big bang out of it.


Kindred spirits.



"They're all Papal-bros!"