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Pope Francis: To Address 'Grave Environmental Crisis,' Build Social Justice


Pope Francis: To Address 'Grave Environmental Crisis,' Build Social Justice

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Pope Francis warned on Wednesday that the world is facing a "grave environmental crisis" and spoke of the intersection between social justice and the protection of nature.

The pontiff's comments, made in the Kenyan capital at the start of his first visit to the continent, come just days ahead of the UN climate summit in Paris, where global delegates will hammer out an agreement to curb climate change.


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hella ticket! :O)


This is excellent, but in the Fourth Reich, the phrases “Grave Environmental Crisis” and “Social Justice” are no longer politically correct.


You got guts, Pope Francis!

" There can be no renewal of our relationship with nature, without a renewal of humanity itself,": I suspect this is more profound than what we can understand.


"…there is a clear link between the protection of nature and the building of a just and equitable social order.’

Yup, that’s right! Connect the dots and trace them back to the root.


To address the environmental crisis, set up a social enterprise. Take the best renewable energy innovations in the field of heating existing buildings at night in winter, develop them and sell them. Take some of the profits and go research and develop products in the next ten renewables fields, such as biofuels and nighttime renewable electricity generation. Take some more of the profits and expand. Pay local people to do local renewables building, possibly in the manner of Habitat for Humanity.

Also, go pay the next Noah to preserve all the world’s animals from mass extinction. Everybody has made fun of the Noah story for centuries but in terms of climate change it’s right on.

Get yourself clean, get your neighbor clean, get yourself righteous. Or go worship mammon if that’s your stupid god, but quit taking all the rest of us with you.


Pope Francis has a solution for global warming in his hands. Revoke the Catholic Church’s ban on contraception to remove a major cause of the overpopulation that causes it. Otherwise God will do it for him like He does for any other overcrowded species destroying the environment. He kills them.


Seriously? The Pope is not a naturally born US Citizen. Plus he is the head of the Catholic Church, which violates the First Amendment right to Freedom of Religion. So there are two constitutional reasons why he cannot run for VP.


Then stop hanging out in the Fourth Reich.


In the US, the very concept of social justice is passe. Think of it this way: What is “social justice” for the jobless poor and many of the unemployable today? America decided on brutality. I guess there are liberals who advocate for some sort of “social justice” for certain narrowly-defined segments of the population – which, in itself, defies the very concept of “social justice.”

To promote environmentalism in the US, it would be necessary to detail how climate change might impact the lives of the middle class – as long as you avoid mentioning what they are doing every time they turn the ignition keys in their cars.


We’ve had a hell of a hard time discerning the difference between “freedom of religion” and “freedom from religion.”


It’s ludicrous to demand that the Church abandon their understanding of Christ’s teachings in order to conform to current social attitudes. Many, many Catholics worldwide DO use birth control, but the church itself must stick with its understanding of Christ’s teachings. There’s not a whole lot in the Gospels about birth control (there IS a whole lot about our duties to aid the poor, all of which Americans reject, but that’s another day’s argument).

On a broad scale, note that the US has remained engaged in wars more often than not for a full century already (note including all our bloodshed before the start of the modern warfare era of WWl). Between our military wars and economic wars, the US has done more than its share to reduce populations…